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4 Seasons In Korean: Best Information To Fascinating Climate

Because the winter winds down, it is time to think about your wardrobe for the upcoming spring/summer season/autumn seasons. So, at this time, we are going to learn to speak about seasons in Korean on this article. The nation has 4 seasons: scorching and humid summer season and chilly and windy winter. Should you intend to study Korean or plan on touring to Korea, you’ll go to it throughout a sure season, and figuring out the phrases for the 4 seasons may be extraordinarily helpful. So in case you are planning a visit, make certain to examine the local weather and pack applicable garments earlier than departing.

Right here is an outline of the 4 seasons in Korean. Keep tuned for extra!

The 4 Seasons Of Korea

spring in korean seasons

Relying on the nation’s location, totally different nations have various kinds of seasons. Some have solely two, and others have 4. Contemplating the obliquity of the Earth, it’s unimaginable for a spot to have a single season, so circumstances on this reply are taken to be fixed, significantly by way of temperature and precipitation. Temperature, climate, and, most significantly, Earth’s place in relation to the solar all contribute to this. Our most important focus for at this time’s lesson will likely be to learn to say the Korean season-related phrases. For a begin, the Korean phrase for a season is “gyejeol.”

How Many Seasons Are There In South Korea?

The seasons in Korea are very similar to what you’d discover in Europe, with just a little additional. The winters are colder than these in the US, however the summers are usually not too unhealthy. In winter, there are the standard 4 seasons that you’d discover in the US: spring, summer season, autumn, and winter. 

What Are The 4 Seasons In South Korea?

We now know that Korea has 4 seasons. Now let’s learn to say every Korean phrase and describe it in Korean. Moreover, figuring out methods to speak about seasons in Korean may be helpful for explaining your own home nation’s local weather and totally different seasons (or lack thereof) to a Korean good friend.

1. Spring In Korean (봄 bom)

Spring is a time of latest beginnings, and for some, it might be the time of yr once they begin courting. Koreans name spring (bom) spring. In Korea, the spring is reasonably quick, however it’s stunning when the flowers bloom, as the varied tree blossoms.

2. Summer time In Korean (해변 haebyeon)

In Korean, summer season known as haebyeon (summer season). It is a scorching, humid season in Korea, with a monsoon season thrown in. Heading to the seaside throughout summer season is a good way to flee the warmth and fairly a preferred one in Korea.

3. Autumn In Korean (가을 gaeul)

Autumn is one other quick however stunning season in South Korea or gaeul in Korean. Autumn brings the leaves altering colours and a extra picturesque panorama. In Korean, you’d additionally use autumn (gaeul) to say fall. A lovely array of autumn colours adorns this mountainous area within the autumn.

seasons in korean autumn

4. Winter In Korean (겨울 gyeoul)

Korea’s final (and first) season for the yr known as winter (gyeoul). Winter in Korea is a season of white, chilly, and wind. The vacations, specifically, are a time to remain indoors, huddle by the hearth, and eat bowls of home made soup. The temperature throughout this time is often round -10 to -5 levels Celsius, with the bottom temperatures taking place in late December to early January. It’s often accompanied by a number of snow and lots of cloud cowl.

When Does Every Season Start?

Significantly when individuals plan to journey to Korea, this query is continuously requested. Along with studying the phrases for the 4 seasons in Korean, should you’re planning to go to Korea throughout a selected month, you will have to know what season it is going to be. 

Spring Months

Korea often experiences spring between April and June. That is stated to be the most effective time to go to Korea as a result of the climate is excellent, and all of the flowers are blooming.

Summer time Months

Usually, the summer season season lasts simply from July to August. Summer time is brief, however the climate can turn out to be highly regarded and humid, so that you may wish to go to the seaside throughout this time.

Autumn Months

Between September and November, autumn can also be a good time to go to Korea. Additionally it is the season of Chuseok, which is the Korean Thanksgiving.

Winter In Korea

For numerous winter festivals in Korea, it is best to go to between December and March. The Winter Season Occasion is one to mark your calendar for, as you may take pleasure in snowboarding and different winter actions in different key areas in Korea like Jeju Island.

Speaking About Seasons In Korean

Utilizing single phrases may be difficult, so it’s possible you’ll wish to learn to use them collectively. So let’s begin with a primary query:

 1) What season do you want?

=어느 계절을 좋아해요?

[eo-neu kye-jeol-eul joh-a-hae-yo?]

To reply, you may say:

2) I like summer season. =

저는 여름을 좋아해요.

[jeo-neun yeo-reum-eul Joh-a-hae-yo.]

3) My favourite season is spring.

내가 가장 좋아하는 계절은 봄입니다.

[naega gajang joh-ahaneun gyejeol-eun bom-ibnida.]

4) I choose winter to all the opposite seasons.

나는 다른 모든 계절보다 겨울을 선호합니다.

[naneun daleun modeun gyejeolboda gyeoul-eul seonhohabnida.]

Season-related Phrases In Korean

There are tones of season-related phrases and expressions in Korean. We’ll listing a number of the most essential ones within the desk beneath.

English Korean Hangul
climate nalssi 날씨
snowy nun deop-in 눈 덮인
wet bioneun 비오는
sunny haesbyeot-i jal deuneun 해가 잘 비추는
windy kkamjjag nollan 깜짝 놀란
stormy pogpung-u gat-eun 폭풍우 같은
clouds guleum 구름
thunderstorm noeu 뇌우
drought gamum 가뭄
forecast yecheug 예측
downpour hou 호우
local weather gihu 기후
temperature ondo 온도
fog angae 안개
heatwave pog-yeom 폭염

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