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What’s the Chinese language phrase for “tiger”?

ANSWER: 老虎 (노호), which accurately means “outdated (老) tiger (虎).”

兩隻老虎 (양척노호), 兩隻老虎 (양척노호)

Two outdated tigers, two outdated tigers

跑得快 (포득쾌), 跑得快 (포득쾌)

Operating quick, working quick

一隻沒有耳朵 (일척몰유이타), 一隻沒有眼睛 (일척몰유안정)

One among them with no ears, considered one of them with no eyes

眞奇怪 (진기괴), 眞奇怪 (진기괴)

Very unusual, very unusual


I’m attempting to show myself to learn Chinese language books and writings utilizing Korean pronunciations as an alternative of Chinese language. Why? As a result of I already know the Korean pronunciations of many Chinese language characters and don’t need to spend the time to additionally be taught the Chinese language pronunciations. If I wished to be taught to talk Chinese language, then I would wish to be taught Chinese language pronunciations, however since I solely need to be taught to learn Chinese language, I feel I can skip Chinese language pronunciations and simply concentrate on Chinese language grammar. 

 It took me many years to be taught to talk Korean, and I would not have many years left to additionally be taught to talk Chinese language. 

 Koreans used to put in writing in literary Chinese language, and a majority of Korean phrases are Sino-Korean, which implies they’re fashioned from Chinese language characters, so by studying to learn Chinese language I hope that I may also be taught extra concerning the Korean language. If I had been a younger man, I might be concerned with studying to talk Chinese language, however I’m now not a younger man.

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