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24+ Worthy Korean Abbreviations To Uncover

Do you wish to improve your Korean textual content messages? The vital secret is to make use of easy and stylish Korean abbreviations like ㅋㅋㅋ. At this time, we’re studying plenty of them! In spite of everything, who does not ship messages these days? Texting or chatting is without doubt one of the most typical issues we do every day. After all, KakaoTalk is Koreans’ most well-known platform on the subject of messaging.

In messaging, as you may see, even in Korean dramas, they use easy and cutesy phrases and phrases. It relies upon, in fact, on whom you’re speaking to, however when texting with their buddies, they largely use Korean abbreviations and customary Korean slang phrases.

Simply take the episode from Extraordinary Legal professional ‘Woo’ for instance. Within the mentioned episode, the characters from the dramas use abbreviations to offer cute nicknames and personalize their messages for one another. It is wonderful how few letters might be so significant to some folks, proper?

So, that’s what we’ll discuss at the moment on this weblog submit – Korean abbreviation. Brace your self for a enjoyable Korean language studying lesson!

Why Study Korean Textual content Slang Like Abbreviations?

You may marvel, of all of the vital issues to study in studying Korean, why is studying the Korean textual content slang vital? For starters, South Korea is massive in communications and community connections. In addition they personal the best proportion of smartphone possession worldwide. In brief, texting or chatting is without doubt one of the most important types of communication in South Korea that makes folks digitally linked.

One other reply is that it makes you find out how native audio system converse in on a regular basis life. It tells you a large number about their tradition. Studying Korean phrases and phrases, even expressions and emojis or emoticons, is critical in learning Korean. There’s so much to study from on a regular basis conversations. After all, studying the formal language construction is as vital, however slang like textual content slang phrases will make you sound like an area and offer you a deeper understanding of their language.

On this lesson, you may additionally find out how these phrases are fashioned or the place it was derived from.

Korean Abbreviations To Use With Your Korean Associates

Korean abbreviations show how lovely the Korean language is. It’s a type of Korean textual content slang phrases fashioned in numerous methods like adapting English phrases, combining English and Korean phrases, or shortening the Korean phrases.

The Korean phrase for abbreviation is 약칭 (yakching). In studying Korean, it is inconceivable to not study abbreviations or Korean textual content slang phrases. Within the earlier blogs, you might have realized the fundamental Korean slang phrases; now, you’ll perceive some Korean abbreviations or the Korean texting slang phrases.

Korean Abbreviations

1. ㅎㅇ (Hello)

Learn how to begin a dialog? Properly, one of many best methods is to easily say “Hi.” The Korean abbreviation for that’s ㅎㅇ (hello) which got here from 하이 (ha-ee). You should use this to start out a dialog or, in case you wanna, ask somebody how they’re via textual content messages.

2. ㅇㅋ (O Ok)

The fashionable Korean technique to say “okay” is by simply making an “o” and a “okay” with their fingers. However with textual content messages, you can’t try this. So what is the best technique to do it? Simply sort the abbreviation ㅇㅋ.

Korean Abbreviations

3. ㄱㅅ (G S)

The Korean phrase “감사합니다 (gamsahamnida)” or “Thanks” might be one of many best phrases that you would be able to choose up or study simply. So, this abbreviation is likely to be straightforward so that you can perceive. To abbreviate “Thanks” in Korean, simply merely get write/sort ㄱㅅ (gs) which interprets to TY in English. It’s quick for 감사합니다, gamsahamnida.

4. ㅈㅅ (J S)

Replied late to somebody? Missed somebody’s name? Merely say ㅈㅅ (J S). That is the Korean abbreviation for 죄송합니다 (joesonghamnida), which accurately means “Sorry” in English. You should use it in most conditions however just for these lighter conditions. However on the subject of heavy errors or issues, ㅈㅅ (J S) would in all probability by no means be sufficient.

Korean Abbreviations

5. ㅅㅇㅊㅋ (SCHK)

When you wanna greet somebody with a Blissful Birthday?, it solely takes 4 letters that are ㅅㅇㅊㅋ (schk). It’s the abbreviated model of 생일축하해” (saeng-il-chuk-ha-hae). You should use it with birthday emoticons to simply greet somebody on their birthday, However in fact, in case you wanna transcend simply this abbreviation, you can too add some heartfelt birthday message.

6. ㅋㅋㅋ (Kuh-Kuh-Kuh)

Acquired humorous textual content messages? The Korean abbreviation for that’s ㅋㅋ (kuh-kuh) which implies LOL or a sound of laughter. The extra ㅋ you add, the extra you’re laughing. It’s an onomatopoeia for laughter. When you attempt to sound it out, it is the loud sound that individuals make after they giggle. It is extra of a cute method of laughing, and Koreans are recognized for that.

Korean Abbreviations

7. ㅎㅎㅎ (Ha-ha-ha)

ㅎㅎㅎ (Ha-ha-ha) can also be a technique to categorical laughter. Though ㅋㅋㅋ (kuh-kuh-kuh) is the one that’s mostly used, ㅎㅎㅎ (ha-ha-ha) additionally offers the identical that means and feels. It offers a softer form of giggle, and similar to the earlier one, the extra you add ㅎ, the extra you’re laughing.

8. ㅍㅎㅎ (Pu-ha-ha)

That is one other method of laughing in Korean texting slang. It’s quick for 푸하하 that interprets to LMAO or “laughing my ass off.” Properly, you may in all probability see how artistic Koreans are in forming slang phrases for use in textual content or chat.

Korean Abbreviations

9.ㅇㅇ (Ieung Ieung)

Studying how you can say “sure” is a crucial factor to study, particularly when you find yourself studying a brand new language, like Korean. You’ve gotten in all probability realized or heard from Ok-dramas that the Korean phrase “네 (ne)” is used to say “sure.” However, when you have heard or seen ㅇㅇ (ieung ieung), know that it is the slang or abbreviated model that’s solely used for casual conversations.

10. ㄴㄴ (N N)

You might need additionally realized that the way in which to say “no” in Korean is 아니요 (aniyo) for well mannered and 아니 (ani0) for casual. However, in case you wanna abbreviate it, merely get ㄴ. To make it extra slang, you may double it like ㄴㄴ, which implies “no-no.”

Korean Abbreviations

11. ㅁㄹ (M L)

The subsequent abbreviation can also be some of the generally used abbreviations within the English language – IDK, which is brief for “I do not know”. Koreans even have their model of “IDK,” and that’s ㅁㄹ (m l) which is brief for 몰라 (mol la).

12. ㅂㅂ/ㅃㅃ (bb/pppp)

Wanna sleep already? Wanna dangle up the cellphone? You’ll be able to simply say ㅂㅂ/ㅃㅃ. This comes from the phrases 바이바이 (ba-ee ba-ee) and 빠이빠이 (ppai-ppai), which implies “Goodbye” or “Bye bye”. It is a straightforward and cute technique to finish a dialog

Korean Abbreviations

13.ㄱㄱ (G G)

Feeling such as you wanna exit? You should use ㄱㄱ which implies “Go go/Let’s go,” to ask somebody to hang around or exit. After all, solely use this with somebody you’re actually shut with, like your mates, girlfriend, or boyfriend.

14. ㅊㅋ (Chuka)

Heard about the excellent news about somebody you’re shut with? Ship them your congratulation message by merely saying ㅊㅋ (Chuka). It’s the shortened kind for 축하합니다 chukahamnida, which implies Congratulations.

Korean Abbreviations

15. ㄷㄷ (D D)

In scary encounters like watching a scary film like “A Story of Two Sisters,” you should use ㄷㄷ (d d). It got here from the phrase 덜덜 (deoldeol). The Korean abbreviation ㄷㄷ (d d) is an onomatopoeia for shivering, which is one thing you are feeling once you’re scared. It’s also typically used to precise being amazed.

16. 헉! (Huk)

Wanna categorical your shock or shock? Within the English language, utilizing the English letters OMG is sufficient. However in Korean, the abbreviation for that’s 헉! (huk). That is pronounced “huk,” which feels like “choked” or “stunned” once you say it out loud. It’s also written as (hul), which has the identical that means.

Korean Abbreviations

17. 어케 (Oke)

In watching Ok-dramas, you might have in all probability heard lots of “어떻게 (ottoke).” As most Ok-dramas/Ok-pop followers know, 어떻게 (ottoke) means “How?“. However, in case you wanna shorten it, you may merely use 어케 (Oke).

18. 세젤예 (Sejelye)

What in case you ever received an opportunity to satisfy somebody who’s actually fairly, like Kim Tae-hee, Han So-Hee, and Music Hye-Kyo? Properly, you may wanna inform her, and the abbreviation for that’s 세젤예 (Sejelye) which implies “Prettiest on this planet.”

Korean Abbreviations

19. 잼게/잼께 (Jaemge/Jaemkke)

The abbreviation 잼게/잼께 (jaemge/jaemkke) got here from 재미있게 (je-mi-eet-geh), which implies “having enjoyable.” It could be an ideal response if somebody requested what you’re as much as. After all, solely use this once you’re actually having enjoyable. Some folks use this simply to make the opposite individual jealous in order that they’d additionally come.

The way in which this slang shortens phrases is just a little completely different. It combines 재 (jae) with the ㅁ  of the subsequent syllable after which the entire final syllable of the phrase. It is vital to know that 재미있게 (jaemiissge) feels like 재미이께 (jaemiikke). Due to this, we will change 게 (ge) to 께 (kke).

20. ㅅㄱ (S G)

Who does not need their efforts to be acknowledged? If you’re watching Ok-dramas, you may actually hear lots of people praising somebody for his or her exhausting work. Praising somebody, regardless of how massive or small is without doubt one of the nicest issues about Korean tradition.

So, to do that utilizing abbreviation or Korean texting slang phrases, simply say ㅅㄱ (sg). It is quick for 수고해 (su-go-hae). You may as well use this to cheer a good friend up in case you see how exhausting they work on one thing. One excellent instance is when actors/actresses put together a meals cart to congratulate different actors/actresses after ending a movie or collection taping.

Korean Abbreviations

21. 091012

These numbers imply “Examine exhausting” in Korean texting slang phrases, however how? First, learn ‘091012’ in Korean. It gives you 0공(gong) 9구 (gu) 10열 (yeol) 12십이 (sibi). Now, in case you learn it the way in which it sounds, it gives you 공구열십이 (gongguyeolsibi), which implies “examine exhausting.”

22. ㅇㅈㄴ (OTL)

This one is fairly fascinating as a result of the looks of the letters really tells its that means. It is extra of an emoticon than an abbreviation. You’ll be able to in all probability image a person kneeling along with his head hanging down (O or ㅇ), his torso and arms on the bottom (T orㅈ ), and his legs flat (L or ㄴ).

The abbreviation ㅇㅈㄴ (OTL) exhibits somebody on their knees to present how unhappy they’re. This emoticon is often used to indicate defeat, frustration, or disappointment.

Korean Abbreviations

23. ㅠㅠ/ㅜㅜ

After all, once we discuss emoticons, we can not miss the crying eyes ㅠㅠ/ㅜㅜ. It’s used to point unhappiness to the purpose that you simply’re crying. Some additionally use this to point tears of pleasure. When you sort it in a textual content, it’s going to often flip into an emoji.

24. 0ㅠ0

Wanna categorical that you simply’re disgusted such as you wanna throw up or vomit? You should use 0ㅠ0. By simply it, you may merely get what it means, particularly once you all the time textual content or chat.

25. ㅇㅁㅇ

Lastly, the shocked face. That is undoubtedly some of the used abbreviations or emoticons. It’s used once you really feel shocked or amazed, like when somebody reveals a secret, or you might have realized one thing actually unimaginable.

Extra Korean Abbreviations

Korean Abbreviation Which means/ Origin English Translation
레디 (redi) Prepared
수고 (sugo) Take it straightforward
ㅇ? 왜? (Wae?) Why?
ㅇㄷ 어디 (eodi) The place?
누물보 (Numulbo) Did anybody ask?
괜찬아 (gwaen-chan-ah) I’m fantastic.
Okay Okey-dokey
잼께 (jaem-ggae) or
노잼 (no-jaem)
Have enjoyable or Having enjoyable
Cute method of claiming “Me too.”
(ng d)
“The place r u” or “The place are you?”
버스 카드 충전
(beoseu kadeu chungjeon)
Bus card charging
혼자 밥을 먹는다 (honja babeul meokneunda)/
혼자 술을 마신다
(honja sureul masinda)
consuming alone/ingesting alone
찍먹 vs. 부먹
(jjikmuk vs. boomuk)
찍어 먹는다 vs. 부어 먹는다
jjigeo meokneunda vs. bueo meokneunda
dipping and consuming/pouring and consuming
엄친아 (eomchinah) 엄마 친구 아들
(eomma chingu adeul)
Mother’s good friend’s son
심장이 쿵쿵
(simjangi kungkung)
coronary heart racing
솔직히 까놓고 말해서
(soljikhi kkanohgo malhaeseo)
Actually talking;
to be sincere with you
안 물어봤고, 안 궁금해
(an mureobwassgo, an gunggeumhae)
I didn’t ask, and I don’t care
낄끼빠빠 (kkilkkippappa) 낄때 끼고 빠질때 빠져
(kkilttae kkigo ppajilttae ppajyeo)
Take part when it’s acceptable and depart/
get out when it’s not
세젤예 (saejaelyae) 세상에서 제일 예쁘다
(sesangeseo jeil yeppeuda)
world’s prettiest
ㅇㄱㄹㅇ 이거레알 (actual)
igeoreal (actual))
That is actual; it’s so true
KAERI 한국원자력연구원(hangugwonjaryongnyonguwon) Korean Atomic Power Analysis Institute
KRW 원화 (wonhwa) Korean Received
KFDA 식품의약품안전청 (sikpumuiyakpumanjonchong) Korean Meals and Drug Administration
KHF 대한출혈열 (daehanchulhyoryol) Korean Hemorrhagic Fever
KP 코리안 프라이드 (korian peuraideu) Korean Delight

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