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14+ Straightforward Musical Devices In Cantonese

Do you’re keen on music? Why not study these simple and wonderful devices in Cantonese, just like the piano (鋼琴 gong3 kam4) and guitar (吉他 git3 taa1)?

Conventional Chinese language music may be very wealthy. Though conventional Chinese language/Cantonese music got here from Mainland China, you can too see the cultural influences in Hong Kong. Hong Kong music is an eclectic mixture of conventional and modern genres. There are various issues to discover about Cantonese music, however first, allow us to discover the totally different musical devices.

Widespread Musical Devices In Cantonese


The Cantonese phrase for “musical devices” is 樂器 (ngok6 hei3). Beneath are the frequent musical devices within the Cantonese language.

Piano/Keyboard (鋼琴 Gong3 Kam4)

The piano/keyboard is a well-liked musical instrument that you may see and listen to all over the place. With its abundance of landmark music shops and second-hand sellers, Hong Kong has you lined whether or not you’re in search of a grand piano, an upright piano, or a digital keyboard. Go to one in every of these shops to buy the best Schimmel or Yamaha on the ultimate value. A number of the well-known Hong Kong pianists are Gloria Tang Sze-wing, professionally often called G.E.M. or Tang Tsz-kei, Rachel Cheung, and Colleen Lee.

Guitar (吉他 Git3 Taa1)

Using string devices just like the guitar may be very in style in Cantonese tradition. In truth, when you have heard about Herman Li, one of many two lead guitarists for the band DragonForce, you’ll be stunned that he’s from Hong Kong. If you happen to ever get the prospect to go to Hong Kong and also you need to search for a pleasant high quality guitar, Tom Lee Music is the place to go. Considered one of Hong Kong’s largest retail and on-line guitar shops is Tom Lee Music.

Drums (鼓 Gu2)

Drums are additionally an essential percussion instrument in Cantonese tradition. In truth, there may be this factor referred to as the “Hong Kong Worldwide Drummer Competition 2023”. It is the firstly worldwide competition within the metropolis to characteristic prominently drumming in its many variations in such varied genres as Jazz, Pop, Classical, conventional Chinese language, and World Music, acknowledging the potential of the drum in Hong Kong. Drum classes are additionally one of many high hobbies of Hong Kongers who love music.

Violin (小提琴 Siu2 Tai4 Kam4)

It is usually known as a fiddle. The physique of most violins is manufactured from hole wooden. Though it’s the smallest and highest-pitched member of the household, it’s regularly used. One of many well-known violin prodigies in Hong Kong is Hannah Tam. She was just lately featured within the South China Morning Submit, the place she talked about confidence, inspiration, and fervour.

Saxophone (色士風 Sik1 Si6 Fung1)

It’s a woodwind musical instrument with a cone physique that’s typically manufactured from brass. A reed on a mouthpiece vibrates to create a sound wave on the within of the instrument’s physique, as is the case with all single-reed devices. Saxophonist Timothy Solar could quickly attain his aspiration to launch a solo album because of a brand new report firm referred to as Ginger Muse, based on South China Morning Submit.

Different Musical Devices in Cantonese

Now that you’ve discovered the 5 primary musical devices in Cantonese allow us to now study some extra. Here’s a listing of devices in Cantonese and their English translations.

English Cantonese Jyutping
accordion 手風琴 sau2 fung1 kam4
bass guitar 低音結他 dai1 jam1 git3 taa1
banjo 班卓琴 baan1 zoek3 kam4
cymbals 鐃鈸 naau4 bat6
clarinet 單簧管 daan1 wong4 gun2
cello 提琴 tai4 kam4
flute 長笛 coeng4 dek2
gong lo4
harmonica 口琴 hau2 kam4
harp 豎琴 syu6 kam4
tambourine 鈴鼓 ling4 gu2
trombone 長號 coeng4 hou6
violin 小提琴 siu2 tai4 kam4
xylophone 編磬 pin1 hing3

Conventional Musical Devices In Cantonese Tradition

Cantonese tradition may be very wealthy in conventional musical supplies. The 2 major classes of musical devices are melodic and percussive varieties. Right here’s a listing of conventional musical devices in Cantonese Chinese language.

Wind Devices In Cantonese

Dizi instrument

There are various distinct types of Chinese language wind devices with totally different designs, tonal qualities, and enjoying methods. Wind devices are all musical devices which can be performed by passing an airstream by way of a pipe. Allow us to some

Dizi 笛子 (Dek6 Zi2) – Chinese language Transverse Bamboo Flute

This bamboo flute was first often called the hengchui, which implies “horizontal blow,” earlier than altering its identify to the hengdi and, subsequently, the dizi. The standard Chinese language dizi is constructed of bamboo and has six finger holes, one blow gap, and one gap for the dimo.

Suona 唢呐 (So2 Naap6) – Chinese language Trumpet

It’s a double-reed woodwind instrument made in China and is the preferred sort. The suona’s highly effective sound, which is ideal for processions and army occasions, was simply hijacked to be used in in style music.

String Devices In Cantonese

cantonese intstrument called Yi wu

The strings embody erhu, gaohu (高胡 gou1 wu4), yangqin (揚琴 (joeng4 kam4), pipa ( 琵琶 pei4 paa4), and extra. Listed here are the normal string devices in Cantonese.

Yi-wu 二胡 (Ji6 Wu2) – Chinese language Violin

It’s a two-stringed bowed musical instrument from China, extra exactly a spike fiddle, also referred to as a southern fiddle and infrequently termed the Chinese language violin or a Chinese language two-stringed fiddle within the West. It may be performed alone, in small ensembles, and in each large and small orchestras.

Gaohu 高胡 (Gou1 Wu4) – Bowed String Instrument

The musician and composer Lü Wencheng created the gaohu, a Chinese language bowed string instrument, from the erhu within the Nineteen Twenties. It’s utilized in Cantonese music and Cantonese opera. It’s the major instrument utilized by Cantonese opera ensembles.

Yangqin 揚琴 (Joeng4 Kam4) – Chinese language hammered dulcimer

One other identify for the Yangqin is the hammered dulcimer. It’s performed by putting the strings with two chopstick-sized bamboo mallets. The yangqin, which is regularly known as the “Chinese language piano,” is important to the accompaniment of Chinese language string and wind devices.

Pipa 琵琶 (Pei4 Paa4) – Chinese language Lute or Chinese language Guitar

The plucking strokes of the plectrum are described by the phrases pi, “to play ahead,” and pa, “to play backward.” It was initially held horizontally, identical to a guitar, and its twisted silk strings had been plucked with an enormous triangular plectrum carried in the precise hand.

Percussion Devices In Cantonese

Instruments In Cantonese -Gu

Percussion includes many alternative cymbals and drums. There are various totally different drums within the Cantonese/Chinese language tradition, and they’re referred to as Gu

Gu 鼓 (gu2) Chinese language Drums

Chinese language drums, often called “gu,” are available a wide range of styles and sizes, with a physique typically manufactured from wooden and a head usually manufactured from pores and skin.

Music And Musical Devices of Cantonese Opera

Wind, strings, and percussion are among the many standard musical devices utilized in Cantonese opera. Erhu (二胡 ji6 wu2), gaohu (高胡 gou1 wu4), yehu (椰胡 je4 wu4), yangqin (揚琴 (joeng4 kam4), pipa (琵琶 pei4 paa4), and dizi are among the many wind and string devices, whereas quite a few drums and cymbals are used within the percussion part. The gaohu conducts the orchestra whereas the percussion units the final beat and tempo of the efficiency.

The melody part and the percussion part make up the instrumental ensemble in Cantonese opera. The gaohu (高胡 gou1 wu4) conducts the orchestra whereas the percussion controls the final beat and tempo of the efficiency. The massive assortment of music utilized by the percussion part is also known as lo gu dim (锣鼓点 lo4 gu2 dim2) or just lo gu (锣鼓 lo4 gu2). These so-called “percussion patterns” have quite a lot of distinct functions.

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