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C-ent Insider Leaks Upcoming Listing of 2022 NRTA Prohibitions Together with Reducing Xianxia Dramas, No Romance in Military Dramas, No Drama CP Delivery, No Apparent Plastic Surgical procedure, and No Idols in First Male or Feminine Roles

There’s a lot headdesking right here I don’t know the place to begin. Let’s simply go down the laundry record of future prohibitions a C-ent insider claims is about to be handed down by the Nationwide Radio and Tv Administration (NRTA) of China. The primary half is the rule, in parenthesis I attempt to make sense of it. (1) No romance in any army themed drama (as a result of troopers are robots who don’t have emotions). (2) Costumes in historic dramas have to be correlated to an actual Chinese language dynastic interval (as a result of the whole lot was China created versus influenced by vacationers and cultural publicity), (3) No star with both sickly seems or cosmetic surgery can be utilized, particularly not in army or police themes dramas (as a result of each soldier and police officer seems like they wouldn’t acknowledge face wash and moisturizer if it fell on their head), and no female trying make-up on male stars. (4) Liulang stars, any singing or dancing selection present idol can’t be solid as the primary male or feminine lead (as a result of our legit actors or actresses can’t additionally know how you can sing or dance nicely).

(5) Sturdy encouragement to supply actual life inspiring themed dramas (as a result of that’s all that’s value watching). (6) Supernatural thriller, excessively candy and charming relationships, and demons and monsters – these dramas are to lower and no such drama can have lower than 60% content material be precise actual life uplifting materials (I can’t even commentate on this…..), (7) Drama titles have to be inspirational and certain for audiences to approve of (sure, as a result of the title is so vital). (8) No transport CPs (why even watch dramas at this level). (9) Lower in quantity of streaming dramas, particularly focusing on interval dramas and xianxia dramas which can be onerous to get airing permits now (loss of life knell of C-dramas, begin sounding). And lastly (10) If it doesn’t cross allow evaluation thrice, will probably be completely denied (three strikes, you’re out!). And let’s not neglect all prior rules lately from ban on time-traveling to actual historic intervals and ban on BL novel diversifications into dramas.

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