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“When” in Korean – The 2 alternative ways to make use of it

On this article, we are going to particularly give attention to easy methods to say “when” in Korean and the methods it may be used. Though now we have already coated totally different Korean query phrases briefly beforehand, on this and a few different articles, we want to dive deeper into how every time period for questions can finest be used.

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Easy methods to Say “When” in Korean?

The utilization of “when” in Korean could also be totally different from how you’re accustomed to utilizing it in your language, particularly compared to English. It may be used to ask a query in somewhat comparable methods that you’re already aware of.

Nonetheless, the Korean phrase in use could change when it’s used as a conjunction and to make a press release. However don’t worry, we are going to go over all these helpful phrases in additional element under!

Easy methods to Pronounce “When” in Korean?

When used to ask a query, the time period for “when” in Korean is 언제. The romanization of that is eonje. Do keep in mind that romanizations are a useful gizmo however not good for expressing the pronunciation of Korean vocabulary.

As an alternative, you’ll want to be taught and memorize Korean alphabet, in addition to know the totally different guidelines for Korean pronunciation.

“When” in Korean as a Query phrase vs. “When” as a Conjunction

“When” in Korean can both be used to ask a query or as a conjunction. Nonetheless, totally different Korean phrases are used for them. We’ll differentiate them each under.

“When” in Korean as a Query phrase

If you end up utilizing “when” for asking a query (언제), you may merely place it wherever it matches finest within the sentence. Sometimes that is originally, however generally a distinct placement could also be extra appropriate. Like this:

저녁을 언제 먹고 싶어요? (jeonyeogeul eonje meokgo sipeoyo?)

When do you need to eat dinner?

Be aware that the Korean time period 언제 (eonje) doesn’t change whatever the tense used. You may make a sentence utilizing current tense, after which change the tense to previous tense, and 언제 (eonje) will keep the identical.

And sure, whereas in English it’s possible you’ll not use “when” a lot for tenses aside from current tense, within the Korean language, it’s regular to make use of it for previous tense as nicely. It additionally works with future tense! Nonetheless, within the case of future tense, the Korean phrase 언제 (eonje) could also be preceded by the point expression signaling the longer term.

Additionally, it may be fairly widespread to easily use current tense when making questions for the longer term.

Listed here are some instance sentences you can begin using for questions with when:

Korean English
언제예요? (eonjeyeyo?) When?
언제 가요? (eonje gayo?) When do you go?
언제 도착했어요? (eonje dochakhaesseoyeo?) When did you arrive?
언제 잘 거예요? (eonje jal geoyeyo?) When will you sleep?

“When” in Korean as a Conjunction

How about for conditions the place “when” is not used for Korean questions? On this case, the time period 때 (ttae) could also be used. This kind is extra of a conjunction, previous the phrase that determines when precisely.

It may be used like this, for instance:

Korean English
어린이였을 때 친구랑 거의 매일 비디오게임을 했어. (eoriniyeosseul ttae chingurang geoui maeil bidiogeimeul haesseo.) Once I was a toddler, I performed video video games with a buddy virtually each day.
일할 때 전화를 못 받아요. (ilhal ttae jeonhwareul mot badayo.) I can not reply the cellphone after I’m working.

Frequent methods to reply “When” in Korean

Beneath we are going to present you some easy examples with which you’ll be able to higher perceive easy methods to reply questions utilizing the phrase when. Sometimes the expressions used are associated to time, so proper now, it could be helpful to you to additionally be taught the totally different Korean time expressions. Listed here are some instance sentences.

Korean English
Q: 생일은 언제예요? (saengireun eonjeyeyo?) Q: When is your birthday?
A: 생일은 어제였어요. (saengireun eojeyeosseoyo.) A: My birthday was yesterday.
Q: 언제 헬스클럽에 갈래요? (eonje helseukeulleobe gallaeyo?) Q: When do you need to go to the health club?
A: 점심먹기 후에 갈까요? (jeomsimmeokgi hue galkkayo?) A: We could go after having lunch?
Q: 우리 언제 공부하러 갈까? (uri eonje gongbuhareo galkka?) Q: When ought to we go examine?
A: 아침에 가자! (achime gaja!) A: Let’s go within the morning!

Now you must be capable of use “when” in Korean for each asking questions in Korean, in addition to making statements. Maybe you’d prefer to observe instantly within the feedback under? For extra Korean workouts with us, possibly you’ll subsequent problem your self with some helpful Korean worksheets.

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