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“Cheer Up” Episode 3 Sparks Love Triangle and Rivalry

Making ready for the nearing joint pep rally, Theia’s new members made a dangerous plan to satisfy their mission within the third episode of Cheer Up.

Moreover, a love triangle between Captain Park Jung-woo, Do Hae-yi, and Jin Solar-ho creates romantic rigidity. 

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Cheer Up

Cheer Up Episode 3 Highlights

“You realize the diss battle? That’s what the joint pep rally is about. Earlier than the cheer, we get to drop on them with a diss phrase.”

After ending their orientation and physique conditioning coaching, Theia’s newbies are tasked with one other mission. Nonetheless, this activity is tedious since they should create a diss phrase in line with the opposite cheering squad’s chosen songs. 

With that, the newbies must create diss phrases for each tune the Hokyung cheering squad has, whereby they’ve a complete of fifty chants. On prime of that, their coaching continues, and so they should steadiness and handle their time correctly.

Throughout their coaching, Captain Jung-woo and Jin Solar-ho set a taut environment as Solar-ho turns into aggressive and jealous of the captain.

For a working scholar like Do Hae-yin, the squad’s coaching schedule contradicts her part-time job. Fortunately, Theia’s senior members take heed to her concern and attempt to be understanding about her state of affairs.

Cheer Uo

“In case you have a buddy at Hokyung, you may ask them once they’re drunk. Or, since cheering squads have their very own membership rooms, you may sneak in and take an image. None however the courageous deserves the fruit.”

Because the newbies stress over their mission, the planning workforce — present college students however inactive members — “rescues” them. These inactive members of Theia gave harmful recommendation to the newbies to make their preparation for the joint pep rally manageable. 

The recommendation is to get info from Hokyung college students or sneak into Hokyung College and “steal” the squad’s lineup songs. Since Hae-yi and the others struggles, they randomly chosen 4 folks to sneak into Hokyung. Sadly, Hae-yi was picked together with Solar-ho, Solar-ja, and Jae-yi.

The 4 of them are disguised as Hokyung college students and bravely sneak contained in the membership room. Hae-yi and Solar-ja went inside to seek out the tune checklist whereas the opposite two are looking out.

Nonetheless, their plan failed as Captain Lee Ha-jin return to the membership room and caught Hae-yi inside whereas Solar-ja efficiently escaped.

Cheer Up

“So, what sort of lady do you want, Captain? I’m simply curious what sort of loopy excessive requirements you could have.”

Fortunately, Hokyung squad Captain isn’t as scary as Hae-yi thought and appears unsurprised that one other squad workforce needs to steal their tune checklist. Additionally, Captain Jung-woo calmly but furiously went to Hokyung to get Hae-yi and made a cope with Captain Ha-jin. 

He then set free his anger on Hae-yi and tells her to give up as an alternative of inflicting hurt to the complete squad. Little did he know that three extra squad members are concerned and this impulsive response harm Hae-yin.

However, Solar-ho adopted Hae-yi with out her noticing. As Hae-yi calmed herself, she turns down Solar-ho’s confession once more and tells him to not make any efforts anymore.

Furthermore, Hae-yi rapidly accepts Captain Jung-woo’s apology and spends the remainder of the evening ingesting with him. Regardless of being drunk, Hae-yi is aware of that she is beginning to have emotions in direction of the Captain, even when she denies it. 

The following morning, Solar-ho plans on quitting Theia since he not has any causes to remain. He was then interrupted when Captain Ha-jin arrived and the Theia member speculated that the 2 Captains are courting. 

Moreover, this sight broke Hae-yi’s emotions regardless of realizing that Captain Ha-jin already has a boyfriend. 

Cheer Up

Cheer Up Episode 3 Musings 

With romance build up within the third episode of Cheer Up, the mysteries and darkish previous of Theia proceed to spark the curiosity of viewers. The members of Theia additionally seen similarities between the earlier Captain, Yoo-min, and Hae-yi. 

In Jung-woo’s previous, Yoo-min by accident died when a stage gentle fell on her. Like what has occurred to her, a mysterious particular person threatens Hae-yi that she is a member who was talked about within the third prophecy. 

Not too long ago, Hae-yi and Jung-woo have been deliberately locked up within the basement like what has additionally occurred to Yoo-min earlier than. Will Hae-yi fulfill the final prophecy? Or will she be the important thing to breaking it and ending the misfortune of Theia?

However, Hae-yi’s response to the gossip of the connection with the captain gave him hope. Regardless of his mantra of a “three-strike system,” Solar-ho will most definitely pursue and win over once more Hae-yi’s coronary heart. 

Let’s hope that the newbies’ feelings gained’t get of their solution to give attention to their preparations for the joint pep rally. 

Don’t miss out on the motivating and high-spirited episodes of Cheer Up each Monday and Tuesday at 9 PM! Worldwide followers can stream it on Viu

Pictures/Movies: SBS

Screencaps: Viu

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