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Search engine optimization Min Jae recants claims about Nam Tae Hyun’s drug abuse, police investigations underway

Article: Search engine optimization Min Jae flips narrative of claims on Nam Tae Hyun abusing Philopon… “I took an excessive amount of psychiatric treatment and misplaced my sense of cause”

Supply: Chosun through Naver

1. [+783, -9] Properly, investigations are underway so I am certain we’ll discover the reality quickly ㅋㅋ in case you stand by your phrases, you higher not shave any of the hair in your physique~

2. [+383, -9] The reality might be found quickly sufficient as soon as Search engine optimization Min Jae and Nam Tae Hyun are each examined for medicine. It is apparent that she wasn’t in the correct frame of mind when she wrote that put up… and naturally Nam Tae Hyun resides as much as his roots in YG. Judging by all of his actions to date, I would not be stunned if he was abusing medicine all alongside.

3. [+238, -7] I by no means took her for this sort however she’s an actual psycho

4. [+104, -0] What I believe occurred is that these two bought into an enormous combat and she or he determined to reveal him by bringing herself down too however now that she’s sober, she’s realized what an enormous mistake she’s made and their businesses are offended so…

5. [+55, -0] It is very apparent she wrote her put up whereas excessive!! Arrest each of them and get them examined for medicine!!!

Supply: Naver

1. [+397, -6] Yeah, it is already over for you, goodbye

2. [+309, -3] Police have to hurry up earlier than they start destroying proof. Get each of them examined. It is apparent Search engine optimization Min Jae wrote that put up whereas excessive. Nobody simply accuses somebody of Philopon over a combat like that.

3. [+200, -4] It is apparent that they bought into an enormous combat and she or he simply determined to reveal him however now that the medicine are sporting off, she’s like dammit, each of their careers are actually a out to be over, how do I repair this?? Too dangerous drug outcomes will inform the reality. Simply do not go and get waxed.

4. [+113, -1] Please do not blame your melancholy for what you probably did. There are many people who find themselves extra medicated than you who select to dwell their lives with out fault. This can be a drawback together with your private character. Do not blame your psychiatric medicine on this.

5. [+18, -0] She’s already making an attempt to set the stage for her innocence by citing psychiatric treatment ㅎㅎ both method, it’s a must to get examined for medicine~

Article: Police start inner investigations on SNS put up claiming singer Nam Tae Hyun abuses medicine

Supply: Naver

1. [+267, -5] He was once in YG in spite of everything ^^

2. [+95, -5] I’m so sick and uninterested in these movie star clowns

3. [+44, -3] Stars put on a lot circle lens today that you just simply cannot inform whether or not they’re excessive or not anymore

4. [+42, -2] Simply want to tug a China and sentence druggies to the loss of life penalty

5. [+34, -4] YG….

6. [+19, -0] If he was once in YG, the probability of him abusing medicine is 100%

7. [+12, -1] All of YG ought to get a bit of hair plucked and examined at this price

8. [+7, -0] I wager the police already know that he abuses medicine.. they simply do not suppose it is the correct timing to throw him in but

9. [+8, -2] So he was once in YG, eh?

10. [+5, -0] He made Winner battle with all of his scandals and he is nonetheless out right here appearing like this. There is no finish to his bother. Folks by no means change.

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