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‘The Glory’ casting staff praised for good synchronization between grownup and youngster characters

Article: “The casting staff deserves an award” ‘The Glory’ will get good synchro between grownup and youngster actors

Supply: Perception by way of Instagram

1. [+444] The instructor and the son look completely alike, too…

2. [+231] I bought goosebumps at how the homeroom instructor and the son appeared like actual father and son

3. [+202] The kid and grownup variations do not even want any sort of clarification, their visuals alone clarify the connection completely..

4. [+131] I do not get how Lee Do Hyun so completely pulls off roles from highschool to grownup.. he is so good-looking however gifted as properly

5. [+46] When Jung Ji So rotated and have become Track Hye Gyo, I bought goosebumps!!

6. [+91] I have never seen such good casting because the film ‘Sunny’

7. [+19] The unhinged look within the eyes and lips are so completely solid between the 2 actors, so scary

8. [+12] Each single casting is so gifted 👏

9. [+16] Jung Ji So actually carried the drama to start with

10. [+63] The supporting characters are higher actors than Track Hye Gyo…

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