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KBC polls the general public on BTS army concern forward of official one ordered by Ministry of Protection

Article: [Public opinion poll] 57.7% vote in favor of BTS giving army service exceptions… males of their twenties are opposed

Supply: KBC through Naver

KBC held a survey forward of the formal one to be run by the federal government to analysis public opinion on the problem of BTS’ army service. 800 grownup women and men over the age of 18 have been surveyed, to which 35.3% responded that they have been in favor of BTS being given army service exceptions, 22.4% barely in favor, 12.3% barely opposed, and 27.5% extraordinarily opposed. When requested their opinion on lengthening the postponement interval as a substitute of providing exceptions, 29.4% have been in favor, 28% have been barely in favor, 15.9% have been barely opposed, and 23.2% have been extraordinarily opposed. 

1. [+478, -11] If you are going to ballot this, it’s best to restrict it to solely asking males.. why are you together with girls once they do not even must serve… ㅜㅜㅜ

2. [+170, -10] High quality, let’s examine what occurs while you give the group particular exceptions simply because a public opinion survey stated to. I guess you that this whole nation goes to flip over it ㅋㅋㅋ Minimize this crap and have them grow to be uniform already.

3. [+85, -6] The survey ought to’ve been restricted to males. How does it make sense in any respect to incorporate everybody?

4. [+74, -1] Everybody must serve within the military. It is not truthful that some get to take a seat out whereas others must go.

5. [+18, -1] Why have been girls allowed to vote once they do not must serve? And I do not get why a public opinion survey is even allowed to override the regulation ㅋㅋ 

6. [+17, -0] I’ve by no means seen a rustic resolve on one thing like this via a public opinion survey. What is that this, some sort of Chosun dynasty sato trial? ㅋㅋㅋ Simply play by the foundations and go serve

7. [+10, -0] And why ought to I’ve to hearken to the opinions of people that do not even must serve?

8. [+9, -0] Since when was army enlistments determined upon by public opinion?

9. [+7, -0] You idiots, why are you together with individuals who do not must serve within the polls? ㅋㅋㅋ They do not need to have an opinion on this.

10. [+6, -0] If they don’t seem to be going to serve, then cancel their Korean citizenships and disallow them from voting. If they will be exempted from obligation, then they get to be exempted from our rights.

Article: The Ministry of Protection orders public opinion ballot on BTS army exceptions… “If this does not get resolved, BTS Jin will enlist this 12 months”

Supply: Perception through Instagram

1. [+573] Simply enlist

2. [+544] It’s important to enlist. This ballot is so ineffective.

3. [+452] Are they critical about polling the general public over one thing like this?

4. [+304] They’re actually polling the general public with this..?

5. [+1,007] It’s important to serve, what are you asking?

6. [+249] What are the requirements anymore…

7. [+228] They must enlist. There is not any exceptions.

8. [+339] Even GD served

9. [+542] It would be sort of humorous in the event that they received exempted when their fanclub title is Military

10. [+328] They must enlist… irregardless of a public opinion survey ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ When you set a precedent with circumstances like this, there can be no finish to it. 

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