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20+ Frequent Names Of Bugs In Tagalog For Nature Fans

Think about a world with out bugs, or “mga insekto” in Tagalog. No extra honey bees to pollinate our crops, no extra butterflies to brighten up our gardens, and no extra ants to remind us to scrub up our mess. It’s onerous to fathom, proper? 

As a lot as we could discover bugs pesky at instances, they play an extremely vital position in our ecosystems. And within the Philippines they’ve a wealthy variety of bugs, every with its distinctive identify in Tagalog

As somebody who grew up fascinated by these little creatures, I’m excited to take you on a journey to discover the frequent names of bugs in Tagalog and what they imply to Philippine tradition and ecosystems.

Transient Historical past Of Tagalog Insect Names

The historical past of Tagalog insect names goes approach again, all the best way to historic instances, when Filipinos had been already residing alongside these little critters. 

And let me let you know, a number of the names are severely intelligent! One instance is “tutubi,” which is Tagalog for dragonfly and was named after its resemblance to a horsefly. 

One other one is the cockroach, or “ipis” in Tagalog — named for its uncanny means to outlive within the dirtiest environments. Speak about resilience, am I proper?

Additionally, a number of the names had been borrowed from different languages and neighboring nations, just like the “salagubang,” which is Tagalog for beetle and comes from the Malay phrase “salagombang.” 

It’s wonderful how these names have advanced and tailored to cultural influences over time. 

Learning the historical past of Tagalog insect names isn’t solely fascinating, nevertheless it additionally provides us a glimpse into the varied and wealthy cultural heritage of our language.

Various winged insects in the Philippines.

Variety And Traits Of Bugs In The Philippines

Do you know that the Philippines is residence to over 21,000 recognized species of bugs? Yup, you learn that proper – twenty-one thousand! 

And the very best half? Many of those bugs can solely be discovered on this a part of the world, making this archipelago a treasure trove of creepy crawlies for insect fanatics and scientists alike.

A few of the most typical bugs within the Philippines embody beetles, butterflies, flies, bees, wasps, ants, grasshoppers, cockroaches, termites, and mosquitoes. 

You identify it, they bought it – from the tiniest buzzing bee to the peskiest bloodsucking mosquito.

Regardless of their huge numbers and look variations, bugs share lots in frequent. 

All of them have three physique segments – the top, thorax, and stomach – and 6 legs.

Most bugs even have one or two pairs of wings and compound eyes that enable them to see in numerous instructions directly. 

Plus, many bugs undergo a metamorphosis as they develop from egg to grownup, reworking from one kind to a different.

Frequent Bugs In The Philippines With Their Tagalog Names

Now, let me introduce you to a number of the most fun and distinctive names of bugs in Tagalog you would possibly encounter within the nation, together with some details about them.

Termites or anay in Tagalog

Anay (Termite)

Termites, also referred to as “anay,” may cause important harm to houses and different picket constructions. They’ve a caste system with totally different roles and infrequently construct mud tunnels to guard themselves.

Bubuyog (Bee)

Bubuyog or bees play a necessary position in pollination and producing honey. They stay in colonies with a well-defined caste system and have furry our bodies coated in tiny hairs.

Gagamba (Spider)

Spiders are eight-legged beings that spin webs and immobilize their prey with venomous bites. They arrive in numerous sizes and shapes, and a few species can change shade to mix in with their environment.

Though they aren’t technically bugs, we thought we should always embody them on this listing.

Ipis (Cockroach)

Cockroaches are typical family pests that may be tough to eliminate. They’ve a flat, oval-shaped physique and are sometimes present in areas the place meals and moisture are current.

Mosquito or lamok in Tagalog.

Lamok (Mosquito)

Lamok or mosquitoes are recognized for transmitting ailments and are drawn to people by the carbon dioxide we exhale. They’ve slender our bodies and lengthy, skinny legs.

Langaw (Housefly)

Flies are drawn to meals and different natural matter and have massive compound eyes that assist them keep away from predators.

They’ve a buzzing sound and are sometimes present in houses and different indoor areas.

Langgam (Ant)

Ants are social bugs that work collectively to forage for meals and shield their colony. They’ve slim waists and talk by means of pheromones.

Paru-Paro (Butterfly)

Butterflies play an vital position in pollination and have lengthy, skinny our bodies and enormous, delicate wings.

They endure a whole metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to grownup butterfly.

Cricket or Kuliglig in Tagalog.

Kuliglig (Cricket)

Crickets are small, leaping bugs that produce a particular chirping sound.

They’ve lengthy, skinny our bodies and highly effective hind legs that enable them to leap as much as a number of instances their physique size.

Salaginto (Grasshopper)

Grasshoppers are leaping bugs that eat massive portions of vegetation, making them an vital meals supply for a lot of animals.

They’ve lengthy, slender our bodies and enormous hind legs and may soar as much as 20 instances their physique size.

Salagubang (Beetle)

Beetles have a tough exoskeleton that protects them from predators. They play a necessary position in pollination and pest management and have a pair of wings coated by a protecting shell.

Samba-Samba (Praying Mantis)

Praying mantises are predatory bugs with lengthy, highly effective entrance legs used to seize and maintain their prey. Additionally they have a novel mating conduct, with the feminine usually consuming the male after mating.

A surot or bed bug is a blood-sucking parasite that typically attacks while you sleep.

Surot (Mattress Bug)

Mattress bugs are tiny, annoying, parasitic bugs that feed on human and animal blood. They’ve flat, oval-shaped our bodies and are sometimes present in houses and motels.

Conventional Makes use of Of Bugs In Philippine Tradition

Within the Philippines, bugs have been an vital a part of the tradition for a very long time. They’ve been used for all types of issues, from consuming to treating sicknesses and even in superstitions and beliefs. 

Let’s have a better have a look at a few of them:

Bugs As Meals

You could be stunned to know that Pinoys have been chowing down on bugs for ages. Sure, that’s true! 

They use bugs prefer it’s no biggie in conventional Tagalog dishes handed down by means of generations. 

One fairly well-known dish is “kinilaw na Tamilok,” which is made out of a sort of shipworm present in mangrove bushes. The phrase “kinilaw” got here from the Tagalog phrase “hilaw,” which implies “uncooked.” 

However that doesn’t imply it’s completely uncooked — they soak it in a bowl of vinegar first and let the acid cook dinner it.

Then there’s “adobong salagubang,” a beetle cooked in vinegar and soy sauce that individuals love. 

And the way about “kamaru?” It’s fried mole crickets and a must-try for many who like their meals to have a little bit of a crunch.

But it surely’s not nearly satisfying a yearning for a crunchy snack. Bugs like crickets and grasshoppers are wealthy in protein, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. 

In reality, they’re recognized to have extra protein per gram than beef or rooster.

Bugs As Conventional Drugs

Transferring on, within the Philippines, bugs have been used to deal with numerous well being issues for hundreds of years. 

For instance, the Agusan Manobo tribe makes use of totally different elements of crops and bugs to deal with illnesses like animal (snake) and bug bites, pores and skin infections, and even tuberculosis.

Entomotherapy, the observe of utilizing bugs for medical functions, has its roots in conventional medication. 

It’s believed that compounds present in sure bugs can have therapeutic results, like lowering irritation or relieving ache.

Insects are also used as amulets in the Philippines.

Superstitions And Beliefs

Lastly, let’s discuss superstitions and beliefs. In Philippine tradition, bugs are sometimes related to luck or omens. 

As an illustration, in case you see a praying mantis, it’s thought-about an indication of fine fortune. The praying mantis is sort of a image of steadiness, endurance, and focus. 

However beware, killing a cricket is believed to deliver unhealthy luck. Crickets are related to abundance, prosperity, and good luck. 

So in case you by chance squash one, make sure to apologize to its spirit to keep away from inviting any unfavourable power into your life.

And get this – some bugs are even believed to have particular powers. The “anting-anting” is a talisman made out of the exoskeletons of beetles or the wings of butterflies. 

Carrying one is assumed to present you particular skills or safety, relying on the kind of insect used. Cool, proper?

Extra Bugs Names In Tagalog

Within the thesaurus beneath, you’ll discover extra names of bugs in Tagalog with their pronunciations. We’ve bought frequent ones like lice and attention-grabbing ones like gadflies. 

It’s a good way to be taught extra in regards to the bugs round us. Listed below are a few of them:

Now you understand these frequent phrases, you may identify all of the creepy crawlies you would possibly come throughout within the Philippines! 

Whether or not you’re a bug fanatic or simply trying to impress your folks, understanding your langgam out of your salagubang is all the time helpful. 

Thanks for hanging out with us, and completely satisfied exploring! Bear in mind to present these little critters some love, too; they play a necessary position in our ecosystem.

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