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The right way to Learn a Piano Chord Chart: A Newbie’s Information

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In the event you’re ever wished to play your favourite music on piano, you’ll have achieved a seek for the music, solely to discover a sheet stuffed with symbols, numbers, and letters. What you’ve found isn’t conventional sheet music – somewhat, you’ve bought your self a piano chord chart. 

Merely put, a chord chart is a abstract of harmonic progressions in a music. Some folks refer to those as lead sheets or pretend books, however in any case, the aim is identical – to indicate a pianist what harmonies to play in an easy-to-decipher, common method. 

However what should you’ve by no means encountered these symbols earlier than? How can a newbie learn a piano chord chart precisely and play a music with confidence? 

First, we should break down the fundamentals of chord charts, so that you’ll know the place to begin. 

What Are the 12 Main Chords in Piano

Close up of woman writing on sheet music at the piano
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Studying the 12 main chords on the piano can appear daunting, however after you have mastered every chord, it is possible for you to to play quite a lot of songs. The 12 main chords are referred to as:

  • C-major
  • D-major
  • E-major
  • F-major
  • G-major
  • A-major
  • B-Main

…and their corresponding sharps or flats. 

When enjoying the chords on the piano it’s suggested to make use of root place triads along with your thumb positioned on the foundation observe. This permits for simpler transitions when altering from one chord to a different. Additionally it is vital to make sure that all three notes of every chord are heard concurrently to ensure that it to sound clear. 

Studying these fundamental chords will present piano gamers with a foundational understanding of create extra advanced items and categorical their musical concepts.

In the event you’re able to study all the guidelines for studying a chord chart piano gamers must know, it’s time to join piano classes. Not solely will you study all of the ins and outs of piano chord charts, however you’ll additionally study useful expertise like what you see within the video beneath:


How Do You Memorize Piano Chords?

Female piano teacher helping a student learn to play piano
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Each aspiring pianist goals of being able to play any music they hear on the radio while not having to lookup the chords. Nevertheless, memorizing chords will be tough for newcomers. You may end up asking, “How do I memorize all of those chords?” Don’t fear, we now have some nice suggestions that will help you out! 

The primary and most evident possibility is to make use of a piano chords chart. It is a nice method to rapidly learn the way completely different chords are performed on the piano. It additionally serves as a straightforward reference device that may be stored close by when enjoying. Nevertheless, if you wish to develop into a real skilled at enjoying and memorizing chords, this shouldn’t be your solely method. 

One other useful tip is studying one chord at a time. In the event you attempt to memorize all of them without delay, it can rapidly develop into overwhelming and tough to maintain observe of every part. As a substitute, give attention to mastering one chord earlier than transferring onto the subsequent one. Training every of them individually will be sure that they’re firmly ingrained in your reminiscence earlier than transferring onto the subsequent chord. 

Lastly, it helps to create associations between completely different chord patterns and melodies that you simply already know properly. This might help offer you a psychological picture or an auditory cue for what every chord seems like and the way it ought to really feel when performed accurately on the piano keys.

This technique may also make it simpler so that you can bear in mind which key mixtures create which particular chords in order that whenever you come throughout them in songs in a while, you’ll have no hassle recognizing them instantly! 

What a Chord Chart Does (And Doesn’t) Inform You

A printable piano chord chart or lead sheet usually will present a pianist with the chords of the music. Generally, this can embody some musical notation (that is usually the format of a lead sheet). 

Nevertheless, many instances a chord chart is not going to embody particular rhythms or notation of the melody. It’s because a chord chart’s major operate is to assist a pianist to breed the harmonies.

A musician who’s studying a chord chart doesn’t essentially must know every part in regards to the music. You merely want the harmonic framework.

Now let’s evaluation (or introduce, should you’re new to music idea) the basics of chords and harmonies. 

Fundamentals of Enjoying Piano Chords

There are 12 main and minor chords within the Western musical system. Every main chord has a relative minor chord that additionally belongs within the ‘household’. 

(For this dialogue, we’ll assume that you simply’re acquainted with intervals, half-steps and complete steps. If not, take a look at this evaluation from TakeLessons!)

Each main chord (beginning with three notes, referred to as a triad) is constructed of a root, then a significant third, and an ideal fifth from the foundation observe. Minor chords are constructed with a root observe, then a minor third, and eventually an ideal fifth from the foundation observe. 

Widespread Symbols in a Piano Chord Chart

With a view to differentiate between chords, most chord charts use an identical set of symbols. 

Main chords are sometimes capitalized, or they could have the suffix Maj or a capital letter M subsequent to the foundation observe letter. Some jazz and pop charts additionally use a triangle to designate a significant chord. 

C    DM  EMaj  B

Minor chords normally may also be capitalized.  Nevertheless, they may generally be adopted by a minus signal, an abbreviation (min) or a decrease case “m”.

C-     Cmin   Cm   

As you possibly can guess, the important thing to studying a chord chart is the flexibility to find out the high quality and root observe of the chord whenever you see it on a chart, and to play that chord precisely. 

The cool half? You don’t essentially must play the chord the identical manner each time. 

Relying on the model of music and the music, you possibly can reorder the notes of the chord as you see match, so long as the concord suits! 

Do not forget that chord charts usually designate the bass observe as the foundation observe. 

Right here’s a few examples of C Main Chords performed in several methods. Each could be acceptable in a chord chart the place C main is known as for. 

piano chord chart example

Extra Chord Symbols and Prolonged Harmonies

Back view of a man in glasses playing the glasses
ozgurcankaya / E+ / Getty Photos

Main and minor chords aren’t the one chords that you simply may discover on a chord chart.. Diminished and augmented chords are variations you want to pay attention to as properly. 

Diminished chords are one-half-step smaller than a minor chord, so the higher observe is lowered by one-half-step. 

These chords are marked “Dim”, d or typically with a circle or strikethrough circle (relying on what sort of diminished chord you’re truly enjoying) 

Cdim    D F

Augmented chords increase the higher observe of a significant chord by one-half-step.  

C+    Daug  

You’ll usually see these designated with the abbreviation “aug” or with a plus signal subsequent to the foundation observe of the chord. 

After getting discovered the roots and ‘high quality’ of the chords, you may additionally discover different numbers subsequent to the chord image.

These designations are for the higher notes of a chord that stretch the harmonies. Widespread extensions are main and minor 7ths, 9ths, and 13ths. 

Gmaj7  Gmin9  Dmin6

To play these harmonies, you should decide the standard of the chord (main, minor, augmented or diminished) after which determine the dimensions tone (distance from the foundation observe) that the quantity suggests. 

(One vital observe…when the letter is instantly subsequent to a seventh, it designates a dominant seventh – which truly requires a minor seventh over a significant chord!)

C7  A7 

This takes somewhat extra data of harmonies, however there are a number of chord reference charts obtainable that will help you determine superior chords.

Slash Chords

Close up of a teen girl in a white shirt playing the piano
Barbara Taeger Images / Second / Getty Photos

At instances, chord charts, particularly in jazz and pop, will designate the foundation observe and a secondary concord to be performed above the foundation observe. That is referred to as a ‘slash chord’ and it’s a short-hand method to present you what chord and bass observe to play. 

If you see symbols like this, do not forget that the decrease letter (to the left)  is a single observe, however the letter on the highest (or proper) designates a CHORD. 

D/C          F#min/E      

Enjoying Your Chord Chart

Teen girl taking an online piano lesson
juanma hache / Second / Getty Photos

When enjoying a chord chart, it helps to be acquainted with the music you might be enjoying because the chart seldom reveals a lot in regards to the rhythm or melody.  

That stated, you don’t essentially have to have the ability to play ‘by ear’ to play a chord chart. You merely want to make use of the knowledge the chart supplies with a purpose to present an accompaniment. 

Extra data could embody

  • Tempo
  • Model 
  • Lyrics 
  • Format (refrain, verse, bridge)

Ask Your Teacher For Studying Tips about Piano Chord Chart for Freshmen 

Back view of a woman in red playing the piano
Francesco Carta fotografo / Second / Getty Photos

Using this data, you possibly can start to play a chord chart with confidence. 

Piano chord charts assist skilled pianists to play every kind of songs, however newcomers can do the identical with somewhat data of concord, and the willingness to experiment with new methods to type chords. 

 Have enjoyable and dig into chord charts – you may end up enjoying numerous songs in a rush!

And should you’re nonetheless undecided learn a piano chord chart, don’t be afraid to ask your piano trainer for assist. They’ll be glad to indicate you the way in which!

Allen C. Paul

Allen C. Paul is a musician, educator, writer, podcaster, and artistic coach who is devoted to serving to folks to harness the important instruments of creativity – whether or not by music, the humanities, enterprise or character-driven management.

Allen C. Paul

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