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Why do Koreans reside with their dad and mom at the same time as an grownup? – Study Korean with Discuss To Me In Korean

Listed below are the Korean transcripts, English translations and key expressions from the interviews of the video!

Interview #1.

안전하고 깨끗한 집을 서울에서 구하려면 돈이 너무 많이 들어요.
Getting a protected and clear dwelling in Seoul prices an excessive amount of cash.

아, 그러면 서울 말고 다른 데는요?
I see. Then how about locations exterior of Seoul?

집에서 오는 거랑 큰 차이가 없어서, 거리 차이가…
Then it would not be so totally different from my present commute, distance-wise.

원래 독립을 했었었는데
I used to reside by myself earlier than,

해외에 있다가 한국에 들어오면서
however as I used to be coming again to Korea after dwelling overseas,

다시 (가족들이랑) 같이 살게 되었고…
I began dwelling with my household once more.

그때는 제가 학생이었어 가지고
I used to be a pupil again then.

부모님이랑 사는 게 조금은 더 당연하다(고 생각했어요.)
So I believed it was a bit extra pure for me to reside with my dad and mom.

나중에 결혼도 해야 하고…
I must get married sooner or later, and

미래를 위해서 돈을 저축하려면
with the intention to get monetary savings for my future,

집에서 살아야 될 것 같아서 부모님과 같이 살고 있어요.
I believed I ought to reside at (dad and mom’) dwelling, so I am dwelling with them now.

밖에 나오면 혼자 살아야 되는 것도 귀찮은 것 같고
If you transfer out, there’s a whole lot of trouble concerned in dwelling alone.

집값도 너무 비싸고
Homes are too costly,

돈 들어가는 일이 좀 많은 것 같아요.
and I believe there are a whole lot of issues that price cash.

그리고 집이 회사랑 되게 가깝거든요.
And I reside very near the workplace.

그래서 굳이 나와서 살 필요를 못 느끼고 있는 것 같아요.
So I suppose I am not feeling the necessity to transfer out.

Interview #2.

한 2년 뒤에는 해 보고 싶어요.
Perhaps in about 2 years from now?

그럼 지금 돈 엄청 모아야 되는 거 아니에요?
Then you’re imagined to be having a ton of cash now, proper?

어… 맞아요. 하하하하!
That is proper. Hahahaha!

하루라도 빨리… (독립하고 싶어요.)
As quickly as attainable… (I wish to transfer out.)

마흔이 되기 전에는 독립할 생각이에요.
I am planning to maneuver out earlier than I flip 40.

결혼하면 나올 것 같은데
I believe I am going to transfer out after I get married.

결혼을 안 하거나
But when I do not get married, or

결혼을 나중에 하게 된다면
if I find yourself getting married (a lot) later,

굳이 안 나오고 계속 살 것 같은데요.
then I in all probability will not trouble transferring out and simply preserve dwelling there.

Key expressions associated to the subject of “dwelling with dad and mom / dwelling on one’s personal”

부모님과 같이 살다 to reside with one’s dad and mom
Ex. 저는 부모님과 같이 살고 있어요. I am dwelling with my dad and mom.
Ex. 부모님이랑 같이 사는 거 어때요? What’s it wish to reside together with your dad and mom?

혼자 살다 to reside by oneself, to reside alone
Ex. 작년부터 혼자 살기 시작했어요. I’ve lived on my own since final 12 months.
Ex. 저는 혼자 사는 게 편해요. Ex. I discover it snug to reside on my own.
Ex. 혼자 살면 외롭지 않아요? Is not it lonely to reside by your self?

자취하다 to maneuver out of 1’s mum or dad’s place and reside independently
Ex. 승완 씨는 자취해요? Do you reside by your self?
Ex. 저는 지난달부터 친구랑 같이 자취해요. I’ve lived with my buddy since final month.

독립하다 to maneuver out of 1’s dad and mom’ place and reside by oneself
Ex. 내년에 꼭 독립할 거예요. I’ll ensure to maneuver out of my dad and mom’ place subsequent 12 months.
Ex. 20살에 독립하는 게 목표예요. My objective is to maneuver out of my dad and mom’ place on the age of 20.

집을 구하다 to search out/get a home (to reside in)
Ex. 좋은 집을 구하는 게 너무 어려워요. It is very tough to get a good home.
Ex. 현우 씨, 집 구하는 게 제가 도와줄게요! Hyunwoo, let me enable you to to discover a home!

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