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15+Korean Animal Names That You Ought to Admire

In a Korean nation, not solely in South Korea but additionally in North Korea, they promote Korean tradition in several methods. Korean animal names are additionally one other factor to study and admire as a result of they extremely and historically signify their nation’s tradition. The names of the animals within the nation usually have a symbolic which means and are additionally used as a given identify.

As a result of the use Korean Language (Korean Alphabet and Korean phrases) has an incredible impression on South Korean tradition, particularly by way of historical past and literature, their tradition has by no means misplaced its worth.


Korean Animal Names

Just like the given names of some individuals in China, the Chinese language origin which means of animal names is used. For the reason that Korean alphabet is linked to the Chinese language alphabet, this may show you how to perceive a Korean phrase in studying the 2 languages. However first, I’ll introduce to you a few of the widespread Korean animal names.

There’s extra to study in Korea than Ok-Pop, well-known Korean Artists, Well-liked Korean names, scrumptious Korean delicacies, and Korean Language. So allow us to now study Korean animal names!

How To Say Canine In Korean

Everyone knows that having a canine is a good companion and good friend in our residence and the household. Additionally, it’s the most favourite animal except for different pets. In South Korea, the Jindo canine is one in all their nationwide treasures due to its loyalty. However in North Korea, a Pungsan canine symbolizes the nation’s proud spirit. All in all, having a canine or a pet in Korea is the most effective determination to have if you wish to have a loyal good friend.

Canine in Korean is 개 (gae). Whereas pet in Korean is 강아지 (gangaji).

How To Say Cat In Korean

Like the numerous animals in Korea, Korean canine and Korean cats haven’t solely been thought-about pets within the nation however are additionally thought-about meat. Their meat is added to totally different Korean delicacies and eaten by a whole lot of South Koreans. However due to the numerous criticisms, some individuals in South Korea choose them to be pets than to eat them.

One other factor is that South Korean cat, particularly whether it is colour black, is culturally related as an indication of unhealthy luck and unhealthy spirits of their outdated folklore. So not like the favourite animal in the home, which is the canine, the cat is the other.

Cat in Korean is 고양이 (goyangi).

How To Say Goat In Korean

Having pets like canine and cat is a standard factor in South Korean properties. However for the reason that Korean Peninsula has an unlimited land space, some animals like livestock are almost certainly to be seen. A few of them are sheep, cows, goats, and horses.

The Korean black goat is among the hottest and the one indigenous breed within the nation. They’re additionally probably the most prolific of all home ruminant livestock.

The Korean phrase for goat is 염소 (yeomso).

How To Say Horse In Korean

Not like the opposite nations on this planet, the Korean horse symbolizes ‘positivity’. Additionally, horseback driving is a mainstream sport in South Korea so horses are quite common within the nation.

As well as, Horses have an necessary position within the historical past of Korea. It was through the Three Kingdoms Interval (57 BCE to 668 CE), that there have been little collectible figurines of horses buried in tombs and mentioned that these carry the spirit of the deceased to the afterlife.

The horse in Korean is 말 (mal).

How To Say Fox In Korean

In lots of Korean dramas, Korean animal just like the fox is normally widespread character. As an illustration, well-known Korean drama sequence like ‘My Girlfriend is A Gumiho’ and ‘The Story of A Gumiho.’

Wild animals in Korean tradition even have a which means. Just like the Korean fox, it’s usually symbolized as a grasp of swindler in seducing then stealing stunning ladies or girls.

Fox in Korean is 여우 (yeou).

How To Say Tiger In Korean

All nations on this planet have nationwide animals, and one of many nationwide animals in Korea is the Tiger. It’s strongly related to Korean tradition and it represents the identification of Koreans.

Korean tiger is a logo of power and energy and sometimes says that it’s the guardian spirit and protector of Koreans. If you happen to noticed, a few of the statues within the nation are principally tigers.

Even when the tiger is the nationwide animal of Korea, there are now not tigers left within the wild in South Korea. That is due to the fruits of searching wild animals to guard people.

The Korean phrase for tiger is 호랑이 (horangi).

How To Say Elephant In Korean

An elephant shouldn’t be solely be seen in Africa but additionally South Korean Peninsula. Nonetheless, elephants are sometimes seen in a zoo in Korea as a result of the nation shouldn’t be a pure habitat for them.

Elephant brings prosperity and good luck to the nation. It additionally symbolizes numerous noble issues like knowledge, royal energy, courageous, and longevity.

The elephant in Korea is 코끼리 (kokkiri).


Different Korean Animal Names

Korean Animal Names Romanized Translation English Translation
상어 sang-eo shark
물고기 mul-go-gi fish
돼지 dwae-ji pig
dak hen
gom bear
사자 sa-ja lion
baem snake
원숭이 won-sung-i monkey
기린 gi-rin giraffe


Studying Extra About Animals In Korean

korean animal names

Studying the widespread animals in Korean which can be talked about above provides new vocabulary and phrases to our mental facet. Additionally, discovering these meanings behind the totally different animals provides info to our cultural facet in our life.

The examples above are only a glimpse of animals in Korean. There are extra wild animals, livestock, sea animals, or creatures in several nations that you could be encounter in shopping a few of the weblog posts in the Ling App.

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