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#1 Finest Information For Inexperienced persons

Did the beautiful tradition of South Korea push you to study the Korean language? Should you’re new, you would possibly wish to start with easy Korean phrases to learn earlier than leaping to a pile of complicated phrases. On this submit, you’ll meet primary Korean phrases that’ll provide help to grasp the language simply!

On this magical realm of the Korean language, you’ll uncover the fantastic thing about every syllable, the grace of each stroke in Hangul, and the wealthy tapestry of phrases that make up this charming language. Collectively, we are going to set forth on a quest to unlock the key to understanding, talking, and studying Korean effortlessly.

So, fellow language explorer, are you able to embark on this whimsical journey by the wonders of the Korean language? Brace your self for a charming journey that can fill your coronary heart and thoughts with pleasant new phrases, unforgettable experiences, and a deeper connection to the charming realm of Korea. Be a part of us, and let the magic of the Korean language weave its spell upon you!

Fast Information To The Korean Alphabet

Each the frequent phrases and phrases are constructed with this distinctive writing system in South Korea. So, earlier than you immerse your self of their language’s complexity, you have to be accustomed to these letters first!

Vowels Korean Vowels Consonants Korean Consonants
A g/ok
Ae gg/kk
Ya n
Yae d/t
Eo r/l
E m
Yei b/p
Ye s
O ng
Wa j/ch
Wo ch
Wi ok
We t
Wae p
Eu h
Oe pp
Ui ss
Simple Korean Words to Read- Ling App

Easy Korean Phrases To Use For On a regular basis Life

The Korean tradition should’ve launched a number of phrases and phrases in your head as you watch each Korean drama that piques your curiosity. These phrases are helpful in each formal and informal conversations.

Easy Korean Greetings To Learn

Each Korean phrases and phrases permit locals to attach with one another successfully. Should you goal to make a pleasant impression or be well mannered in direction of them, greeting them is one technique to do it. Listed below are the most typical Korean phrases to greet somebody.

  • 안(An) 녕(Nyeong) 하(Ha) 세(Se) 요(Yo): Hi there (Well mannered type)
  • 안(An) 녕(Nyeong): Hi there (Informal Kind)
  • 어(Eo) 서(Search engine optimisation) 오(O) 세(Se) 요(Yo): Welcome
  • 축(Chuk) 하(Ha) 해(He) 요(Yo): Congratulations
  • 오(O) 랜(Raen) 만(Man) 이(I) 에(E) 요(Yo): Very long time no see

Frequent Korean Family Phrases To Learn

Studying primary phrases often begins with what you see round your family. Taking issues sluggish within the Korean studying course of is a should because the language you’re attempting to grasp isn’t as straightforward as your mom tongue!

  • 집 (Jib): Home/Residence
  • 침 (Chim) 실 (Sil): Bed room
  • 방 (Bang): Room
  • 욕(Yok) 실 (Sil): Rest room
  • 부(Bu) 엌 (Eok): Kitchen
  • 테(Te) 이(I) 블(Beul): Desk
  • 의(Ui) 자(Ja): Chair
  • 와(Wa) 이(I) 파(Pa) 이(I): Wi-Fi
Simple Korean Words to Read (Korean Family)- Ling App

Easy Korean Household Phrases

There are many Ok-dramas on the market which give a great view of Korean households. Studying the fundamental vocabulary in relation to what actors name their households helps you perceive the sequence higher. It’s additionally a great way to familiarize your self with the language. Who is aware of, perhaps subsequent time you gained’t want subtitles when watching these entertaining dramas!

  • 가(Ga) 족 (Jok): Household
  • 아(A) 빠 (Ppa): Dad
  • 아(A) 버(Beo) 지(Ji): Father
  • 엄(Eom) 마(Ma): Mom
  • 어(Eo) 머(Mo) 니(Ni): Mother
  • 부(Bu) 모(Mo) 님(Nim): Mother and father
  • 오(O) 빠 (Ppa): Older Brother (Utilized by youthful females)
  • 언 (Eon) 니(Ni): Older Sister (Utilized by youthful females)
  • 형 (Hyeong): Older Brother (Utilized by youthful males)
  • 누(Nu) 나 (Na): Older Sister (Utilized by youthful males)
  • 남(Nam) 동(Dong) 생 (Saeng): Youger Brother
  • 여(Yeo) 동(Dong) 생(Saeng): Youthful Sister
  • 할(Hal) 머(Meo) 님(Nim): Grandmother
  • 할(Har) 아(A) 버(Beo) 님(Nim): Grandfather
Simple Korean Words to Read (Verbs)- Ling App

Frequent Korean Verbs To Learn

Everyone knows that verbs confer with an motion phrase. Now, what are you able to say everytime you see your favourite Ok-pop group dance to your favourite tune? What do you suppose they’re doing if their actions are translated into the Korean language? Increasing your Korean vocabulary requires you to dig deeper when studying the language. So, listed below are some frequent Korean verbs you can simply learn.

  • 가(Ga) 다(Da): To go
  • 가(Ga) 르(Leu) 치(Chi) 다 (Da): To show
  • 보(Bo) 다(Da): To see/watch
  • 묻(Mud) 다(Da): To ask
  • 하(Ha) 다(Da): Todo
  • 일(Il) 하(Ha) 다(Da): To work
  • 춤(Chum) 추(Chu) 다(Da): To bop
  • 그(Geu) 리(Li) 다(Da): To attract

Simple Learn Primary Korean Phrases

We hope this didn’t provide you with a bounce scare! Though we talked about that we’d solely have a look at easy Korean phrases to learn, you would possibly wish to problem your self. These phrases are comprised of important Korean phrases that’ll assist you will have fruitful every day conversations with native Korean audio system.

1. 대박 (Daebak)- Superb

One of many best and most simple phrases that you should utilize to go with Korean individuals is by saying “Daebak,” which merely interprets to the English phrase “superb.” It’s composed of some letters and two syllables solely. You might converse slowly to follow this phrase and ultimately turn out to be fluent in saying this newly discovered praise.

2. 잘 먹었습니다 (Jal Meogeotseuminda)- Thank You For This Meal

We’re attending to the marginally sophisticated half. However you’ll perceive it higher as soon as we break it all the way down to its easier model. 잘 (Jal) actually has “effectively” as its English translation, whereas 먹었습니다 (Meogeotseuminda) refers back to the previous motion phrase “ate.” It may be complicated at first, however upon studying the sentence construction, you’ll understand that it means “Eat effectively.” This phrase is often used to understand somebody’s cooking and exhibits that you just’ll benefit from the meal they ready.

3. 잘지내셨어요 (Jal Jinae Syeo Sseo Yeo?)- Have You Spent Your Time Properly?

It’s a primary Korean phrase that helps you ask if somebody’s been doing effectively. It may be fairly tough to learn at first, however when you study Korean, phrases like this one turn out to be a bit of cake. 잘 (Jal) refers to effectively, whereas 지내셨어요 (Jinae Syeo Sseo Yeo) means to spend time. So, should you’ve been requested this query, it merely interprets to “Have you ever spent your time effectively?”

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