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What’s SPF? – Althea Korea

All about SPF & sunscreens

Everyone knows that staying out of the solar is essential, however do we actually perceive why? And what’s all the excitement round SPF? In at this time’s publish, we’ll be sharing all concerning the solar’s results on our pores and skin, what SPF is, why utilizing sunscreens are essential.

So first off, why do we have to shield our pores and skin from the solar? Other than inflicting sunburns and our pores and skin to darken, extended solar publicity can improve the chance of pores and skin cancers and velocity up pores and skin growing old. Dangerous UV rays not solely injury our pores and skin from inside, however in addition they trigger very seen results like wrinkles, sagging, and age spots. For this reason everybody ought to use sunscreen, no matter age or gender.

Solar publicity can result in wrinkles, sagging, age spots, and even pores and skin most cancers.

There are 2 varieties of sunscreens: bodily and chemical.

  • Bodily (or mineral) sunscreens assist to dam and scatter the solar’s rays earlier than they even penetrate your pores and skin
  • Chemical sunscreens soak up UV rays earlier than they will trigger any injury.

Each sunscreens are secure to make use of, and it is as much as you to determine which sunscreen you want to apply to your pores and skin.

Select between bodily and chemical sunscreens

Each bodily and chemical sunscreens have in widespread is SPF (Solar Safety Issue). This quantity lets you understand how lengthy the solar’s rays would take to redden your pores and skin. For those who use an SPF30 product, which means that it might take you 30 instances longer to burn below the solar in comparison with should you didn’t use any sunscreen in any respect. Every SPF stage has a safety stage, and a product with SPF50 has a safety stage of as much as 98%.

The upper the SPF, the upper the safety stage
Supply: zits.org

In concept, sunscreen with super-high SPF ought to provide the finest safety towards damaging UV rays, however in actuality, this isn’t the case. Scientists have discovered that high-SPF merchandise don’t give that a lot further safety, and they don’t advocate utilizing merchandise with an SPF greater than SPF50. A product with. SPF100 can solely offer you a safety stage of 99%, which is nearly just like SPF50’s 98%. As an alternative, it is suggested to use a liberal quantity of sunscreen and to continually reapply it for the most effective results.

With that stated, it is usually finest to use your sunscreen day by day on all uncovered pores and skin half-hour earlier than you go outside, reapplying each two hours for optimum safety.

Apply SPF on all uncovered pores and skin

Though utilizing sunscreen is a good way to scale back any pores and skin injury and indicators of growing old, it is essential to take into account that prevention is at all times higher than remedy. Even with SPF on, attempt to search shade and keep away from direct contact with the solar!

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