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How one can Say “Cheers” in Totally different Languages [Video Tutorials]

How to say Cheers in different languages

Have you ever ever puzzled say “cheers” in numerous languages? Consider all of the conditions through which the phrase “cheers” is used and also you’ll rapidly understand the versatility of this frequent expression that spans throughout cultures and nations.  

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Whether or not you’re touring, learning overseas, or just making new pals of one other tradition, having the ability to say “cheers” of their language exhibits that you simply respect their traditions sufficient to make an effort to study one thing new.

Preserve studying to discover ways to say “cheers” in totally different languages, 20 to be precise, and use this new vocabulary whenever you have fun graduations, milestones at work, weddings, birthdays, holidays, and extra!

How Do You Correctly Cheers?

A couple toasting glasses in their kitchen
Morsa Photos / DigitalVision/ Getty Photos

In relation to cheers, there are just a few key issues to remember – no matter which language you’re “cheers”-ing in.

  • All the time use a clear glass. This can assist to forestall the switch of micro organism and different contaminants. 
  • Ensure the glasses are correctly sanitized earlier than use. This may be finished by soaking them in an answer of bleach and water for a minimum of 20 minutes. 
  • Make sure you dry the glasses fully earlier than serving. 

By following these easy ideas, you possibly can assist be certain that your subsequent cheers is correctly executed.

Later on this publish, we’ll inform you about keep cheers in dozens of various languages. Within the meantime, try the video beneath to get an concept of a number of the different advantages of taking language classes (moreover making you extra charming within the barroom, that’s!):


How one can Say “Cheers” in Totally different Languages

If you happen to’re seeking to journey the world and need to slot in with the locals, you’ll must know say “cheers” in numerous languages. Watch this video tutorial sequence to study how to say “cheers” in numerous languages. 

From Spanish and French, Chinese language to Korean, you’ll be capable to toast like a professional very quickly!

How one can Say “Cheers” in Chinese language (Mandarin): 干杯

  • Pronounced: Gon-bay
  • That means: Dry cup

China has a complete consuming etiquette and respect performs an enormous position within the society.

How one can Say “Cheers” in Russian: На здоровье

  • Pronounced: Nah-zda-rov-yeh
  • That means: To well being

If you happen to’ve ever heard about Russians being heavy drinkers, this isn’t a stereotype however actuality!

How one can Say “Cheers” in Spanish: Salud

  • Pronounced: Sah-lud
  • That means: Well being

Folks in Spain begin to drink very late, however in addition they celebration longer than you possibly can think about!

How one can Say “Cheers” in Japanese: 乾杯

  • Pronounced: Kan-pie
  • That means: Dry glass

In Japan, it’s rude to show down a drink. If you happen to’re touring there quickly, ensure that to strive the nationwide drink – Sake!

How one can Say “Cheers” in Arabic:  في صحتكم

  • Pronounced: Fe-sah-ḥe-tek
  • That means: Good luck

Usually, Arabic nations share an under-the-table consuming tradition since most religions prohibit the consumption of alcohol.  

How one can Say “Cheers” in German: Prost 

  • Pronounced: Prohst 
  • That means: Could it’s good for you

Do you know that Oktoberfest originated in Germany? If you happen to haven’t been to considered one of these festivities but, you’re lacking out!

How one can Say “Cheers” in Portuguese: Saúde

  • Pronounced: Noticed-OO-de
  • That means: Well being

Many Portuguese drink slowly and steadily all through the whole day. It’s not unusual for the celebration to start out round 3 PM and proceed onto an after celebration.  

How one can Say “Cheers” in French: Santé

  • Pronounced: Sahn-tay 
  • That means: To your well being

One bonus about consuming in France – you could find an beautiful glass of native wine for less than three euros!

How one can Say “Cheers” in Vietnamese: Một hai ba, yo

  • Pronounced: Moat hello bah yo
  • That means: One, two, three, cheers

Vietnam is among the high nations for beer consumption. Generally beer is served with ice and if one individual drinks, everybody has to!

How one can Say “Cheers” in Korean: 건배

  • Pronounced: Gun-beh
  • That means: Empty glass

Korea is residence to some distinctive hangover cures from soups to spas to specifically made drinks.

How one can Say “Cheers” in Polish: Na zdrowie

  • Pronounced: Naz-droh-vee-ay
  • That means: To well being

Zubrowka is essentially the most well-known model of vodka in Poland. It’s served chilled and in 50 milliliter pictures.

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How one can Say “Cheers” in Italian: Salute 

  • Pronounced: Noticed-lu-tay 
  • That means: To well being

In Italy, an aperitivo is a pre-meal drink much like our “completely satisfied hour.” Its objective is to stimulate your urge for food!

How one can Say “Cheers” in Thai:  ชนแก้ว

  • Pronounced: Chai-yo
  • That means: Hit glass

Enjoyable reality – In Thailand, alcohol can solely be bought or served between 11 AM to 2 PM, or 5 PM to midnight.

How one can Say “Cheers” in Turkish: Şerefe

  • Pronounced: Sher-i-feh
  • That means: Honor

Raki is the nationwide distillated drink in Turkey. Istanbul has an unbelievable nightlife, however watch out – it’s not low-cost!

How one can Say “Cheers” in Dutch: Proost

  • Pronounced: Prohst
  • That means: Could it’s good for you

In Belgium the authorized consuming age to drink wine and beer is 16, nonetheless the age for spirits is eighteen!

How one can Say “Cheers” in Afrikaans: Gesondheid

  • Pronounced: Ge-sund-hate
  • That means: Well being

Have you ever ever tried Amarula? This creamy liqueur is comprised of the fruit of African marula bushes which surprisingly, elephants additionally get pleasure from!

How one can Say “Cheers” in Greece: ΥΓΕΙΑ

  • Pronounced: Yah-mas
  • That means: Well being

The Greeks love their wine! If you happen to’re touring there quickly, strive Retsina. It’s a novel wine that will get its taste from pine bushes.  

How one can Say “Cheers” in Swedish: Skål

  • Pronounced: Skawl
  • That means: Good well being

Alcohol may be very costly in Sweden. There is just one chain retailer within the nation that sells alcohol and it closes at 3 PM on Saturdays!

“To study a language is to have yet one more window from which to have a look at the world.” – Chinese language Proverb

How one can Say “Cheers” in Gaelic: Slàinte

Pronounced: slaan-sha

That means: good well being

In Gaelic, the phrase for “cheers” is slàinte. It’s pronounced “slaan-sha,” and it may be used as each a toast and a response. When making a toast, you possibly can say slàinte mhath, which suggests “good well being.” 

Alternatively, you should use the shorter slàinte when responding to a toast. Whichever method you select to say it, slàinte is certain so as to add an additional layer of which means to your subsequent toast. So subsequent time you increase a glass, be sure you embrace a hearty slàinte!

 How one can Say “Cheers” in Ukrainian: Na zdorovya

Pronounced: nah zdoh-ROH-vyah

That means: Glory to Ukraine

There are various other ways to say “cheers” in Ukrainian, relying on the scenario. For instance, in case you are elevating a glass to make a toast, you’d say “Na zdorovya!” (pronounced “nah zdoh-ROH-vyah”). In case you are clinking glasses with somebody as an indication of goodwill, you’d say “Nazdrovi!” (pronounced “nahz-DROH-vee”). 

And in case you are merely having fun with a drink with pals, you would possibly say “Slava Ukraini!” (pronounced “SLAH-vah u-krah-YEE-nee”), which suggests “Glory to Ukraine!” Irrespective of which phrase you select, elevating a glass and saying “cheers” is a good way to point out your Ukrainian satisfaction.

What Can I Say As a substitute of Cheers?

Group of friends smiling and toasting their glasses
Morsa Photos/ DigitalVision / Getty Photos

If you happen to’d reasonably stick with English, listed below are some strategies for various expressions you should use to say “cheers”:

  • To your well being! – This can be a frequent toast in lots of cultures and can be utilized in formal or casual settings.
  • All the very best! – This can be a common well-wishing phrase that can be utilized in each formal and casual contexts.
  • Right here’s to (one thing)! – This expression is commonly used to specific hope or good needs for a specific occasion or end result. For instance, you would possibly say “right here’s to a profitable challenge” or “right here’s to an ideal new 12 months.”
  • Better of luck! – That is one other phrase that can be utilized to want somebody effectively in an upcoming endeavor.

Congratulations! – You should utilize this expression to congratulate somebody on a current accomplishment. Alternatively, you should use it as a toast earlier than somebody embarks on one thing new, corresponding to a brand new job or an essential presentation.

How one can Say Cheers in Spain, France, Ukraine, Japan – or Anyplace Else You May Journey!

Hinterhaus Productions / DigitalVision/ Getty Photos

So, the following time you end up in a bar or restaurant in Spain, France, Ukraine, Japan or some other nation around the globe and need to take part on a cheers along with your new pals – bear in mind these easy translations and also you’ll be capable to participate within the enjoyable!

If you happen to’re in search of extra info on say cheers (or some other phrase) in one other language, think about using Google Translate. It’s not good nevertheless it may give you an excellent start line for sounding like an area wherever your travels would possibly take you. Salud! Santé! Здоров’я! 乾杯!Cheers!

Studying a brand new language improves your journey experiences, helps you construct cross-cultural friendships, and develops an appreciation of different cultures. You’ve made an ideal begin by studying say “cheers” in numerous languages.

Wish to study extra helpful phrases within the language of your alternative? TakeLessons Reside gives the possibility to check out quite a lot of languages with entry to 300+ on-line courses. Discover out how one can enhance your conversational French, Spanish, Korean and extra in the present day!

Visitor Publish Writer: Michaela F. from Research Overseas Flats.

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