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Viewers have completely had it with the Kahi multibalm PPL

Article: “Joo Hyun Younger, not you too?” viewers in uproar over even ‘this character’ placing on the multibalm

Supply: Herald Economic system through Naver

1. [+1,138, -63] The plot’s beginning to get boring and there are far more PPL adverts now~

2. [+857, -8] Persons are going to finish up boycotting the multibalm in the event that they hold this up

3. [+479, -9] How a lot does this product go for wholesale that they are capable of spend this a lot on advertising and marketing? 

4. [+391, -6] This product is so sticky that your hair will get caught in your face all day, I do not get why anybody would need it

5. [+332, -67] Come on, folks. The producers must earn money too, you already know ㅋㅋ

6. [+146, -0] There may be not one drama I have not seen this multibalm in. I am certain 7-80% of their cash is spent on advertising and marketing. It is fairly an expensive product, too…

7. [+121, -0] So gross how the characters are at all times slathering it throughout their oily faces after which on their lips..

8. [+110, -5] The drama’s plot has been getting messier since Mr. Fart ㅠㅠ who’s writing the script anymore?

9. [+83, -8] Feels just like the drama is being written for a youthful viewers now, it is getting boring. I needed to change the channel after I noticed the restaurant folks go alongside to Jeju Island, how ridiculous.

10. [+65, -4] I significantly thought the scriptwriter acquired swapped out within the center. It is getting so boring…

11. [+52, -1] The drama was excellent as much as the eighth episode, that is it

12. [+52, -3] The thirteenth episode was absolutely the worst. The plot itself would not even make sense. Why would an enormous legislation agency lawyer room collectively?

13. [+23, -0] So that you slather that in your brow, your cheeks, your nostril, after which your lips? I do not get it

14. [+15, -0] The drama’s been shedding steam for the reason that tenth episode and it is simply been bizarre ever since

15. [+10, -0] The multibalm is principally a scented, costlier Vaseline. Do not fall for it, guys ㅠ I threw mine away

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