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Rants and Weekly Raves (RAWR) #412

Anne: Hey drama watchers! One other week and the warmth continues to set document breaking temperatures. The 5 yr outdated is in theater camp these final two weeks, and I’m nonetheless ready to see what function he’s imagined to play. First week was a tree, or reasonably a “child” tree rising up. And now he’s a bee, notably a bee that likes to talk in rhymes. All of those appeared extra regular than what he mentioned final Friday…He requested me easy methods to get abs. I am fairly certain my confronted regarded like this…😕 He needed abs as a result of a 6 yr outdated has abs in his theater class. (The complete time, I am attempting to determine why a 6 yr outdated has abs. After which I figured that they in all probability weren’t actually speaking about what I am picturing inside my head.) I requested, very immediately, “are you certain that it wasn’t a dressing up” (they have been dressing foolish that day). He was adamant that they have been actual. I informed him that I may draw some on his tummy… He rolled his eyes and walked away.

Sure, that is my life. Which is why I get so misplaced in dramaland!

Love Just like the Galaxy

This has exceeded all my expectations. I used to be attempting to determine what image to place right here…and selected one of many scenes from episode 12. The lightening is not nice, however it’s in all probability the primary time she dropped her wall in opposition to him. Wu Lei is certainly “grown up” on this drama…and no it’s not resulting from this…

Nevertheless it’s the over all look… His face slimmed, or one thing, as a result of his facial bone outlines are excellent. Gone is the marginally rounded face look that made him regarded so younger. He misplaced the “cuteness” and is shaping as much as have character in his face.

Okay…sufficient of my fangirling on Wu Lei. One of many causes that I wasn’t precisely wanting ahead to this drama is the synopsis. It’s simply SO overdone and I actually was NOT wanting ahead to watching 56 episodes of an angsty drama with household “abuse”, household struggles to over energy the others, the army and wars, and so forth, and so forth, and so forth. And as SOSsy identified final week, “screechy grandma and aunt”. However I began it as a result of…effectively…there wasn’t actually anything to observe. As soon as I began…I could not cease.

Cheng Shao Shang or Niao Niao as her dad and mom and siblings name her, is the 4th miss (of the Cheng household) who was left to be raised by her second uncle’s spouse whereas her mother and pa took her THREE brothers (certainly one of whom is her twin) off to conflict. Since she wasn’t effectively handled by both her grandmother or her 2nd uncle’s spouse, she resented her dad and mom. On the opposite aspect, our ML is Ling Bu Yi, a normal with nice achievements who additionally has a problem along with his father and his step-mother (not revealed but, however I suppose we’ll see it this week!). 

Among the finest factor about this drama is that it managed to shock me many occasions. Sure, the grandmother is SO annoying (the aunt shall be gone in a couple of episodes), however simply watch ALL her sons’ and their wives’ reactions when grandma goes into her hysterics. Niao Niao’s father is as outrageous as his mom. The household interactions are a continuing supply of comedy. And whether or not proper or flawed, grandma is humored by her youngsters, and so they “handle” her with out direct confrontation. 

Niao Niao’s mom is conservative and strict and FULL of guilt for leaving her and costing her years of correct training. However this pushes Xiao Yuan Yi to go supernova on her daughter, attempting to form her into the right respectable lady that her cousin, Cheng Yang, is. And for a daughter who sees her personal mom who deserted her favoring her cousin, although she understands it, remains to be a knife that’s wedging the pair aside. Her brothers are a hoot. And so is her third uncle, apparently the luckiest man on earth.

The opposite shiny spots on this drama are Ling Bu Yi’s two seconds’ in command…

The one on the left is endlessly clueless as to what he’s doing flawed. The one on the best is endlessly giving hints to the clueless one however to no avail. On this scene, clueless is puzzled at why their Grasp is offended. The opposite one informed him that it could have higher if he minimize off the arm then have Niao Niao bandaged it for him. Earlier, he bought punished for accepting a birthday invitation from Fifth Princess (who Bu Yi is avoiding just like the plague) after which bought punished once more for throwing away the invitation when Bu Yi determined to go as a result of Niao Niao can be current. It does not sound very humorous in writing, however belief me, watch the present, it’s fairly the dry humor when it’s performed out within the scene. 

It is a development story with quite a bit plot of undergo…To this point, the tempo is pretty good. And we are able to debate about this when it is over, however up to now…I prefer it extra then One and Solely

Alchemy of Souls

The three stooges of their try to rescue Mu Deok when she disappeared and an phantasm in her likeness appeared in entrance of Search engine optimisation Yul and Go Received. Ultimately, she escaped by herself.

After all, since Search engine optimisation Yul wasn’t desirous about Mu Deok however about Naksu, now her secret is came upon by man #3. No I didn’t overlook man #2,

who used her to lure Jang Uk to a spot so he can take over his physique. Um…I suppose he thought his boss can be cool with it?

I’m very intrigued by the thriller across the blind woman’s story, and why is she the “ice stone”? Then who’s Naksu? I assumed the blind woman can be the misplaced elder sister of the Jin household. However even the mom did not acknowledge her so in all probability not. However how did Mu Deok open what solely a Jin member of the family may open and why do all of the magic artifacts within the room know concerning the “blind woman”? Is it as a result of the “ice stone” one way or the other cultivated into human kind? Does this occur in Korean fantasy?

This factor is simply nice to observe (not the performing except Mu Deok and the Songrim grasp and Maid Kim). The plot is kind of intriguing…let’s hope it does not disappoint because it nears the half means mark. 

And that is but for this week. I did end a BL Korean drama To My Star 2, however it was draggy and I am simply confused as to why all of the angst that I wanted they simply ended it with 1 season. However at the very least it was a cheerful ending. 

Hope higher dramas come out quickly…it is too sizzling to do something exterior and I want one thing to maintain me occupied when I’ve a complete week off from work!

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