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JAY-Z: (Rapping) Large pimping, child. It is massive pimping, spending G’s. Really feel me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Really feel me.


That is FRESH AIR. I’m Terry Gross. We’re persevering with our collection of favourite music interviews from our archive with Jay-Z and Lizzo. First, now we have Jay-Z, who’s been extremely profitable as a rapper and an entrepreneur. We spoke in 2010 after he printed his memoir, “Decoded,” through which he wrote about rising up in a housing mission and watching crack destroy his neighborhood. He bought medication earlier than discovering success within the recording studio and on stage. His ebook additionally tells the tales behind 36 of his songs. He holds the document for essentially the most No. 1 albums by a solo artist on the Billboard 200. In 2017, Jay-Z grew to become the primary rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Corridor of Fame. His 2009 document with Alicia Keys, “Empire State Of Thoughts,” grew to become one thing of a New York anthem. He is also called Beyonce’s husband. Let’s begin with one in all Jay-Z’s signature songs, “Izzo (H.O.V.A),” from his 2001 album, “The Blueprint.”


UNIDENTIFIED PERSON: Girls and gents, let’s put our fingers collectively for the astonishing…

UNIDENTIFIED SINGERS: (Singing) H to the izz-O (ph), V to the izz-A (ph).

JAY-Z: Welcome, women and gents, to the eighth surprise of the world. The stream of the century – oh, it is timeless. Hov (ph). Thanks for popping out tonight. You would have been anyplace on this planet, however you are right here with me. I admire that.

(Rapping) H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A. For shizzle (ph), my nizzle (ph) used to dribble down in V-A. Was hurting them within the house of the Terrapins. Acquired it grime low-cost for them. Plus, in the event that they was brief with cheese, I might work with them. Introduced in weed. Removed that grime for them. Wasn’t born hustlers; I used to be birthing them. H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A. For sheezy (ph), my neezy (ph), hold my arms so breezy. Cannot go away rap alone. The sport wants me. Haters need me clapped and chromed. It ain’t straightforward. Cops need to knock me. DA desires to field me in. However one way or the other, I beat them fees like Rocky. H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A. Not responsible, he who doesn’t really feel me. It isn’t actual to me. Subsequently, he would not exist. So poof, vamoose, son of a. H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A. For shizzle, my nizzle used to dribble down in V-A. H to the izz-O, V to the izz-A. That is the anthem. Get your rattling fingers up. H to the izz-O…

GROSS: Jay-Z, welcome to FRESH AIR. It is nice to have you ever on our present. So what have been your first rhymes like? You – like, you bought your first boombox whenever you have been 9. Your mom gave it to you, you say, as a result of she thought it will assist hold you out of bother?

JAY-Z: Yeah. Yeah. Simply so – you recognize, if I used to be specializing in music, you recognize, I would not be, you recognize, operating the streets all wild. So she tried to encourage me to pursue my desires in music early on. And my first rhymes have been just about, you recognize, very boastful and, you recognize, educational, however they have been sort of superior for a younger child. Like, I introduced a chunk of one in all them, and it was like, (rapping) I am the king of hip-hop that have been new just like the Reebok with a key and a lock with phrases so provocative so long as I dwell.

And I look again on that rhyme now. I am like, man, it is fairly pathetic.

GROSS: So – however you have been about 9 whenever you wrote that?

JAY-Z: Yeah. Properly, yeah, between 9 and 11. These have been my first rhymes.

GROSS: OK, so provocative is a reasonably large phrase for a child who’s that age. You write the way you began studying the dictionary, like, in search of cool phrases to make use of. Did you discover that phrase within the dictionary? Or did you already know that?

JAY-Z: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I discovered that within the dictionary. Look, I had a sixth grade instructor, Ms. Lowden, that was very pivotal to my starvation for eager to know the English language and, you recognize, uncover these phrases. And, you recognize, it was a device within the music that I – you recognize, poetry that I selected to pursue.

GROSS: Would you describe the Marcy tasks in Bedford-Stuyvesant the place you grew up, in Brooklyn?

JAY-Z: Yeah. You’ve got these three columns of buildings with 4 folks on every flooring – six flooring. You already know, so you’ve gotten folks to the left of you, proper of you, high – on high and on the underside of you. It is a very intense and worrying state of affairs. Everybody’s going via various things. And in between all that stress and angst and, you recognize, having to cope with each other in such shut proximity, there’s a lot love.

And there was taking part in within the Johnny Pump, and there was the ice cream man who – coming round. And there was all these video games that we performed. After which, it will flip – instantly, it simply – violent. And there can be shootings at 12 within the afternoon on any given day. So it was simply – bizarre mixture of feelings. I imply, you recognize, sooner or later, your greatest pal may very well be killed. The day earlier than you might be celebrating him getting a brand-new bike. It was simply excessive highs and lows.

GROSS: How previous have been you when crack got here to the neighborhood?

JAY-Z: It was about ’85, so I needed to be – a bit sooner than that, so possibly about 12, 13 years previous.

GROSS: And the way did that change the tasks?

JAY-Z: Properly, I feel it – what it modified most was – you recognize, they’ve a saying: it takes a village to lift a toddler. It modified the authority determine as a result of, you recognize, with crack cocaine, it was achieved so overtly. The individuals who have been hooked on it, the fiends, had little or no self-respect for his or her self. This – it was so extremely addictive that they did not care how they obtained it. And so they carried that out in entrance of youngsters, who have been dealing on the time. In order that relationship of that respect of, you recognize, I’ve to respect my elders and, you recognize, Uncle Tyrone’s (ph) coming, who wasn’t actually your uncle, however he was the uncle for the neighborhood – and, you recognize, that dynamic shifted, and it had broke eternally. And it simply modified every thing from that time on.

GROSS: And it modified every thing for you since you – and also you write about this within the ebook, and, you recognize, you have rapped about it, too. You ended up being a hustler. You ended up promoting crack and serving to your mom, as a single mom, assist the household. You describe within the ebook how whenever you first began writing rhymes, you had a pocket book. However whenever you have been hustling on the road, you were not carrying your pocket book with you. And if a rhyme got here to you that you simply needed to recollect, what would you do? You’d go to the shop. Inform the story the way you’d go to the shop to…

JAY-Z: Yeah. What occurred was I wrote a lot on this ebook. I might sit at my desk for hours and hours until my mom made me go to mattress. And it was, like, this obsession with phrases and with writing. And as I received additional away from that pocket book, you recognize, as I used to be on the road and these concepts would come, I might run into the nook retailer, and would – the bodega – and seize, like, a paper bag or simply purchase juice – something simply to get a paper bag. After which, I might write the phrases on a paper bag and stuff these concepts in my pocket until I received again. After which, I might switch them into the pocket book.

And as I received additional and additional away from house and from the pocket book, I needed to memorize these rhymes longer and longer and longer. And like with any train, you recognize, when you practice your mind to try this, it turns into a pure incidence. So, you recognize, by the point I received to document my first album, which was – I used to be 26 – I did not want pen to paper. My reminiscence had been educated simply to hearken to a track, consider the phrases, after which simply lay them to tape.

GROSS: And what about now? Do you write down rhymes after they come to you? or…

JAY-Z: No, I have never since my first album.

GROSS: And your reminiscence’s nearly as good now because it was then?

JAY-Z: Yeah. Yeah. Properly, I’ve misplaced lots materials. It isn’t one of the best ways.

GROSS: (Laughter).

JAY-Z: I would not advise it to anybody. I’ve misplaced a pair albums value of nice materials.

GROSS: (Laughter).

JAY-Z: Properly, I believed they have been nice – after I could not bear in mind them. You already know, to consider how, you recognize, when you’ll be able to’t bear in mind a phrase and it drives you loopy, like, man, I received to consider this. You already know, it is the – so think about, you recognize, forgetting a complete rhyme. And it occurs. You sit there and like, what – I stated I used to be the best one thing.

GROSS: So what was the turning level in your life that received you out of hustling and into the recording studio?

JAY-Z: It was, like, occasions that might occur through the years. You already know, I went to a man named Clark Kent – by the identify of Clark Kent. I made a few demos with him, after which I would depart again into the streets. You already know, my cousin stopped chatting with me, thought I used to be losing my expertise. And I used to be, like, one foot in and one foot out. I all the time had behind my thoughts that I might be again within the streets for some motive. And I assume I did not have 100% perception in what I used to be doing. Then lastly, I simply stated, man, I am simply going to offer this music a attempt. I’ll give it 100% and simply overlook every thing that I am doing, you recognize. And right here we’re.

GROSS: We’re listening to the interview I recorded with JAY-Z in 2010. We’ll hear extra of the interview after a brief break. That is FRESH AIR.


GROSS: That is FRESH AIR. Let’s get again to my 2010 interview with JAY-Z, recorded after the publication of his memoir, “Decoded.”

Let’s speak about one other one in all your tracks. I need to play “Onerous Knock Life,” which actually stunned me after I first heard it since you pattern the track “Onerous Knock Life” from the Broadway present “Annie,” which I believed was an actual shock – (laughter) stunning selection…

JAY-Z: To say the least.

GROSS: …For you. Sure, to say the least.

JAY-Z: Yeah (laughter).

GROSS: So how did you resolve to make use of that?

JAY-Z: Properly, what occurred was, my sister’s identify is Andrea Carter. And we name her Annie for brief. So when the TV model of the play, you recognize, it got here on and it was like, this can be a story known as “Annie,” I used to be instantly drawn to it, after all, as a result of it was sister’s identify. Like, what is that this about? So you recognize, I watched it. And I used to be – you recognize, I used to be instantly drawn to that story and, you recognize, these phrases – as an alternative of handled, we get tricked; as an alternative of kisses, we get kicked – it instantly resonated with me.

So you recognize, quick ahead. I am on the Puff Daddy tour. And I am about to depart stage. And a DJ by the identify of Child Capri performs this observe – no rap on it, simply the instrumental. I – you recognize, it stopped me in my tracks. It instantly introduced me again to my childhood and that feeling. And I knew proper then and there that I needed to make that document and that, you recognize, folks would relate to the wrestle in it and the aspiration in it as properly.

GROSS: So let’s hear the track, after which we’ll speak some extra about it. So that is “Onerous Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)” by JAY-Z.


JAY-Z: Take the bass line out. Jigga. Let it bump, although.

(Singing) It’s the hard-knock life for us. It’s the hard-knock life for us. As an alternative of handled, we get tricked. As an alternative of kisses, we get kicked. It’s the hard-knock life.

(Rapping) From standing on the corners bopping, to driving among the hottest automobiles New York has ever seen for dropping among the hottest verses rap has ever heard. From the dope spot, with the smoke Glock fleeing the homicide scene, you recognize me properly. From nightmares of a lonely cell, my solely hell however since when y’all [expletive] know me to fail? [Expletive] no.

The place all my [expletive] with the rubber grips? Bust photographs. And in case you with me, ma, I am going to rub in your [expletive] and whatnot. I am from the college of the onerous knocks. We should not let outsiders violate our blocks. And my plot – let’s stick up the world and break up it 50-50, uh-huh. Let’s take the dough and keep actual jiggy, uh-huh. And sip the Cris’ and get pissy-pissy. Move infinitely just like the reminiscence of my [expletive] Biggie – child. You already know it is hell after I come via. “The Life And Instances Of Shawn Carter,” [expletive], Quantity 2.

(Singing) It is the hard-knock life for us.

GROSS: That is “Onerous Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)” by my visitor, JAY-Z, who has a brand new ebook known as “Decoded.” So that you inform an awesome story within the ebook about how you bought the rights to make use of that track, to make use of the track from “Annie,” “Onerous Knock Life.” Would you inform the story?

JAY-Z: Yeah (laughter). Properly, I imply, we received the rights already, so it is a bit late, so – ‘trigger I exaggerated a contact. You already know, and it is typical when you must clear a track, you must ship it – a sampled track, you ship it to the unique writers. And so they give – grant you permission. And also you pay a price for that permission, you recognize?

However some writers, their artwork is, for them, essential. So it must be the suitable form of angle and the suitable take. And the emotion on the document has to suit, you recognize, what was initially supposed. So we’re having difficulties clearing the pattern. And I wrote a letter about how a lot it meant to me, you recognize, what it meant to me rising up and the way I went to, like, a Broadway play, which was exaggeration. I noticed it on TV. And, you recognize, we received the rights fortunately.

GROSS: However let me cease you as a result of within the ebook, you say (laughter)…

JAY-Z: Yeah.

GROSS: …That you just instructed the massive lie. Within the ebook, you say that you simply…

JAY-Z: Yeah (laughter).

GROSS: You made up that you simply entered an essay contest. And within the essay, you wrote in regards to the significance of seeing “Annie” on Broadway, which you’d by no means seen on Broadway, the truth is…

JAY-Z: Yeah (laughter).

GROSS: …And, you recognize, all that it meant to you whenever you noticed it on Broadway. And I feel you stated you, like, received the essay contest. And so that you…

JAY-Z: I did not need you to place the entire thing on the market. I used to be making an attempt to – you recognize, I might have…


GROSS: So how did – so in different phrases, you lied a bit bit with the intention to get the rights.

JAY-Z: Yeah. It was – you recognize, it was a foul lie for a very good motive.


GROSS: Properly, it labored out properly for everyone.

JAY-Z: Yeah.

GROSS: Can I ask you a query you would possibly discover bizarre – however since a part of your objective within the ebook is to sort of clarify your era and clarify the music (laughter) to folks. You understand how lots of hip-hop artists, after they’re onstage, they sort of like, seize their crotch (laughter)?

JAY-Z: Yeah, I’ve an awesome clarification for that.

GROSS: Yeah. Like, how did that begin? Like, who began that and why is that?

JAY-Z: Properly, quite a bit a occasions in hip-hop – like in rock ‘n’ roll, you will have bands who tour the world. They get in vans, and so they tour the world. And so they do rinky-dink golf equipment. And so they get bottles thrown at them and – you recognize, till they hone their craft, till they turn out to be, you recognize, rock stars.

In hip-hop, the music leads first. So normally, you’ve gotten a success document. And then you definitely throw this particular person onstage who’s by no means been onstage earlier than, you recognize, ‘trigger the music leads. So that they haven’t any expertise on learn how to carry out in entrance of individuals, maintain the mic, you recognize, all these various things that you might want to know as a performer. So whenever you stand up there, you are feeling bare, proper? So whenever you really feel bare, what’s the very first thing you do? You cowl your self. In order that bravado is an act of – I’m so nervous proper now, and I am scared to demise. I’ll act so robust that I’ll conceal it. And I’ve to seize, you recognize, my crotch. That is simply what occurs.

GROSS: I believed it was sort of the other. Like, these things is so good (laughter), I’ll showcase. No?

JAY-Z: No, that is what – yeah, they need – that is what we would like you to consider.

GROSS: (Laughter).

JAY-Z: However the actuality is – and nobody else will admit to this – properly, possibly they may – is you are onstage in entrance of – persons are getting put onstage in entrance of fifty,000 folks with a document that is a radio hit. And so they’ve by no means carried out earlier than. It should be a catastrophe 9 occasions out of 10.

GROSS: So do you are feeling such as you have been onstage earlier than you have been ready for it? In all probability not, since you did events earlier than that. You had expertise.

JAY-Z: Precisely. I sort of went via a rock ‘n’ roll stage. You already know, I sort of was doing events and studying to carry out. The primary present I ever did, I simply forgot the phrases. I stood there, and I attempted to cross the mic to Damon Sprint, who I co-founded Roc-A-Fella with. I gave him the mic, like, right here. He was like, man, I do not rap.

GROSS: (Laughter).

JAY-Z: I simply did not know what to do. I did not – I used to be, like, in shock.

GROSS: So let’s play – let’s get one other track in right here.

JAY-Z: Certain.

GROSS: And let’s do “99 Issues.” We’ll do the clear model.

JAY-Z: Aw.

GROSS: It is radio, my pal.


GROSS: So that is really based mostly on a narrative – loosely based mostly on a narrative that occurred to you. Would you clarify?

JAY-Z: Properly, it is based mostly on a generational story as properly. There’s a larger factor. Like, there was a time the place there was lots of exercise happening on the turnpike from New York headed south as a result of there have been lots of medication going forwards and backwards. And so the state troopers at the moment simply blanketed each single automotive, anyone that was of colour. And it was this time period, driving whereas Black. And folks have been getting pulled over for completely no motive, you recognize, aside from their colour. So I simply needed to set the scene up.

So now we’re driving. And we’re doing – we’re really doing one thing dangerous, you recognize? We’re transporting medication from New York to, you recognize, down south. And we get pulled over by a state trooper. However we get pulled over for completely nothing. We’re fallacious. The cop is fallacious. This dialog ensues. And there is racial undertones. And he says, are you – do you’ve gotten a gun on you, like, lots of you’re? – you recognize, simply that assertion proper there, and the dialog between two people who find themselves each within the fallacious however are each used to getting their method. So there’s this intelligent banter that goes forwards and backwards between the 2.

GROSS: OK. And we will hear the a part of this track that offers with the story that you simply simply instructed.

JAY-Z: Yeah.

GROSS: And once more, it is the clear model, so lots of the phrases are going to sound sort of…

JAY-Z: It is the second verse, the – the place this takes place.

GROSS: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I’ll say that one of many phrases that is not clearly stated right here as a result of it is distorted – as a result of it is the clear model – is the phrase b****, which, within the context of this a part of the track, means canine since you’re speaking about Ok-9 canine right here.

JAY-Z: Yeah.

GROSS: As a result of the Ok-9…

JAY-Z: And that was my…

GROSS: Yeah.

JAY-Z: And that was the author in me being provocative ‘trigger that is what rap needs to be as properly, you recognize, at occasions. That was actually directed to all of the individuals who hear buzzwords in rap music. They hear b**** or hoe or one thing and instantly dismiss every thing else that, you recognize, takes place. And every thing must be put in context. And whenever you put it in context, you understand that I wasn’t calling any feminine, apart from the feminine canine, a b**** on this track.

GROSS: And is that despite the opening half that claims, in case you’re having lady issues, I really feel dangerous for you, son. I’ve received 99 issues, however the b**** ain’t one?

JAY-Z: Yeah, that was to steer the listener down the fallacious path in case you have been in search of that form of factor.


JAY-Z: Yeah.

GROSS: So here is “99 Issues” by my visitor, JAY-Z


JAY-Z: Hit me. (Rapping) The yr’s ’94. In my trunk is uncooked. In my rearview mirror is the mother-[expletive] regulation. I received two decisions, y’all, pull over the automotive or bounce on the satan, put the pedal to the ground. Now, I ain’t making an attempt to see no freeway chase with Jake. Plus, I received a couple of {dollars}. I can struggle the case. So I pull over to the aspect of the street. I heard, son, are you aware why I am stopping you for? ‘Trigger I am younger and I am Black and my hat’s actual low. Do I appear like a thoughts reader, sir? I do not know. Am I beneath arrest or ought to I assume some extra?

Properly, you was doing 55 in a 54. License and registration and step out of the automotive. You carrying a weapon on you? I do know lots of you’re. I ain’t stepping out of [expletive] and all my papers legit. Properly, do you thoughts if I look across the automotive a bit bit?

Properly, my glove compartment is locked, so is the trunk within the again. And I do know my rights, so you are going to want a warrant for that. Aren’t you sharp as a tack? You some kind of a lawyer or one thing, anyone essential or one thing? Nah, I ain’t cross the bar, however I do know a bit bit – sufficient that you simply will not illegally search my [expletive]. We’ll see how sensible you’re when the Ok-9 comes. I received 99 issues, however a [expletive] ain’t one. Hit me – 99 issues, however a [expletive] ain’t one. Should you’re having lady issues, I really feel dangerous for you, son. I received 99 issues, however a [expletive] ain’t one. Hit me.

GROSS: That was “99 Issues” by my visitor, JAY-Z. Do now we have time for the opposite 98 issues?



JAY-Z: Properly, if you will get it in 9 minutes.


GROSS: My interview with JAY-Z was recorded in 2010. After a brief break, we’ll hear my 2019 interview with rapper, singer and classically educated flute participant Lizzo. I am Terry Gross, and that is FRESH AIR.


JAY-Z: (Rapping) Yeah, I am out that Brooklyn. Now I am down in Tribeca proper subsequent to De Niro, however I will be hood eternally. I am the brand new Sinatra. And since I made it right here, I could make it anyplace. Yeah, they love me in every single place. I used to cop in Harlem. Hola, my Dominicanos proper there up on Broadway – introduced me again to that McDonald’s. Took it to my stash spot, 560 State St. Catch me within the kitchen like a Simmons, whipping pastry. Cruising down eighth Road, off-white Lexus. Driving so gradual, however BK is from Texas. Me? I am out that Mattress-Stuy, house of that boy Biggie. Now I dwell on Billboard…


THE CARTERS: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah…

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