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[Quiz] What Piano Model Are You?

Are you a jazz lover? Perhaps classical is extra your pace. Or possibly you want one thing in between. It doesn’t matter what your type, there’s a piano style that can suit you like a glove. 

There are quite a few kinds of piano taking part in, and the kind of music you wish to play will usually dictate the type you utilize. 

These are just some of the various completely different kinds of piano taking part in that exist in the present day. In case you’re inquisitive about all of the completely different piano kinds which are on the market, you should definitely ask your piano teacher for some suggestions. You’ll find out about all of the completely different piano kinds on the market plus what you see within the video under:

Whether or not you’ve simply began taking piano classes otherwise you’re merely fascinated with it, chances are high you’re curious in regards to the completely different piano kinds on the market.

From jazz to classical to pop, there are tons of completely different piano kinds which you can be taught. All of it is determined by what music you’re notably drawn to.

Your bubbly character, for instance, is likely to be finest fitted to pop piano. Or maybe you’re an previous soul who’s extra into jazz.

No matter your character, there’s a piano type on the market that’s excellent for you. That will help you decide what piano type is finest for you, take the enjoyable quiz under.

Piano Taking part in Model Methods: 9 Completely different Sorts of Piano Music

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Right here is an summary of a few of the commonest piano kinds. 


The classical piano type is a style of music that dates again to the 18th century. It’s characterised by its use of ornamentation, melodic strains, and dynamics. Classical pianists usually make the most of a wide range of strategies to create expressive pianistic sounds, reminiscent of vibrato and pedaling. 

The classical piano type was developed by various influential composers, together with Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Ludwig van Beethoven. These composers helped to outline the style and set up its reputation all through the Western world. 

As we speak, the classical piano type continues to be carried out and appreciated by listeners across the globe.

Musical Theater

The musical theater piano type is a novel approach of taking part in the instrument that’s usually utilized in stage productions. This type of taking part in is characterised by its use of ornate melodies and chord progressions. 

The purpose of this type is to create an emotional response within the viewers, usually evoking emotions of happiness, disappointment, or pleasure. To do that, the pianist should be expert in each improvisation and composition. As well as, they need to have the ability to play with a variety of dynamics and tempos. 

Consequently, the musical theater piano type is without doubt one of the most difficult and rewarding kinds of piano taking part in. Those that are expert on this type can deliver to life a few of the most memorable moments in theater historical past.


The liturgical piano type is a kind of music that’s usually performed on the piano throughout non secular ceremonies. This type of music is normally characterised by its sluggish and peaceable tempo, in addition to its repeated melodic phrases. The liturgical piano type usually makes use of chords and arpeggios to create a chilled and meditative soundscape. As well as, this type of music usually incorporates hymns and different non secular texts into its melodies. 

Consequently, the liturgical piano type will be each non secular and musical in nature. This sort of music is often used throughout Catholic plenty, in addition to Protestant companies reminiscent of communion and baptism. Nevertheless, the liturgical piano type may also be utilized in different settings, reminiscent of throughout funerals or memorial companies.

Pop and Rock

The pop and rock piano type is a particular approach of taking part in the instrument that developed within the Sixties. 

Characterised by its use of electrical pianos and keyboards, the type is usually related to artists like The Beatles, Elton John, and Billy Joel. Whereas the pop and rock piano type can fluctuate relying on the artist, it usually incorporates a driving rhythm and catchy melodies. 

Using electrical pianos additionally permits for a wider vary of sounds and results, giving the music a extra dynamic edge. Lately, the pop and rock piano type has undergone one thing of a resurgence, thanks partially to artists like Adele and Bruno Mars. 

Whether or not you’re a fan of the basic sound or the up to date tackle the style, there’s no denying that pop and rock piano is right here to remain.


Jazz piano is a piano type that developed within the early twentieth century. It’s characterised by improvisation, swing rhythms, and blues and gospel influences. Jazz pianists usually use completely different strategies than classical pianists, reminiscent of utilizing completely different voicings and including percussive parts to their taking part in. 

Many jazz pianists have been extremely influential within the growth of the style, together with Scott Joplin, Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, and Invoice Evans. As we speak, jazz piano continues to be extensively carried out and loved by listeners everywhere in the world.


The blues is a musical style that originated within the African-American communities of the southern United States. It’s characterised by a novel mix of musical parts, together with blue notes, syncopated rhythms, and guitar or piano riffs. The blues has had a big influence on different genres of music, together with jazz, rock & roll, and nation. The blues piano type is without doubt one of the most distinctive options of the style. 

Blues pianists usually use a “boogie woogie” bass line, which is created by repeating a single be aware time and again. This repetitive bassline supplies a basis for the melody, which is usually improvised. 

Along with the boogie woogie bass line, blues pianists additionally use a wide range of different strategies, reminiscent of chord progressions and arpeggios. To play piano blues type, these parts come collectively to create the signature sound of the blues.

Boogie Woogie

Boogie-woogie is a blues piano type that developed within the early twentieth century. The type is characterised by a variety of dynamics, from delicate and quiet passages to loud and explosive solos. 

Boogie woogie pianists usually use a wide range of strategies to create their signature sound, together with stomping their ft, clapping their fingers, and utilizing slide and slide-hammer strategies. Essentially the most well-known boogie woogie pianists embrace Meade Lux Lewis, Pete Johnson, and Albert Ammons. 

Though the type originated in america, it shortly unfold to Europe the place it turned fashionable with audiences of all ages. As we speak, the boogie woogie piano type is loved by music lovers everywhere in the world.


The cocktail piano type is a kind of solo piano efficiency that mixes parts of jazz, blues, and pop music. It’s characterised by a relaxed, casual environment and a concentrate on improvisation. The cocktail piano type originated in america within the early twentieth century, and have become fashionable in European cafes and eating places within the Nineteen Thirties and Nineteen Forties. As we speak, it may be heard in a variety of settings, from intimate bars and golf equipment to massive live performance halls. 

Though the cocktail piano type has developed over time, it stays a preferred and enduring type of musical expression.

Nation and Western

The Nation and Western piano type is a kind of music that originated within the American south. It’s characterised by its use of twangy, drawling vocals, in addition to its concentrate on easy, catchy melodies. 

Nation and Western music usually tells tales in regards to the rural life-style, and its lyrics usually take care of themes of affection, loss, and heartache. The piano is without doubt one of the hottest devices in 

Nation and Western music, and it’s usually used to offer a driving, upbeat rhythm. 

This type of music is usually thought of to be some of the authentically American genres, and it has been influential within the growth of different genres reminiscent of rock and roll.

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