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10+ Straightforward Translations For Animals In Cantonese

Are you an animal lover? Nicely, you’re in the suitable place! In at this time’s publish, we are going to study in regards to the translations for the names of animals in Cantonese 動物 (Dung6 Mat6). Extra importantly, we are going to dive deep into a few of the fascinating data referring to the frequent animals present in Asia.

Hong Kongers have many issues to be happy with, and one in all them is their wealthy biodiversity. In case you are in Hong Kong, pay a go to to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens to see how blessed the locals are! As everyone knows, animals have at all times been thought of treasures by many nations. Again within the day, even our ancestors deem that they’re holy and that they carry symbolism. Attributable to this, there are some who’ve domesticated whereas others are allowed to roam free.

So, if you’re to study extra about them and the Cantonese language, then this publish is ideal for you. Should you’re nonetheless a newbie at studying and understanding Cantonese Chinese language characters, don’t fear as a result of we are going to present right here English translations and pronunciation guides.

Naming Widespread Animals In Cantonese

One of many frequent phrases that kids study once they start to review is naming animals. Actually, kids and in addition adults like to go to the zoo. We’ve realized that animals have totally different courses, specifically mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, and amphibians. There are additionally these non-vertebrate animals that should not have backbones.

One of many new phrases that you simply study animals in Cantonese is the right way to say the phrase “animals.” Principally, the interpretation for that is 動物 Dung6 Mat6, however you may additionally encounter the time period 动物 Dòngwù, which is a Mandarin time period. Each of those phrases are acceptable and are utilized by the locals utilizing the Cantonese language. Now that you’ve got an concept of that, let’s now study in regards to the translations for the ten most typical animals.

Animals In Cantonese Dog Gau2

Canine – 狗 (Gau2)

Let’s begin with the person’s greatest pal, who’s the canine 狗 (Gau2). Should you’re a canine lover, you might be certainly questioning what it’s prefer to stay with canines in Hong Kong. Canine are one of many frequent pets that folks have. Actually, when deciding to have a canine, it’s good to undertake one, not purchase one. However residing with canines in Hong Kong may be difficult.

For starters, now we have small residences. In case you have been following Cantonese blogs for some time now, you already know that homes in Hong Kong are actually costly, so they like to hire small residences that aren’t too splendid for canines. In Hong Kong, canines are prohibited from public transportation. Some locations in Hong Kong are dog-friendly, however the truth that you may’t put them on public transportation means it is best to have your individual non-public automobile or taxi.

Some buildings additionally don’t assist you to have canines or some other pets. That is one other problem too. So earlier than you’ve gotten a canine, be sure that your constructing permits canines. As a canine proprietor in a spot the place not all people is keen on canines, watch out for the meals discovered within the streets. Don’t let your canine lick it as a result of it may be poisoned.

In the long run, canines in Hong Kong are for many who have the means to shelter and care for them. If you understand that the canine will simply endure and have a tough time residing with you, then it may not be a good suggestion to have a canine for now.

Animals In Cantonese Cat Maau1

Cat – 貓 (Maau1)

Subsequent is one other favourite pet of people, that are cats. That is the explanation why it’s included within the record of animals in Cantonese that we are going to study. Not like canines, cats are extra unbiased, making it by some means simpler to care for. They will stay whit small locations, and so they don’t want a lot consideration. However after all, in Hong Kong, similar to canines, not all of the locations are cat-friendly. In deciding whether or not on to not get a cat, there are some components to be thought of.

First, are you going to undertake a kitten or an older one? Kittens are straightforward to be skilled. Older cats might have a long and hard time adjusting, particularly once they was stray cats. To assist them modify, you may take house one thing from their earlier properties, like a toy or one thing else. You also needs to put security nets and home windows safety, particularly in the event you’re residing in a excessive place. It’s greatest to construct one thing in your own home the place your cat can climb. After all, put together for some scratches all over.

Most of all, don’t neglect to get a brand new collar in your cat to make you are feeling that it’s formally yours. In case it will get misplaced, there are larger probabilities that it’s going to discover its manner again to you.

Animals In Cantonese Fish Jyu2

Fish – 魚 (Jyu2)

After studying in regards to the two frequent pet animals in Cantonese, allow us to now go to probably the most elements in seafood dishes in Cantonese delicacies. Do you know that Hong Kong has one of many highest consumption of seafood? Some of the in-demand fish in Hong Kong is mackerel, joined by different seafood like lobsters, crabs, clams, and sea urchins.

Animals In Cantonese Bird Liu5

Fowl – 鳥 (Liu5)

Birds are one of many animals in Cantonese that we are going to study as a result of Hong Kong has a enjoyable truth about birds. Do you know what’s Hong Kong’s nationwide fowl is? Nicely, I wager you couldn’t discover the reply as a result of Hong Kong hasn’t declared its nationwide fowl till this present day. However, there are several types of birds that you may see in Hong Kong, like Rock pigeons, Noticed doves, Black-faced spoonbills, Eurasian tree sparrows, and extra.

Animals In Cantonese Panda Hung4 Maau1

Panda – 熊貓 (Hung4 Maau1)

You may be questioning why Panda has immediately appeared on this foremost record of animals in Cantonese. The true purpose behind that is that the Large Panda is Hong Kong’s nationwide animal. In case you have performed Tekken, there’s a personality there named Panda who’s a bodyguard of Ling Xiaoyu, a Chinese language preventing character in Tekken. From there, you may see that Chinese language tradition actually provides significance to pandas.

In Hong Kong, they treasure pandas, and two of the well-known large pandas are An An and Jia Jia. Enjoyable truth, large pandas are tiny newborns that weigh round 100 g. After they attain maturity, they will weigh as much as 100 kg, or 1,000 occasions their delivery weight.

Different Names Of Animals In Cantonese

Do you know that the Cantonese phrase for squirrel, which is 豪豬 hou4 zyu1, actually means arrow pig rabbit? In case you have loved studying the primary 5 animals in Cantonese, listed below are some extra:

Farm Animals

English Translations Cantonese Jyutping
cow ngau4
rooster 雞 雞 gai1
hen 雞屋 gai1 uk1
rooster 公雞 gung1 gai1
turkey 火雞 fo2 gai1
pig zyu1
sheep  綿羊 min4 joeng2
goat 山羊 saan1 joeng4
duck aap3

Different Mammals

English Translations Cantonese Jyutping
bear hung4
beaver 海瀨 hoi2 caat3
deer 鹿 luk2
elephant 大笨象 daai6 ban6 zoeng6
elk 麋鹿 mei4 luk2
grizzly bear 大灰熊 daai6 fui1 hung4
hedgehog 刺蝟 ci3 wai6
koala 樹 熊 syu6 hung4
lion 獅子 si1 zi2
leopard paau3
monkey 馬騮 maa5 nau1
mouse 老鼠 lou5 syu2
moose 麋鹿 mei4 luk6
polar bear 北極熊 bak1 gik6 hung4
panther paau3
porcupine 豪豬 hou4 zyu1
rat  鼠 syu2
rabbit tou3
reindeer 馴鹿 seon4 luk6
squirrel 松鼠 cung4 syu2
tiger 老虎 lou5 fu2
wolf long4
werewolf 狼人 long4 jan4

Fish And Different Marine Animals

English Translations Cantonese Jyutping
fish jyu4
dolphin 海豚 hoi2 tyun4
shark 鯊魚 saa1 jyu4
sea horse 海馬 hoi2 maa5
whale 鯨魚 king4 jyu4
 lobster 龍蝦 lung4 haa1
 killer whale 殺人鯨 saat3 jan4 king4

Birds And Different Flying Animals

English Translations Cantonese Jyutping
bat 蝙蝠 pin1 fuk1
crow 烏鴉 wu1 ngaa1
dove 白鴿 baak6 gap3
eagle jing1
owl 貓頭鷹 maau1 tau4 jing1
parrot 鸚鵡 jing1 mou5
pigeon 白鴿 baak6 gap3
vulture 禿鷹 tuk1 jing1
seagull 海鷗 hoi2 au1

Bugs And Bugs

English Translations Cantonese Jyutping
maa1 ngai5 ant 螞蟻
cung4 bug
mat6 fung1 bee 蜜蜂
wu4 dip6 butterfly 蝴蝶
gaat6 zaat6 cockroach 曱甴
tong4 mei1 dragonfly
jing4 fly 烏蠅
gaap3 cung4 ladybug 甲蟲
man1 mosquito
zi1 zyu1 spider 蜘蛛
wong4 fung1 wasp 黃蜂

Amphibians And Reptiles

English Translations Cantonese Jyutping
ngok6 jyu4 crocodile 鱷魚
lung4 dragon
cing1 waa1 frog 青蛙
bik1 fu2 lizard 壁虎
se4 snake
gwai1 turtle

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