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Male idols are flocking to New Denims like bees to a flower

Video: Male idol group goes loopy for New Denims throughout their reside stream

Supply: Sojang through YouTube

1. [+377] It was embarrassing watching their reside your complete time. Even their actual followers have been like “you’ll be able to cease now~”, “please cease speaking about New Denims” whereas different followers have been talking up like “that is f*cked up, shut up already” and it was apparent that they have been studying all of it however saved citing the TikToks time and again and recounting the expertise on repeat 😡 Ni-ki was even like “I would wish to report one other one with New Denims if there’s time subsequent time”. They have been completely appearing like these ugly male college students who get all excited when a fairly new woman transfers to their college and he or she’s all they will discuss all day. In the event that they’re appearing like this in entrance of their very own followers, I can not think about how a lot they’re speaking about New Denims of their dorms… so apparent 👊 And what?? “We simply need to assist promote them”??? Your earlier album did not even make it into the charts whereas New Denims is #1 proper now on the digital charts, who’s selling who?? Please know your house…

2. [+304] Jogs my memory of a sure hip hop has been who mainly saved his eye on a feminine idol when she was a minor and began hitting on her the second she turned 20. Apparently they have been launched to one another by way of a male idol in the identical firm who’s recognized to be a little bit of a madame. Min Hee Jin, please defend New Denims ㅠㅠ I already felt uncomfortable with the women being uncovered to all these completely different female and male idols beneath the guise of doing challenges collectively, and it grossed me out seeing some male idols get all pink within the face, nostrils flaring, virtually drooling on the likelihood of doing a Hybe problem with them. You guys all know that there are quite a lot of males of their twenties these days advocating for ‘loli’ as a private fetish? New Denims is so fairly to even us so are you able to think about what number of ba$tards are keeping track of them too? We’ve got to be extra cautious and make it possible for they don’t seem to be going to turn into victims of grooming as minors. They’ve a member who simply barely graduated elementary college. Simply because they’re all dolled up does not imply male idols of their twenties and thirties ought to be granted full entry to them. I am additionally reminded of a male idol in his twenties who’s already dated three teen feminine singers. 

3. [+449] Please do not mess with New Denims…

4. [+170] New Denims simply barely debuted, they’re completely infants;; to be speaking about them for over half-hour on a V reside with their followers… what is that this? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+259] New Denims, kids… you guys will get up to now wonderful, extra spectacular males sooner or later when the time comes.. don’t really feel pressured to hang around with low customary males proper now

6. [+155] It is so rattling hilarious to me that ENHYPEN really thinks they’re “serving to promote” New Denims when New Denims is sweeping each digital chart proper now whereas ENHYPEN did not even make it into the highest 100 (not to mention the highest 1,000) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they’re mainly driving on New Denims’ coattails proper now ㅠ

7. [+230] It is truthfully so embarrassing that they are appearing like New Denims’ seniors once they’re truthfully extra nugu than New Denims who simply debuted… I seen at Hybe’s out of doors retreat, Sunghoon was appearing like he did not know Hong Eunchae’s identify although she was sporting a reputation tag ㅋㅋ they should come all the way down to actuality. I want they’d disappear from Hybe together with that rigged group.

8. [+108] They weren’t making an attempt to assist promote New Denims. They have been 100% appearing on their private emotions. They barely have time to spend on these lives however they spent half-hour of it speaking about New Denims this, New Denims that ㅋㅋㅋ They’re #500 on the weekly charts, who do they assume they’re making an attempt to assist? And you could possibly inform that they have been completely enamored with New Denims each time they have been speaking about them ㅋㅋ looks as if ENHYPEN is getting away with something simply because they do not have quite a lot of home followers

9. [+33] To be speaking about one other woman group for half-hour on a reside along with your followers… that is blatantly saying they’re all for them, is it not?

10. [+152] For a male idol to be speaking a few feminine idol for half-hour? Such a scarcity of professionalism

11. [+21] Please do not mess with New Denims…

12. [+31] However truthfully, for a male idol to deliver up a feminine idol in any respect is such a delicate difficulty with followers. One of many scandals that followers are most severe about is relationship scandals…

13. [+2] I am an ENHYPEN fan and I truthfully did assume it was fairly dangerous. They began speaking about New Denims through the reside and I figured they might spend a couple of minutes on it since they recorded a TikTok collectively and all however they saved happening and on…. and I used to be considering “this does not really feel proper” ㅠㅜ

14. [+81] So the reside wasn’t for ENHYPEN followers.. it was simply an ENHYPEN fanboying over New Denims reside. Attempt as they may, they’ll by no means get right into a relationship scandal with New Denims so please simply hold your fanboying to your self and cease doing issues that may drop Hybe’s inventory costs..

15. [+58] Aren’t New Denims whole infants?… I imply…

16. [+37] Flop-dol ENHYPEN who’s #500 on the weekly charts saying they’re selling New Denims who’s #1 on the digital charts ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.. yeah, who do you assume you are selling whenever you’re Hybe’s detrimental checking account ㅜ

17. [+26] You’d assume that in the event that they have been from a survival competitors, they’d be extra determined to carry on to their fame proper now ㅠㅠ I am shocked {that a} employees member did not lower off this mess of a reside stream. I would be too embarrassed as a fan to ever declare them as my group. They’re completely appearing like a rookie group that is about to disband tomorrow so they do not care anymore.

18. [+91] Even when they needed up to now New Denims, the women are to date out of their league ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

19. [+2] You possibly can’t even use the excuse that they have been simply making an attempt to look out for his or her juniors as a result of New Denims is far more standard than them proper now ㅋㅋ

20. [+31] Selling their juniors? Extra like making an attempt to trip on their coattails… I by no means even knew they existed till I watched Hybe’s out of doors retreat

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