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A Pop of Korean! — Have you learnt the slang which means ‘to observe…

Nameless requested:

hello, i used to be simply questioning how whether or not to make use of 분 or 명 when describing how many individuals there are? thanks <3

Hello! For individuals who don’t know, and are counters for individuals. You may say 두 분 or 두 명, for instance, to imply “two individuals.”

In my understanding, 분 is extra well mannered than 명. For instance, when my Korean class was taking a quiz, the professor requested, 시간이 더 필요하신 분이 있어요? that means “is there anybody who wants extra time?” Discover how –is added to the stem of 필요하다, making it extra well mannered. That’s why 분 is used.

Subsequently, you’ll be able to solely use 명 when speaking about your self–you wouldn’t use the well mannered phrase when referring to your self. Whenever you’re at a restaurant, as an example, you’ll be able to say 두 명이에요 to ask for a desk for 2.

One thing else I observed is that 분 can be utilized with out a quantity, whereas (from my observations) 명 wants a quantity earlier than it. In different phrases, 분 appears to simply be a extra well mannered model of 사람 whereas 명 completely a counter. The sentence, 시간이 더 필요하신 분이 있어요? as an example, has no numbers in it – it’s only a well mannered query requested to the category.

These appear to be the variations! Thanks for the query and I hope my reply helps! 화이팅!

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