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Issues that You Need to Know in Black Tiger 12 months

A yr of 다사다난 (dah-sah-dah-nan: eventful) circumstances and conditions, 2021 is behind us and the brand new yr, 2022 has arrived. The variety of 2022 personally brings me again to a few of my reminiscences of the sci-fi motion pictures I could watch once I was youthful. These motion pictures usually begin with a quote, resembling ‘In 2022, folks on the earth are shifting to the Moon…’ and a narrative goes on. It sounded extremely far into the long run for a little bit woman within the 1990’s, but it’s right here with us.


Picture by KELLEPICS on Pixabay


2022 known as 임인년 (im-in-nyeon: the Black Tiger 12 months) or it’s the Black Tiger, the thirty ninth yr within the 육십갑자 (yook-sip-gap-ja: sexagenary cycle). The sexagenary cycle is the Stems-and-Branches or Ganzhi. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexagenary_cycle). 

Many individuals are excited to embrace 2022 as a result of the mixture of the colour of black and the animal of the tiger hardly ever occurs. Right now, I’ll share some huge occasions in 2022 in Korea. 


Picture by McANGULO on Pixabay


  1. Koreans have fun New 12 months’s Day Twice

Some Koreans could not contemplate that the yr of 2022 hasn’t actually come but since 구정 (goo-jeong: Lunar New 12 months) is a extra vital vacation than 신정 (sin-jeong: New 12 months’s Day) in Korea. The primary of January is well known like the remainder of the world, nonetheless Koreans do have a particular option to have fun a brand new coming yr by celebrating 설날 (Seollal: Korean New 12 months’s Day or Lunar New 12 months’s Day, similar as 구정). 


Picture by Alexandra_Koch on Pixabay


This 3-day vacation, 설날 normally comes a few month later after New 12 months’s Day. One factor you need to keep in mind is that there is no such thing as a mounted date for 구정 as a result of it depends on the Lunar calendar. In different phrases, you’ll probably have 구정 on a distinct date yearly. In 2022, 구정 falls on the primary of February. 구정 연휴 (yeon-hwui: a protracted weekend or vacation) begins on 1 31 (il-wol-sam-sip-il-il: on the thirty first in January) and ends on 2 1 (il-wol-on the 2nd in February).


     2. Korean Politics Calendar in 2022

In 2022, Koreans might be busy 행사하다 (hang-sah-hah-dah: to train) their 투표권 (too-pyo-gwon: voting rights) between March and June.

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Koreans can have an opportunity to vote for a brand new president. There may be the twentieth 대통령선거 (dae-tong-ryeong-sun-guh: a presidential election) in March. The date is on the ninth of March, and it’s a 법정 공휴일 (bup-jeong-gong-hui-il: a authorized vacation or a nationwide vacation). Korean residents can vote anytime between 6 am to six pm. 



대통령 취임식 (dae-tong-ryeong-chi-im-sik: the Presidential Inauguration day) is on the tenth of Might. 



동시 (dong-si: simultaneous, on the similar time) 지방선거 (ji-bang-sun-guh: native/regional election, provincial election) is on the primary of June. 


3. Substitute Holidays in 2022 

Picture by kang_hojun on Pixabay


There are a complete variety of 118 nationwide holidays in 2022, together with 대체 공휴일 (dae-che-gong-hwui-il: a substitute vacation). Fortunately, Koreans can have two extra extra holidays in comparison with 2021.


한글날 (Hangullal: Hangul Proclamation Day) is on the ninth of October. It occurs to be on Sunday this yr. I hope this further day would convey you time to check Korean in a extra pleasurable manner.


In September, 추석 (Chuseok: Korean Thanksgiving Day) begins on the 9th and runs via the eleventh. 추석 연휴 ( yeon-hwui: a protracted weekend or vacation) normally lasts 3 days and the final day of 연휴 this yr falls on Sunday. Subsequently, it’s going to add yet another day on 연휴 in keeping with 대체 공휴일 (dae-che-gong-hwui-il-bup: a legislation of the substitute vacation).


Within the final month of 2022, Koreans should have fun 성탄절 (seong-tahn-jeol: Christmas) on Sunday as a result of 성탄절 on Sunday is just not 적용되다 (juk-yong-dwe-dah: to be relevant) for 대체 공휴일


Picture by hkama on pixabay


What are your plans for 2022? Have you ever already made your trip plans? I’m excited for a lot of Koreans that they’d take pleasure in two extra extra holidays this yr. Most of all, I want that they select the most effective leaders in Korea. 

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