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Open Thread: Autumn’s Concerto Episodes 31, 32, 33 & 34 [Final]

Welcome to the Open Thread, everybody! That is the ultimate one! Thanks for watching this one with me, you guys. ❤️

And, I picked this screenshot to headline our put up, as a result of it’s certainly one of Present’s iconic moments, introduced full circle, now that we’ve gotten to the tip. I assumed that was a pleasant contact. 😃

SOME IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS, earlier than we start:

1. There will probably be NO SPOILER ZONE this week, as a result of that is the ultimate Open Thread for this present.

2. I will probably be placing up a brainstorming put up subsequent Saturday, 10 September, the place we are able to talk about what present we’d like to look at collectively subsequent.

With out additional ado, listed here are my reactions to this set of episodes; have enjoyable within the Open Thread, everybody! ❤️

My ideas

Episode 31

Welp. It seems to be like we’re within the Very Angsty penultimate stretch, and I gotta say, I’m beginning to really feel relatively antsy.

I’m nonetheless feeling moderately engaged, positive, however I’m positively feeling impatient to get to the completely happy ending that Present’s been promising me all alongside, from its title (lit. “subsequent cease, happiness”) to its closing credit.

I’ve to maintain reminding myself that it is a retro drama, and that’s why all the things’s additional melodramatic, and why folks aren’t speaking higher, and why all the things’s being milked to its final breath, for the Drama of all of it.

It does make the conversations (extra like outbursts) between Guang Xi and Mu Cheng really feel that a lot more durable to look at, as a result of if he would simply cease reducing her off, or if she would simply hold speaking as a substitute of permitting herself to be reduce off, they may keep away from loads of misunderstanding.

However in fact, Present received’t allow them to try this, proper, since we nonetheless have just a few extra episodes of display time to fill, earlier than we’re allowed that completely happy ending.

I’m extraordinarily stunned that it seems the Mu Cheng did pawn the marriage ring in any case, as a result of, precisely how did she get a ok dupe on such quick discover, that she’d be capable to persuade Guang Xi that that was her actual wedding ceremony ring?

And likewise, it’s actually irritating that Mu Cheng sticks to her lie, even when it’s clear that Guang Xi’s asking particularly concerning the ring.

Such as you guys have been saying, Mu Cheng isn’t very good generally. 😅

The entire thing between Tuo Ye and Chi Xin can be far more melodramatic than I believe it must be, in that it seems like they’ve each been directed to ship the scenes with a marked theatrical aptitude.

It’s kinda awkward to look at, to be trustworthy, and I truly felt fairly relieved when our focus shifted away from their conundrum, and again to Guang Xi and Mu Cheng.

It’s similar to Chi Xin to supply to take the blame for Tuo Ye, and it’s additionally similar to Tuo Ye, to insist on taking the blame himself, as a result of he’s the one who’d stabbed Brother Fung.

From the way in which the police officer says that he’s being charged for tried homicide, I’m inferring that Brother Fung didn’t truly die, which is an efficient factor, since that implies that Tuo Ye must  cope with comparatively much less hassle.

It’s weird how no person’s talked to date about how Tuo Ye did it in self protection, however I suppose that’s what Guang Xi’s there for – precisely as Ele had predicted (Go, Ele!)

It truly hits relatively onerous, when Guang Xi says that he’ll take steps to finish the wedding, as soon as he’s achieved with Tuo Ye’s case, as a result of this state of affairs is all on account of a huge bundle of tangled miscommunication, assumption and presumption.

Whereas all this is occurring, my head is protesting, “However it doesn’t have to beeee this wayyy!” 😞

That scene on the finish, when President Mother talks to Guang Xi about his relationship with Mu Cheng, doesn’t actually ring true for me, as a result of President Mother’s by no means struck me as being somebody with adequate EQ to even try such a dialog.

I rationalize that President Mother might be rather more open to the connection, now that she’s grown hooked up to Xiao Le, however that also doesn’t clarify her newly acquired touchy-feely speaking capabilities.

Additionally, it’s simply fairly dissonant to listen to her speaking about Mu Cheng, and saying that maybe Mu Cheng lied to him as a result of she loves him an excessive amount of, and that there should be a purpose that he and Mu Cheng met once more.

It’s.. extraordinarily bizarre, coming from President Mother. 😅

However y’know what, nice, I’ll take it, if it implies that this nudges us nearer to our completely happy ending.

Episode 32

Y’know what, it happens to me that as a result of it’s so out of character for President Mother to speak like this, that’s why it makes Guang Xi pause for thought as a lot as he does.

Nothing like somebody performing towards sort, to get your consideration, maybe?

This episode, I really feel like we’re simply treading water till Stuff will get transferring once more, as a result of it truthfully seems like not lots occurs.

The extra I see Tuo Ye being cussed about admitting to tried homicide, the extra I believe that maybe he’s not the one who stabbed Brother Fung.

And, you guys did say as effectively, that the way in which the scene was filmed was bizarre. Maybe it was bizarre on objective, in order that we couldn’t say by hook or by crook, whether or not Tuo Ye had been the one to stay that factor into Brother Fung’s neck?

I might imagine that Tuo Ye would select to shoulder the blame, with the intention to shield Chi Xin..

And, if that is true, that it’s extremely ironic, that Chi Xin had supplied to just do that for him, believing him to be the one who’d stabbed Brother Fung.

That is the one rationalization that will assist make Tuo Ye’s present pigheaded perspective simpler to swallow, truthfully, as a result of his blind insistence that he did it, nothing else to speak about, actually will get exhausting after some time.

Credit score to Guang Xi for having extra endurance than I’d given him credit score for, in working to speak Tuo Ye round, in order that Tuo Ye agrees to let Guang Xi symbolize him.

Once more, President Mother going to Hua Village to drop off the pictures and sugarless milk cookies for Xiao Le is a little bit of a stretch, but when I hold telling myself what she retains telling different folks – that she’s mellowed with age, and Xiao Le’s brought about her to see issues otherwise – it lands a bit higher.

I suppose we do want issues to start out turning round, if we’re going to have a cheerful ending on schedule.

As out of character because it may appear for President Mother, I do respect that she apologizes to Mu Cheng, and takes again what she’d mentioned earlier than, about Mu Cheng not being effectively introduced up by her mother and father.

And, it’s similar to Mu Cheng to not maintain it towards President Mother, however reply with kindness and style, saying that they each love their kids, and simply have completely different approaches to issues, is all.

As Tuo Ye’s trial begins, I discover myself feeling relatively impatient for this to be wrapped up, as a result of time’s a-ticking, and we solely have a restricted quantity of display time left. 😅

I positive hope Chi Xin’s reminiscence comes again quickly, regardless that it’s extremely unrealistic that it could truly occur in time for the trial.

However possibly Guang Xi’s received some methods up his sleeve that I don’t learn about but?

Episode 33

Present actually is stringing out the angst, and conserving the completely happy ending for the very finish, isn’t it??

This episode, we don’t even get a touch of that completely happy ending, and if it weren’t already promised to us in the long run credit, I’d be shedding hope by now. 😅

Like I’d suspected, it seems that Chi Xin had been the one to stab Brother Fung in any case. So it’s good that that involves gentle.

HOWEVER. My goodness, the way through which the psychiatrist mainly methods and baits her into triggering these reminiscences appears extraordinarily unprofessional? 😳

I imply, it’s all for the melodrama, positive, however it does niggle at me, that this type of (mis)remedy is successfully being lauded, as a result of Chi Xin recovering her reminiscences finally ends up saving the day.

Plus, the doc mentions in her introduction, that she’s completed treating Chi Xin, and.. absolutely Chi Xin’s nonetheless affected by PTSD..?

And naturally, to go together with that, the court docket proceedings are simply as melodramatic, with Tuo Ye even telling the decide to not hearken to Guang Xi. Primarily, issues that will by no means go down in an actual court docket of legislation, heh.

Ultimately, all’s effectively that ends.. in addition to attainable, on condition that Chi Xin is now taken into custody, simply as Tuo Ye’s launched.

However, no less than we’re given the reassurance that her sentence will probably be mitigated by her circumstances in addition to her psychological state.

ALSO. I used to be SO GLAD that lastly – FINALLY!! – SOMEBODY tells Guang Xi that the rationale Mu Cheng had left him six years in the past, was as a result of President Mother had insisted on it, in order that Guang Xi might obtain the remedy that Director He’s firm might present.

Gah. It simply seems like that’s been ready to come back into the open since without end, and in that second that Tuo Ye lastly tells Guang Xi the reality, it felt like a real second of hope.

..That’s, till Guang Xi brings all the things to a grinding halt, saying that Mu Cheng’s accepted his determination to finish the wedding.

Graarrgh. Critically?? I used to be NOT anticipating that to be Guang Xi’s response, for positive.

I used to be additionally not anticipating Guang Xi to inform Gary to get him a one-way ticket to the US, both. Simply, how is that supposed to assist, Guang Xi?!??

Even in case you divorce Mu Cheng, there’s nonetheless Xiao Le to consider, no?? 🤦🏻‍♀️

ANYWAY. It seems that Guang Xi’s dad had been the one to wreck the wedding with President Mother, and never the opposite method round like Guang Xi had all the time thought.

Ooh. So I assume President Mother’s been upholding that false impression all these years, with the intention to shield Guang Xi’s reminiscence of his father?

That’s.. not what I’d anticipated. Perhaps President Mother’s softer on the within than I’ve been giving her credit score for, all this time?

Episode 34

YAS. We lastly get that completely happy ending that Present’s been teasing us with from the start, and regardless that a few of it’s eyerollingly ridiculous and fairly foolish, I’m not mad about it, as a result of no less than Present retains its promise of ending on a cheerful, feel-good observe.

I keep in mind that many melodramas from this period had been greater than prone to simply kill off all their lead characters, relatively than given them completely happy endings, so, given Present’s classic, this actually is far more Glad than most of its friends could be keen to serve up.

Protecting that in thoughts is basically useful, as a result of there’s a number of stuff to wade by means of, even on this final episode, to ensure that us to get to the completely happy ending.

Just like the reconciliation between President Mother and Guang Xi, the place they lastly discuss truthfully about what had actually occurred between her and Dad, again within the day, and why she’d by no means advised Guang Xi the reality, all these years.

It’s noble idiocy of the best order, to permit your self to be vilified, in order that the one that’d betrayed you, would stay a saint in his youngster’s eyes, however that is retro melo we’re speaking about, so I suppose it’s par for the course?

I’m glad that Guang Xi apologizes to Lawyer Lin too, coz I do suppose that Lawyer Lin’s put up with a fantastic deal, from Guang Xi, through the years. He actually is certainly one of our most long-suffering characters, isn’t he?

I assumed it was a bit a lot for Tuo Ye to have to speak Mu Cheng by means of why it’s necessary for her to inform Guang Xi how she feels about him, as a result of it kinda seems like rubbing salt into the wound?

Not solely has Tuo Ye liked Mu Cheng in useless for years, now he needs to be the one to persuade her that she wants to inform Guang Xi that she loves him? Gosh, speak about a uncooked deal. 😅

The entire thing with Gary serving Mu Cheng divorce papers on Guang Xi’s behalf, adopted by the entire pretend kidnapping factor, was simply actually on the market, however.. nice, so long as it will get Mu Cheng and Guang Xi to have some trustworthy dialog, I’ll roll with it.

The entire divorce papers factor turning out to be an elaborate trick by Guang Xi, is unquestionably a stretch, and if I had been in Mu Cheng’s footwear, I’d positively really feel upset, as a result of that’s a great quantity of stress that she goes by means of, due to mentioned trick.


So long as we get our completely happy ending, proper? And that, we do.

I’m glad to see Guang Xi and Mu Cheng lastly getting alongside and being lovey-dovey, the way in which they’ve mainly all the time wished to be.

And, it’s icing on the cake, that they now have slightly Cupid by their sides, coz Xiao Le’s all the time on the able to get them to be much more lovey-dovey, utilizing his little jokes and methods. He’s such a cute, cheeky lil thang, isn’t he? 😍

And, it’s good to see that issues are warming up between Tuo Ye and Chi Xin.

I like his present of a lotus to her, due to what it symbolizes: remaining clear even after touching mud.

That’s completely the type of factor that I believe Chi Xin wants to listen to.

And, Tuo Ye’s bashful-pleased expression, when Chi Xin asks him to provide her roses subsequent time, tells me that there’s a cheerful ending coming at these two as effectively, which is a thought I actually do like.

Ultimately, it’s additionally very nice to see that Lawyer Lin and President Mother do develop a romantic relationship, and the vibe I get from them is a healthful, regular, candy one, which I gladly approve.

All in all, this was fairly the journey, and I’ve to confess that the street to happiness was lots longer and bumpier than I’d first anticipated.

However, seeing the completely happy instances that our characters have lastly arrived at, sweetens the tough spots in my thoughts, and I’m truly fairly glad, that I took this journey and received to know these characters, who’re beloved by so many drama followers.


Strongly tropey and melodramatic, in line with its classic; manages to be relatively moreish, despite all of it.


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