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Noir’s Nam Yoonsung sentenced to probation for threatening ex-girlfriend with a weapon

Article: ‘Noir’ Nam Yoonsung threatens ex-girlfriend with a weapon for rejecting to see him ‘probation’

Supply: Idol Difficulty through Instagram

1. [+89] Who’re you

2. [+40] Wow.. who’s it? First time ever listening to about his identify or seeing his face

3. [+11] I knew it might be some nugu

4. It is as a result of these guys are solely ever given probation that they preserve committing these crimes increasingly more. The regulation is like some particular undertaking to assist Korean males really feel braver.

5. How loopy, simply loopy

6. Nugu..?

7. Nugu? He was on ‘Produce 101’ and left? I do not bear in mind seeing any child like him

8. The world’s first menhera idol

9. How do you do all of that and solely get probation?

10. An absolute nugu;;

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