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What Are Folks Born within the 12 months of the Tiger Like? – Be taught Korean with Discuss To Me In Korean

Are you aware your Korean horoscope?

Folks dwelling in areas like Europe and the Americas generally observe Western astrology indicators categorizing folks based mostly on the day they had been born. Nevertheless, Korea’s horoscope, originating from historical China, kinds folks into 12 animal classes based mostly on their delivery 12 months – Rat (쥐띠), Ox (소띠), Tiger (범띠 or 호랑이띠), Rabbit (토끼띠), Dragon (용띠), Snake (뱀띠), Horse (말띠), Sheep (양띠), Monkey (원숭이띠), Rooster (닭띠), Canine (개띠), and Pig (돼지띠). (The suffix ‘띠’ refers to zodiac kind and is paired with an animal to create a full ‘12 months of the ____’ phrase.)

Your Korean horoscope signal could be discovered by trying up which of those animals matches your Lunar delivery 12 months. If somebody was born in 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, 1938, or 1926, they had been born throughout the 12 months of the Tiger.


In Korea, well-known public figures born within the 12 months of the Tiger embrace Oldboy actor Choi Min-sik, singer BoA, and Chung Mong-koo, the previous CEO of Hyundai Motor Group. The Tiger can also be distinguished in Korean folklore and thought of a consultant animal of Korea as a result of its presence in Korean basis mythology (“The Legend of Dangun”).

However what are folks born within the 12 months of the Tiger like? Much like Western astrology, every animal 12 months comes with its personal traits. These born within the 12 months of the Tiger are seen as impartial and lively people who find themselves courageous and extremely motivated. Nevertheless, like actual tigers, they’re additionally identified to be unpredictably hot-tempered and have a rebellious streak. 


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