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16 Greatest Korean Exclamations To Use As we speak!

Are you feeling Stunned? Excited? Completely happy? Unhappy? Irritated? No matter it’s, there are Korean exclamations that swimsuit how you are feeling. As we speak, we’ll unlock these precious phrases!

“Whoa, Whoa.” This may be some of the fashionable conversations in Korea proper now. If you recognize what this Korean exclamation means, you are watching the hit Ok-drama Extraordinary Lawyer Woo. If in case you have watched extra, fairly certain that you just already understand how essential Korean exclamations are to Koreans.

Korean exclamations are any fashionable or conventional Korean sound or phrases used to specific feelings. It’s important to study these Korean exclamations as a result of with this, and you may specific totally different emotions identical to how native Koreans do. You may also impress your Korean pals and different acquaintances. It’s also precious to outlive when having every day conversations. Most of all, studying Korean exclamations is essential to know extra about Korean tradition.

So, on this weblog, we’ll study the totally different Korean exclamations utilized in every day conversations. Sit again and luxuriate in studying!

Frequent Exclamations In The Korean Language

Like most different languages, Korean has exclamations or fundamental interjections used to specific emotions and feelings. By studying this, you may shortly get by with the locals since you converse how they do. So, listed below are some Korean exclamations to study:

Korean Exclamations

1. 아이구 (Aigu) – Oh my!

This Korean exclamation might be some of the fashionable ones. That is similar to “Oh my!”, “Oh my God,” or “Geez” in English. You may hear it in actually each Korean drama. You might need remembered it effectively in Deok-sun’s “Aigoo Lee Sajang” scenes in Reply 1988 each time she sees Jung-hwan’s father. You may also hear Lee Gon from The King: Everlasting Monarch shouting it repeatedly when his father, the King, died.

Those who use this Korean exclamation are normally middle-aged ladies or older girls who specific delicate dismay. However now, it’s generally utilized by most of them. It may also be used to specific delicate shock or shock, social blunder, or a slipshod act.

2. 진짜 (Jinjja) – Actually?

Keep in mind when Deok-sun from Reply 1988 acquired a brand new pair of sneakers from his mother as a result of she was already a senior pupil? Properly, that is the Korean exclamation she stated. Undoubtedly,진짜 (Jinjja) can be some of the generally used Korean exclamations by Koreans.

That is one other Korean exclamation that you should utilize when you find yourself shocked. This implies “Actually?” or “For actual?”. Suppose you might need additionally heard the Korean exclamation 정말 (jeongmal), which additionally means the identical. You should use the Korean exclamations 진짜 (Jinjja) in most conditions. However, if you happen to’re planning to make use of it with different individuals in addition to your Korean pals, you would possibly wanna add 요 (yo) like “진짜요? (jinjjayo)?” and “정말요 (jeongmalyo)?” to specific politeness.

3. 야! (Ya!) – Hey!

Probably the most unforgettable scenes in Ok-drama historical past is when Ko Dong-man noticed that Choi Ae-ra was about to be hit by a man. He shouted “야! (Ya!)” on the high of his lungs after which hit the man.

Properly, when you’ve got been a fan of Ok-dramas and Ok-pop, you might need heard 야! (Ya!) a number of instances. It is a slang phrase used to say “Hey!” in Korean. However, there isn’t any particular manner to make use of it as a result of it may well convey anger or affection.

Korean Exclamations

4. 참 (Cham) – Aha!

Are you acquainted with the Cham-cham-cham recreation? For those who’re a fan of BTS, this is among the video games they normally play on TV exhibits. The Korean exclamation 참 (Cham) could be translated to “Aha!” in English.

Use it whenever you’ve simply realized one thing new, are perplexed by one thing you have simply realized, or are amazed by one thing you have simply realized. It may possibly additionally be used as a synonym for “by the best way.”

5. 아싸! (Assa!) Yay!/ Hurray!

In reply 1988, there is a scene there when Choi Taek gave Jinju a lollipop, and he or she replied, “아싸! (Assa!)”. This Korean exclamation could be used whenever you’re completely happy or excited.

6. 대박 (Daebak) – Epic!/ Superior!

Will not be needing any extra explanations for this as a result of you could have heard it for certain in Ok-dramas and different Korean exhibits. You should use it in any scenario wherein you might be amazed, in addition to in conditions wherein you might be pondering something alongside the strains of “That is unbelievable!” due to how superb one thing is. Like when Se-ri tasted the freshly brewed espresso made by Jeong Hyeok.

It’s also potential to make use of even in case you are listening to or experiencing one thing that you don’t get pleasure from, however most often, individuals use it when they’re in temper or experiencing one thing good.

Korean Exclamations

7. 우와 (U wa) – Wow!

Atty. Woo, within the authorized drama Extraordinary Atty. Woo undoubtedly has probably the most iconic manner of claiming “Wow!”. In Korean, they use “우와 (U wa)!” It’s used the identical manner as in English.

8. 짱 (Jjang) – Cool!

Suppose you could have witnessed one thing or somebody doing an superior or cool factor like Atty. Woo with autism profitable case, you may say “짱 (Jjang).” This Korean exclamation is used to say “Superior” or “Cool” in Korean.

9. 아이씨 (Aissi) – Oh rattling!

Keep in mind when Dong-ryong, in Reply 1988, ran away from their dwelling? Her pals picked him up, and he heard some types of curse phrases like 아이씨 (Aissi) from Bo-ra. Properly, 아이씨 (Aissi) is among the Korean swear phrases that Bo-ra instructed him.

This is among the most frequently used slang phrases in Korean, although it isn’t used fairly often exterior of the context of spoken speech. If you find yourself experiencing emotions of frustration, you should utilize it.

Korean Exclamations

10. 에이 (Ei) – Do not be foolish/ Are You Kidding Me?

This additionally would possibly sound acquainted to you as a result of it is a very quick phrase that’s usually utilized in conversations amongst shut pals. It may be used if you happen to do not need to consider somebody or if you’d like somebody to cease performing silly. Keep in mind, solely use this together with your shut pals.

11. 어 (Eo) – Sure/ Huh?

This one can be utilized in two methods: the affirmative manner or in saying “huh?”. In fact, there is a manner of claiming “sure” that we all know which is 네 (ne), however 어 (Eo) is a little bit of a slang phrase utilized in an informal manner. Nonetheless, 네? (ne?) can even imply “What?”

12. 뭐? (Mwo?) – What?

The Korean expression used to say “What?” is 뭐? (Mwo?). It is at all times some of the frequent expressions you normally hear in Ok-dramas as a result of it’s usually used when somebody is saying one thing and need to hear it once more to ensure they hear it proper. You may also say “뭐라고? (mworago?),” which implies “What did you say?”

Korean Exclamations

13. 헉 (Heok) – OMG And 헐 (Heol) – OMG/ What the..

The phrase “OMG!” may also be expressed by the character. “(heok). One of many many expressions within the Korean language which may be translated as “OMG” in English and the overwhelming majority of different languages is that this explicit one. This Korean exclamation is commonly used on instances whenever you’d set free a breathless sigh.

The exclamation 헐 (heol) may also be used to convey shock, astonishment, and even marvel. It’s efficient in each favorable and unfavorable circumstances. It’s potential that “what the…” and “OMG” can be probably the most correct translations of their that means into English.

To supply an extra clarification, it’s a particular expression that can be utilized to point out that you’re amazed or shocked by one thing that has occurred. 

The next expressions are additionally used to say “OMG” in Korean

  • 어머/ 어머나 (Eomeo, Eomeona) – Oops!/OMG
  • 엄마 / 엄마야 (Eomma, Eommaya)

14. 그래요(Geu rae yo) – Is that so?

The following frequent Korean exclamation is 그래요(Geu rae yo). It’s a assertion that’s regularly utilized in dialog, and the listener will sometimes state it as a affirmation that they’ve heard what you could have been talking about. Generally, it’s also used to convey to a different individual that you’re unaffected by their acts or threats.

15. 그렇구나 (Geureokuna) / 그렇군요 (Geureokunyo) – I see

Each 그렇구나 (Geureokuna) and 그렇군요 (Geureokunyo) can be utilized to say “I see” in Korean. This exclamation is normally used to point that you have understood what somebody is telling you.

16. 아 (Ah!) – Ouch

To say “ouch” in case you had been damage, you may say 아 (Ah!). Keep in mind when Bo-ra hit Deok-sun within the head when she spoke casually to Bo-ra? That is how you employ it.

Different Korean exclamations should not talked about, like 헤헤 (hehe), which is a sort of extra harmless laughter. That is mentioned in one other weblog known as Korean abbreviations. You may study different expressions as you go deeper in studying Korean, however the checklist above are simply the frequent ones utilized in an informal dialog.

진짜 (Jinjja)? You Can Be taught Korean Utilizing An App?


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So, no want to fret about how the struggles of studying Korean as a result of we have got you coated. After each session with Ling App, the one Korean expression you may say is “Wow (우와 Uwa).”

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