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#1 Simple Information To Well mannered Urdu Phrases

Are you struggling to reinforce your Urdu language abilities? Don’t fear. Each language learner feels the identical in some unspecified time in the future as a result of lack of assets or correct steerage. Nonetheless, such situations shouldn’t be a demotivating consider your studying journey. Urdu is certainly a really difficult language with distinctive alphabets that requires extra than simply greeting phrases to grasp its core. So, persistent coaching and common follow is the one method which you can change into a full-fledged Urdu speaker.

Thus, we deliver to you some well mannered Urdu phrases like آپ کیسے ہو؟- How are you, مجھے معاف کر دو- Pardon me, and so on., that can hold your coaching on observe and provide you with a transparent understanding of the frequent vocabulary in Urdu used day by day by the native folks.

Since Pakistan is a really spiritual and cultural nation, it’s essential to grasp its nature and conduct. The locals are extraordinarily well mannered and beneficiant folks, which calls for you to reciprocate in the identical method. Therefore, studying some well mannered phrases is not going to simply allow you to enhance your Urdu speech but additionally keep away from undesirable conditions when you land within the nation.

Should you suppose you have an interest to study Urdu, proceed studying!

The Physique Language Of Islamic Tradition

Earlier than we head on with the well mannered phrases that can allow you to mix with the locals respectfully, you will need to have a fast peek at some norms of the Islamic tradition adopted in Pakistan.

Essentially the most respectful and conventional method of greeting somebody in Pakistan is by wishing السلام علیکم- Assalamu alaikum, which says “peace be upon you.” Throughout this greeting, the particular person normally takes their proper hand ahead with the palm inward in entrance of the face and does a slight bow with the top. In response, the opposite particular person is anticipated to say وعلیکم السلام- Wa alaikum salaam, that means “and unto you peace.”

Often, when girls greet one another, they kiss on the cheek 2-3 instances and hug. Shaking arms are additionally frequent amongst girls once they meet. Nonetheless, if you’re fully unknown to the person, you need to keep away from bodily contact on the first occasion. As a substitute, you may go for a smile and a nod.

When males greet one another, they normally shake arms and hug one another. Nonetheless, when a person and lady are greeting one another, it’s higher to take care of distance. The alternative intercourse just isn’t allowed to hug or kiss one another. As a substitute, they need to observe the hand gesture with a smile. There’s additionally a specific amount of distance {that a} man is required to take care of from girls to be referred to as a gentleman. So, watch out when you attain the nation.

One other frequent rule in Islamic households is that if a non-family member is keen to speak to a married lady, they need to first handle the lady’s husband. Likewise, a lady is allowed to deal with solely the married lady first, after which the husband will get launched by the spouse. In truth, women and men are additionally not allowed to make eye contact if they aren’t intently associated. Not following these could make you appear impolite.


Well mannered Urdu Phrases

Now we are going to discuss all of the well mannered phrases that can allow you to converse respectfully with the locals. These are easy phrases which might be simple to study, and you need to hold them saved in your reminiscence. In case you already know them, follow for higher fluency.

1. How Are You?

Translation: آپ کیسے ہو؟

The very first thing you’ll want to do while you meet somebody is to greet them by saying Assalamu alaikum, adopted by Aap kaise hain? Though Pakistani folks communicate English to a very good extent, it’s all the time extra respectful and well mannered to grasp their native language and tradition. Furthermore, to be caring and beneficiant at coronary heart, you could all the time present your concern everytime you meet somebody and ask them about their well being.

Essentially the most considerate method to reply to such a query when requested is to say میں ٹھیک ہوں- Mein theek hon (I’m good).

2. Thank You

Translation: شکریہ

One other well mannered phrase that you need to hold saved irrespective of the place you journey is Shukriya. In any scenario the place you discover it match, you need to make use of this phrase. It may be used when a favour is being performed, when somebody helps you out, or while you obtain a praise or reward from somebody.

Whereas it isn’t quite common for locals to say thanks at each occasion, as a newcomer, it is just well mannered to be extra cautious and use such expressions. Being too prideful could make you sound impolite, and the locals may take it as disrespect.

3. I’m Sorry

Translation: میں معافی چاہتا ہوں

Similar to the earlier phrase, one other essential expression you can not skip is Mein maffi chahta hon. Whether or not you mistakenly harm somebody, ask for a favor at pressing instances, or have to interrupt somebody when they’re speaking, always remember to make use of such phrases. Particularly while you need somebody to excuse you in the course of one thing, you may politely ask so by being generously sorry first.

Since Pakistani persons are very spiritual, just remember to apologize every time they appear offended. Being in a brand new nation, you by no means know while you may offend somebody with a joke or foolish assertion. Should you hold this phrase in thoughts, you’ll certainly be capable to sort out undesirable conditions.

4. Excuse Me

Translation: معاف کیجئے گا

Much like the earlier Urdu phrases, Maaf kijiyej ga is one thing that you need to use while you wish to excuse your self in some scenario. It may be whereas strolling previous somebody, getting up from the desk, and even when calling somebody. It’s a well mannered method of borrowing somebody’s time when they’re busy with different work. It means that you’re sorry for taking their time. The locals will certainly respect your courteous behaviour.

5. Please

Translation: برائے مہربانی

Baraye meharbani is a broadly spoken phrase even within the western world. It’s the similar in Pakistan and is an indication of well mannered manners. Pakistani folks respect while you use such phrases whereas asking for assist. Not utilizing this may make your favor sound like an order and may upset the locals. Apart from that, there are numerous eventualities when you need to use this phrase reminiscent of whereas utilizing transport, ordering meals, requesting the invoice, and even asking for one thing. It’s a signal of generosity while you appear to be asking and never ordering folks. Particularly while you speak to elders, hold this phrase on the tip of your tongue.

6. Pardon Me

Translation: مجھے معاف کر دو

Each time there’s an occasion the place you fail to grasp what the opposite particular person is attempting to convey, you may politely ask them to repeat by saying Mujhe maaf kar do. Though locals don’t use such phrases very often, you could do. Particularly being new to the native language, there will probably be conditions the place you may fall sufferer to the language barrier. Thus, to sort out the issue with out being impolite, use this phrase, and the particular person will certainly repeat it with none points.

7. Might I Assist You?

Translation: کیا میں آپ کی مدد کرسکتاہوں؟

One other method of behaving politely is by asking somebody Kya mein aap ki madad krsktahon? Pakistani persons are very useful and typically they wish to get some assist as properly. Nonetheless, it could possibly appear offensive if you happen to attempt to assist with out their consent. So, one of the best ways to place ahead a serving to hand is by utilizing this phrase. As soon as the opposite particular person feels proper to take your assist, don’t hesitate and supply your help. This can certainly give a very good impression of your persona.

8. Good To Meet You

Translation: آپ سے مل کر خوشی ہوئی

Whenever you meet somebody, be it for the primary or in a very long time, always remember to specific how good it was to satisfy them. Making somebody know the price of their existence can deliver a smile brighter than you recognize. So, everytime you meet somebody, all the time say Aap se mil kar khushi hui and make their day higher. It is usually a typical greeting phrase that you could hold saved up your sleeves. It’s well mannered and can allow you to make associates on the primary day itself.


Extra Well mannered Phrases To Attempt Out

Here’s a record of extra phrases that you’d wish to strive together with your Urdu associates. Simply learn them totally and use them everytime you see match.

English Urdu Pronunciation
Good morning/ Good evening صبح بخیر/ شب بخیر Subah bakhair / shab bakhair 
No thanks نہیں شکریہ Nahi shukriya
I ate properly میں نے خوب کھایا Mein ne khoob khaya
Congratulations to you آپ کو مبارک ہو Aap ko mubarak ho
Sleep properly اچھی طرح سونا Achi terhan sona
Only a second بس ایک لمحہ Bas aik lamha
No drawback کوئی مسئلہ نہیں Koi masla nahi 
Goodbye بعد میں ملتے ہیں Baad mein mlitay hain
You’re welcome خوش آمدید Khush aamdeed
Are you able to please assist me? کیا آپ میری مدد کر سکتے ہیں؟ Kya aap meri madad kar satke hain?
You look beautiful/ good تم خوبصورت/اچھی لگ رہی ہو۔ Tum khobsorat
I’d love to satisfy once more میں دوبارہ ملنا پسند کروں گا۔ Mein dobarah milna pasand karoon ga
You might be wonderful آپ حیرت انگیز ہیں Aap herat angaiz hain
How are you doing? آپ کیسے ہیں؟ Aap kaisay hain?
Get properly quickly جلدی اچھے ہو جاؤ Jaldi achay ho jao
Are you okay? کیا تم ٹھیک ہو؟ Kya tum theek ho?
Goodbye خدا حافظ Kkhuda Hafiz
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Wrapping Up!

So there you go. Now you recognize all of the well mannered phrases within the Urdu language that can allow you to construct a very good impression in entrance of the locals. Studying these phrases has additionally elevated your vocabulary and enhanced your Urdu communication abilities. Nonetheless, if you wish to proceed additional and study Urdu or different languages earlier than your subsequent trip, obtain the Ling app now!

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The very best a part of the app is the AI chatbot that gives interactive classes to reinforce conversational abilities and convey fluency in speech. If you’re to study extra, obtain the app from App Retailer or Play Retailer now, get your free lifetime account, and begin studying Urdu!

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