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Say You are Welcome In Nepali: 20+ Unimaginable Methods

How will you reply when you’ll obtain a “Thanks?” Let’s study to say You’re welcome in Nepali to reply the scenario.

It’s essential to specific your thanks when wanted, however additionally it is essential to reply the grateful expressions. Subsequently, you need to know the essential expressions of gratitude. So, let’s follow saying “You’re Welcome” “तपाईलाई स्वागत छ” “Tapā’īlā’ī svāgata cha” within the Nepali language. It’s possible you’ll simply study many phrases and phrases in Nepali with the Ling app.

Nepali – An Official Language Of Nepal

To provide you a brief introduction, the Nepali language, also called the Gorkhali, Gurkhali, or Khaskura language, is the official language spoken within the nation of Nepal. It’s an Indo-European language that belongs to the Pahari subgroup. Nepali is spoken by round 17 million folks, most of whom reside in Nepal and neighboring India.

Within the Nepali dictionary, pronunciation is a bit advanced. For English language audio system, it’s essential to study the sound of every character. They need to learn the way every phrase and phrase is being pronounced to keep away from confusion.

Welcome in Nepali 20 ways to say

20+ Methods To Say You’re Welcome In Nepali

Perceive The Want To Say You’re Welcome

Most individuals overlook the importance of claiming “Thanks” or acknowledging thankfulness. We assume that saying “You’re Welcome” is only a courtesy guideline, however it typically performs an essential function in growing connections. So, you will need to perceive the necessity to say, “You’re welcome.” Whether or not you might be at a household occasion, at events, or with the company at your own home, keep humble. 

Primary Phrases To Say Welcome In Nepali

If you’re planning a visit to Nepal, you need to study some primary thanking and welcoming phrases as you could want them anytime throughout your go to to Nepal. For instance, if you want to say. You’re welcome in Nepali, you possibly can say it as “तपाईलाई स्वागत छ.” In Nepali translation, it’s spoken as “Tapā’īlā’ī svāgata cha.” Furthermore, the interpretation of the English phrase “No downside” is “समस्या छैन” having pronunciation as “Samasyā chaina.” Right here we write another related phrases of claiming welcome in Nepali. 

English phrases Pronunciation Nepali phrases
Welcome! Svāgata cha स्वागत छ
Completely Bilkula बिल्कुल
Anytime Junasukai bēlā जुनसुकै बेला
No concern Kunai muddā chaina कुनै मुद्दा छैन
No downside Samasyā chaina समस्या छैन
No worries Kunai cintā chaina कुनै चिन्ता छैन
Positive Niścita निश्चित

How To Say You Are Welcome In Nepali

After you arrive in Nepal, keep prepared to go to a brand new web site and meet new folks. Whereas assembly and greeting, use Nepali phrases to construct a robust reference to locals. If you’re greeting new folks for the primary time, you’ll casually say “Hey!” talking in Nepali as “नमस्ते” and translate as “Namastē.” Among the primary phrases in Nepali are given under. 

English phrases Pronunciation Nepali phrases
All the time glad to assist Maddata garna sadhaiṁ khuśī cha मद्दत गर्न सधैं खुशी छ
It makes me completely satisfied to assist Yasalē malā’ī maddata garna khuśī banā’um̐cha यसले मलाई मद्दत गर्न खुशी बनाउँछ
It was nothing Yō kēhi thi’ēna यो केहि थिएन
I’m all the time right here to assist Ma sadhaiṁ maddata garna yahām̐ chu म सधैं मद्दत गर्न यहाँ छु
Pleasure is all mine Khuśī sabai mērō hō खुशी सबै मेरो हो
It was nothing Yō kēhi thi’ēna यो केहि थिएन
It makes me completely satisfied to assist Yasalē malā’ī maddata garna khuśī banā’um̐cha यसले मलाई मद्दत गर्न खुशी बनाउँछ

Study Trendy Phrases To Say You’re Welcome In Nepali

In case your keep in Nepal is prolonged, then study a number of the fashionable phrases and phrases within the Nepali language with their which means. It would aid you keep assured and relaxed whereas speaking with Nepalis. A number of fashionable phrases are under. 

English phrases Pronunciation Nepali phrases
Glad that I’d be of any assist Khuśī cha ki ma kunai upayōga kō hunēcha खुशी छ कि म कुनै उपयोग को हुनेछ
Completely satisfied that can assist you Tapā’im̐lā’ī maddata garna khusī तपाइँलाई मद्दत गर्न खुसी
No thanks are crucial Kunai dhan’yavāda āvaśyaka chaina कुनै धन्यवाद आवश्यक छैन
In no way Hudai haina हुदै हैन
You’ve acquired it Tapā’im̐lē pā’unubhayō तपाइँले पाउनुभयो
You’d do the identical for me Timī mērō lāgī tyastai garchau तिमी मेरो लागी त्यस्तै गर्छौ
Don’t give it a second thought Yasalā’ī dōsrō vicāra nadinuhōs यसलाई दोस्रो विचार नदिनुहोस्

Study Nepali – Grasp Your self Within the Nepali Language

I’m positive you need to broaden your information and study extra with the Nepali phrases you could have discovered above. So, why not study Nepali with our app? The Ling app helps you to study Nepali anytime and wherever.

You may even study one other language freed from value. Furthermore, On the Ling app, to know the reply to any query, go away a remark to get a reply from an expert teacher. Yow will discover direct entry to different languages with none random searches. Obtain the app on Play Retailer or App Retailer with a single click on. 

Studying Nepali with the Ling app within the type of mini-games and quizzes is rewarding. You may additional share your expertise along with your fellow learners.

Additionally, skilled instructors on the Ling app aid you grasp the communication expressions in Nepali. Learn related nice articles on “Sure and No in Nepali” and “Nepali verbs with examples.” 

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