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Black Pink kicks off world tour dates with some expensive tickets

Article: Black Pink’s live performance ticket costs, the costliest seat is 260,000 gained

Supply: Idol Problem by way of Instagram

1. [+144] 150,000 gained… that is the value of a VIP seat at another live performance…;;;

2. [+142] I assume SM’s costs are nothing in comparison with this..

3. [+29] 150,000 gained was already too costly. Why is it the richest who’re all the time the greediest… why copy Hybe’s pricing..

4. [+25] What’s up with these costs… I am scared that the opposite concert events are going to begin elevating theirs too now

5. [+13] That is a shameless worth

6. [+4] It is nonetheless cheaper in Korea in comparison with overseas international locations.. those self same seats would go for 700,000 gained right here 🥲

7. [+1] These costs… that is worse than SM

8. [+110] There must be a cap on idol live performance tickets. These corporations get so blinded by the best way they see followers to take for fools and see no restrict to their greed.

9. [+11] The truth that it is being held on the olympic gymnastics area means the value was simply predicted

10. [+2] So do they solely need adults to attend or what?

11. [+9] That is rattling costly ㅋㅋ

12. [+13] Loopy with greed…

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