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Purchase Drugs In Japanese: 10+ Helpful Phrases

Falling sick throughout your dream journey to Japan is an absolute nightmare! Effectively, feeling in poor health and being unable to correctly seek the advice of with the pharmacist on the close by drugstore is even the worst! So, it’s important to know purchase drugs in Japanese.

Nevertheless, if you wish to keep away from any awkward language barrier conditions relating to remedy and determine to carry your personal medicines, learn up! It’s essential to be cautious when bringing remedy from your own home nation to Japan. Then, figuring out purchase drugs in Japanese is probably going important to keep away from entering into bother with Japanese regulation.

A Checklist Of Prohibited Drugs In Japan

Do you know that totally different international locations have guidelines about what you’ll be able to carry with you, particularly relating to remedy? Similar to in Japan, there are explicit prescription drugs you’ll be able to’t get into the nation. It’s, in truth, unlawful to take action.

Let’s check out the record.

  • Opium
  • Hashish
  • Stimulant medicine: Amphetamines and methamphetamines
  • Medicines for the remedy of ADD/ADHD: Adderall and Dexedrine

It’s attainable to hold your drugs into Japan offered you’ve got accomplished the required formalities and present a physician’s prescription; learn on for extra info

So, you need to comply with the required procedures to carry a managed drug into Japan.

Take into account that some choices are nonetheless accessible if it’s worthwhile to carry your private medicines. One choice is to finish the required procedures to make sure all the pieces is prepared. If you happen to don’t must take remedy frequently, we propose you learn to purchase drugs in Japanese.

Feeling below the climate throughout your Japan travels and uncertain talk your wants on the pharmacy? No worries, I’ve acquired you lined!

Buy Medicine In Japanese-ling-app-pharmacy

Go To Drugstores Or Pharmacies To Purchase Drugs In Japanese

You will get your medicines from both a pharmacy (薬局, yakkyoku) or a drugstore (ドラッグストア). Pharmacies promote solely medicines, whereas you’ll find all kinds of stuff at drugstores, out of your on a regular basis necessities to make-up and snacks.

If you happen to plan to purchase drugs in Japanese, you’re in luck as a result of I’ve acquired all of the helpful phrases it’s worthwhile to know to make your buy profitable.

Some Necessary Key phrases About Drugs

English Japanese Romaji Pronunciation
Drugs Kusuri [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]薬[/Speechword]
Pharmacy 薬局 Yakkyoku [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]薬局[/Speechword]
Drugstore ドラッグストア Doraggusutoa [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]ドラッグストア[/Speechword]

Helpful Japanese Phrases You Ought to Study About Drugs

  • The place can I get the medication? – 薬はどこで貰うんですか? (Kusuri wa doko de moraun desu ka)
  • The place’s the closest pharmacy? – 一番近い薬局はどこにありますか? (Ichiban chikai yakkyoku wa doko ni arimasu ka?)
  • Do you’ve got any drugs for a chilly? – 風邪に効く薬はありますか? (Kaze ni kiku kusuri wa arimasu ka)
  • Please give me some drugs to cut back the ache. – 痛みを抑える薬を何かください。(Itami o osaeru kusuri o nanika kudasai)
  • Please give me some airsickness drugs. – 乗り物酔いの薬をください。(Norimono-yoi no kusuri o kudasai)
  • Please carry me some abdomen drugs. – 胃薬を持ってきてください。 (Igusuri o motte kite kudasai.)
  • Please give me a band-aid. – バンドエイドをください。(Bandoeido o kudasai.)
  • I’ve bother taking powdered drugs. – 私、粉薬って苦手なのよね。 (Watashi, kogusuritte nigate na no yo ne)
  • Are you allergic to any drugs? – 薬にアレルギーがありますか? (Kusuri ni arerugī ga arimasu ka)
  • I’m allergic to some drugs. – 薬にアレルギーがあります。(Kusuri ni arerugī ga arimasu)
  • Please clarify take the medication. – 薬の飲み方を教えてください。 (Kusuri no nomikata o oshietekudasai)
  • What’s the most dosage for an grownup? – 大人への一回分の最大の投薬量はどのくらいですか? (Otona e no ichi-kaibun no saidai no tōyaku-ryō wa dono kuraidesu ka)
Buy Medicine In Japanese-ling-app-medicine capsules

Necessary Japanese Phrases About Signs

If you go to the physician, it’s a must to inform them which a part of your physique is aching. You possibly can pair the Japanese physique vocabulary with the signs vocabulary beneath to speak higher together with your physician.

English Japanese Romaji Pronunciation
Sick 病気 Byouki [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]病気[/Speechword]
Headache 頭が痛い Atama ga itai [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]頭が痛い[/Speechword]
Diarrhea 下痢 Geri [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]下痢[/Speechword]
Fever Netsu [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]熱[/Speechword]
Sneeze くしゃみ Kushami [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]くしゃみ[/Speechword]
Influenza インフレエンザ Inhureinza [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]インフレエンザ[/Speechword]
Catch a chilly 風邪 Kaze [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]風邪[/Speechword]
Cough せき Seki [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]せき[/Speechword]
Vomit 吐き気 Hakike [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]吐き気[/Speechword]
Allergy アレルギー Aruregii [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]アレルギー[/Speechword]
Migraine 片頭痛 Henzutsuu [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]片頭痛[/Speechword]
Nosebleed 鼻血 Hanaji [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]鼻血[/Speechword]
Hay fever 花粉症 Kahunshou [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]花粉症[/Speechword]
Faint 失神する Shisshin suru [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]失神する[/Speechword]
An infection 感染 Kansen [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]感染[/Speechword]
Stroke 脳卒中 Nōsotchū [Speechword voice=”Japanese Female” isinline]脳卒中[/Speechword]

In Abstract

You not have to fret about getting drugs on the pharmacy in Japan. Realizing these important phrases may be useful when touring or dwelling in Japan and feeling below the climate.

They’ll prevent time and even assist you to get the medical consideration it’s worthwhile to really feel higher. Your well being ought to at all times be a prime precedence, regardless of the place you might be. So, be sure that to recollect these phrases and apply them everytime you get the possibility!

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