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How To Inform Time In Korean? 6 Simple Steps You Ought to Know

Are you able to think about a world with out time? Time –“시간” (Sigan) is important in our on a regular basis life. You’ll even want it in your journey to Korea! So now we have created a straightforward 6-step information so that you can discover ways to inform the time in Korean.

Similar to what The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland stated, “If you already know Time in addition to I do, you would not wish to waste it.” This simply reveals how vital time is. As soon as it has handed, you’ll be able to by no means return. You possibly can by no means change what has been performed. You simply should proceed and make every second higher and price it.

Time has a number of significance in our life. In case you’re working late or have plenty of time in your fingers, solely time will inform. Additionally, while you’re off to work, faculty, or simply assembly your mates, it could actually help you in catching a practice, bus, or plane on time. It will possibly inform you whether or not you may be late or early for an vital gathering. 

We are able to additionally recall that telling time is likely one of the first classes which might be taught at dwelling and in class. Understanding easy methods to decide the time by gazing at a typical clock can be needed for comprehending time zones and international occasions. It will possibly additionally assist kids enhance their bodily, cognitive, and arithmetic expertise.

So, on this weblog, let’s uncover easy methods to inform the time in Korean. This will probably be very useful, particularly in the event you’re having a visit to South Korea. However, don’t be concerned as a result of it should simply take you a number of steps to be taught.


The Time Zone In South Korea

time zone in korea / what time is it in korean

Let’s start with some background historical past about South Korea’s time zone. Again in 1954, the South Korean authorities, led by President Syngman Rhee, modified the time zone to UTC+08:30. Then, in 1961, beneath President Park Chung-military hee’s regime, the usual time was restored to UTC+09:00. Presently, Korea Customary Time (abbreviated KST) is the one time zone being utilized in South Korea. Though the nation doesn’t observe daylight saving time, it did so through the 1988 Summer season Olympics in Seoul.


An Simple Information On Telling Time In Korean Language

Experience on a time machine and return to your early days when you’re being taught easy methods to inform time. However now, you may be studying easy methods to say it in Korean, together with different associated Korean phrases. Keep in mind, identical to what Alice in Wonderland says, “It’s no use going again to yesterday as a result of I used to be a distinct individual then.” So, use this treasured time to be taught one thing new!

Listed here are six easy steps to comply with:

  • Grasp Korean Quantity Programs (Native Numbers And Sino-Korean Numbers)
  • Know The Korean Phrase For “Hours.”
  • Uncover How To Say “Minutes” In Korean
  • Grasp Telling Time In Korean
  • Study Learn how to Differentiate AM And PM In Korean
  • Study When To Use 12hr Clock Or 24hr Clock

Prepared to begin? Scroll down for extra particulars on easy methods to be taught the time in Korean!

sigan time in korean

1. Grasp Korean Quantity Programs (Native Numbers And Sino-Korean Numbers)

Step one is to be taught the native Korean numbers and Sino-Korean numbers. On this language, only a fast lesson: there are two numerical techniques: the native Korean system and the Sino-Korean system. The native numbers are utilized for gadgets (1-99) and age, however the Sino-Korean system makes use of Chinese language digits for dates, cash, addresses, telephone numbers, and numbers over 100.

When you find yourself telling time in Korean, the mix of two numbers is required. You’ll use the Native Korean numbers for telling hours and the Sino-Korean for the minutes and seconds.

To increase numbers, it’s important to “stack” them on high of one another. You start with the “tens” quantity and work your method right down to the “ones.” This is applicable to each counting strategies. Listed here are the examples:

  • Native Korean: 열 (yeol) “10” + 하나 (hana) “one” = 열하나 (yeolhana) “eleven”
  • Sino-Korean 십 (sip) “10” + 일 (il) “one” = 십일 (sibil) “eleven”

Now that you’ve got that clear, let’s be taught all of the Korean numbers that you may be utilizing. Test the desk under:

Numeral Native Korean (Korea System) Sino-Korean (China System)
1 하나 (hana) 일 (il)
2 둘 (dul) 이 (i)
3 셋 (set) 삼 (sam)
4 넷 (web) 사 (sa)
5 다섯 (daseot) 오 (o)
6 여섯 (yeoseot) 육 (yuk)
7 일곱 (ilgop) 칠 (chil)
8 여덟 (yeodeol) 팔 (pal)
9 아홉 (ahop) 구 (gu)
10 열 (yeol) 십 (sip)
11 열하나 (yeolhana) 십일 (sibil)
12 열둘 (yeoldul) 십이 (sibi)
13   십삼 (sipsam)
14   십사 (sipsa)
15   십오 (sipo)
16   십육 (sipyuk)
17   십칠 (sipchil)
18   십팔 (sippal)
19   십구 (sipgu)
20   이십 (isip)
21   이십일 (isipil)
22   이십이 (isipi)
23   이십삼 (isipsam)
24   이십사 (isipsa)
25   이십오 (isipo)
26   이십육 (isipyuk)
27   이십칠 (isipchil)
28   이십팔 (isippal)
29   이십구 (isipgu)
30   삼십 (samsip)
31   삼십일 (samsipil)
32   삼십이 (samsipi)
33   삼십삼 (samsipsam)
34   삼십사 (samsipsa)
35   삼십오 (samsipo)
36   삼십육 (samsipyuk)
37   삼십칠 (samsipchil)
38   삼십팔 (samsippal)
39   삼십구 (samsipgu)
40   사십 (sasip)
41   사십일 (sasipil)
42   사십이 (sasipi)
43   사십삼 (sasipsam)
44   사십사 (sasipsa)
45   사십오 (sasipo)
46   사십육 (sasipyuk)
47   사십칠 (sasipchil)
48   사십팔 (sasippal)
49   사십구 (sasipgu)
50   오십 (osip)
51   오십일 (osipil)
52   오십이 (osipi)
53   오십삼 (osipsam)
54   오십사 (osipsa)
55   오십오 (osipo)
56   오십육 (osipyuk)
57   오십칠 (osipchil)
58   오십팔 (osippal)
59   오십구 (osipgu)

2. Know The Korean Phrase For “Hours.”

시 (Si) or 시간 (Sigan)- Hour

The subsequent factor you’ll want to be taught in telling time in Korean is the phrase “hours.” To say “hours”, use 시 (Si) or 시간 Sigan. 시 (si) is for telling time (4 o’clock = | nesi), whereas 시간 (sigan) is for expressing a amount of time (4 hours = | ne sigan).

Keep in mind, when telling hours, use the Native Korean numbers 하나, 둘, 셋 (hana, dul, set). Test the examples under:

Time in English Hangul (Korean) Romanization
one o’clock 한 시 han si
two o’clock 두 시 du si
three o’clock 세 시 se si
4 o’clock 네 시 ne si
5 o’clock 다섯 시 da-seot si
six o’clock 여섯 시 yeo-seot si
seven o’clock 일곱 시 il-gob si
eight o’clock 여덟 시 yeo-deol si
9 o’clock 아홉 시 a-hop si
ten o’clock 열 시 yeol si
eleven o’clock 열한 시 yeol-han si
twelve o’clock 열두 시 yeol-du si

3. Uncover How To Say “Minutes” In Korean

분 (Bun) – Minutes

After all, we can’t find out about time if we don’t discover ways to say minutes. Korean use the phrase 분 (Bun) to point minutes. Telling minutes is completely different from telling hours. You need to use the Sino-Korean quantity system to inform the minutes. It will also be used to inform the precise time in addition to the length. It might sound a bit of complicated at first, however you’re going to get used to it with follow!

Minutes in English Hangul (Korean) Romanization
5 minutes 오분 obun
Six Minutes 육분 yukbun
Ten minutes 십분 sipbun
Twenty minutes 이십분 isipbun
Thirty-five minutes 삼십오분 samsibobun
Forty-two minutes 사십이분 sasibibun
Fifty-one minutes 오십일분 osibilbun
Fifty-nine minutes 오십구분 osipgubun

4. Grasp Telling Time In Korean

Attempt to get your Korean mates that can assist you along with your studying journey. There’s nothing higher than working towards with native audio system who can advise you. Begin working towards by yourself as properly. As a substitute of telling the time in your language, say it in Korean till you’re feeling conversant in the quantity techniques.

Now that you’ve got realized easy methods to inform hours and minutes in Korean, merely put them collectively as the instance under:

  • 8:15 – 여덟시십오분 | yeodeolsi sibobun
  • 4:30 = 네시 반 | naesi ban

Inform Time In Korean Utilizing These Phrases

Hangul (Korean) Romanization English Translation
한 시 십오분 han si sib-obun It is quarter previous one
한 시 삼십분
한 시 반
han si samsibbun
han si ban
It is half previous one
한 시 사십오분 han si sasib-obun It is quarter to 2
두 시 십오분 du si sib-obun It is quarter previous two
두 시 삼십분
두 시 반
du si samsibbun
du si ban
It is half previous two
두 시 사십오분 du si sasib-obun It is quarter to a few
세 시 십오분 se si sib-obun It is quarter previous three
세 시 삼십분
세 시 반
se si samsibbun
se si ban
It is half previous three
세 시 사십오분 se si sasib-obun It is quarter to 4
네 시 십오분 ne si sib-obun It is quarter previous 4
네 시 삼십분
네 시 반
ne si samsibbun
ne si ban
It is half previous 4
네 시 사십오분 ne si sasib-obun It is quarter to 5
다섯 시 십오분 daseos si sib-obun It is quarter previous 5
다섯 시 삼십분
다섯 시 반
daseos si samsibbun
daseos si ban
It is half previous 5
다섯 시 사십오분 daseos si sasib-obun It is quarter to 6
여섯 시 십오분 yeoseos si si sib-obun It is quarter previous six
여섯 시 삼십분
여섯 시 반
yeoseos si si samsibbun
yeoseos si ban
It is half previous six
여섯 시 사십오분 yeoseos si si sasib-obun It is quarter to seven

5. How Can I Differentiate AM And PM In Korean?

It is easier than you could assume! You may additionally be questioning about easy methods to specify AM or PM. In Korean, it is easy. For AM, use 오전 (ojeon) which suggests “morning” and for PM, use 오후 (ohu) which suggests “afternoon.”

Nonetheless, you may additionally hear the phrase 아침 (achim) when referring to morning. The one distinction between the 2 is that 오전 (ojeon) is used from early morning till midday, whereas then again, 아침 (achim) consists of solely early morning (breakfast time, going to highschool, or going to work.). This rule additionally applies to 오후 (ohu) used for the afternoon, and 저녁 (jeonyeok) to characterize the top of the day and starting of the evening.

Keep in mind that in Korean, you must insert the mandatory phrases earlier than denoting AM or PM.

6. Study When To Use 12hr Clock Or 24hr Clock

Similar to the clocks in numerous elements of the world, there’s additionally a 12hr and 24hr clock in Korean. So in the event you’re questioning when to make use of the 24-hour clock, it is principally utilized in airplane terminals, and bus and TV schedules. What’s attention-grabbing about that is that solely the Chinese language (Sino-Korean) quantity system is used within the 24-hour clock (even for hours).


How To Say “What Time Is It?” In Korean?

Now that you’ve got realized easy methods to inform the time. Let’s discover ways to say “what time is it?” in Korean, in addition to different vital and associated phrases that can come in useful. You may additionally wish to test Ling App to make this lesson extra enjoyable and fascinating!

Hangul (Korean) Romanization English Translation
지금 몇 시지? jigeum myeoch siji? What time is it?
우리 몇시에 만날까요? uri myeot sie mannalkkayo? What time ought to we meet?
박물관은 오전 아홉(9)시에 문을 열어요 bangmulgwaneun ojeon ahop(9)sie muneul yeoreoyo The museum opens at 9 am.
나는 오전 열(10)시부터 오후 여덟(8)시까지 일해요 naneun ojeon yeol(10)sibuteo ohu yeodeol(8)sikkaji ilhaeyo I work from 10 am till 8 pm.
나는 오전 여덞(8)시 전에 학교에 가요 naneun ojeon yeodeom(8)-si jeone hakgyoe gayo I’m going to highschool earlier than 8 am.
나는 오전 6(여섯)시 30(삼십)분이 지나 일어나요 naneun ojeon 6(yeoseot)-si 30(samsip)buni jina ireonayo I get up at 6.30 am.
십오(15)분 동안 휴식을 취해요 sibo(15)bun dongan hyusigeul chwihaeyo I take a break for quarter-hour.


It is Time To Study Korean Now!

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Learn Korean Ling App

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As the times go by, plenty of folks understand the perks of figuring out easy methods to converse many languages. Waste no extra time and begin studying Korean now!

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