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“Why” in Korean – How one can ask utilizing this query phrase

On this article, we’ll be taught how you can say “why” in Korean. Identical to in another language, in Korean, it’s also necessary to grasp the totally different query phrases and how you can use them. Amongst these phrases is “why,” which we’ll be taught in the present day.

Not solely does studying these query phrases improve your language talents, however it should additionally showcase you as an attentive and clever individual to your viewers. After we go over all of the methods to make use of the query phrase why in Korean, you’ll be capable of make all of the inquisitive questions you’d like!

How one can Say “Why” in Korean?

The time period for “why” in Korean is 왜 (wae). Identical to in English, you need to use this query as a standalone, merely asking 왜? (wae). Nevertheless, it might even be fairly helpful so as to add just a little extra meat to your query and specify what you might be asking “why” about within the Korean language.

Utilizing “why” in Korean as a query phrase

Listed below are some examples of how one can make the most of this beneficial query phrase in Korean:

왜 안돼? (wae andwae)

Why not?

왜 알고 싶어요? (wae algo sipeoyo?)

Why do you need to know?

Utilizing “why” in Korean in an announcement

Moreover, you too can use 왜 (wae) simply in an announcement. Listed below are some pattern sentences within the Korean language through which it may be used:

오늘 왜 계속 배가 아픈지 몰라요. (oneul wae gyesok baega apeunji mollayo.)

I don’t know why my abdomen retains hurting in the present day.

왜인지 모르겠어요. (waeinji moreugesseoyo.)

I don’t know why.

How one can Pronounce “why” in Korean?

As was proven above, the Korean romanization for 왜 is wae. You should utilize this as a information to studying its Korean pronunciation at first. Nevertheless, as we have now reminded you in our different classes, romanizations are additionally helpful however not essentially 100% correct.

Due to this fact we encourage you to be taught the Korean alphabet so to totally immerse within the pronunciation of 왜 (wae). On this approach, you’ll be able to ultimately learn Korean phrases extra simply too.

What’s “wae” in Korean

As you most likely already guessed, wae is the romanization of 왜 (wae), the time period for “why” in Korean. It’s the casual type when used alone however might be fairly casually used. It’s particularly generally utilized by Koreans as a standalone time period when they’re upset or confused, and even indignant about one thing.

What does “naega wae” imply?

That is the Korean romanization of the query 내가 왜? (naega wae), which interprets as “Why me?” or one thing related. Primarily, it’s a query you’d ask your self. For instance, you may marvel why one thing particular is occurring to you, why you acted a selected approach, or one thing else related.

“Wae geurae” in Korean

That is the romanization of the query 왜 그래? (wae geurae). This query asks, “Why are you want this?” Type of in a approach that asks somebody what’s incorrect if somebody seems to be upset. It’s an analogous expression as 무슨 일 있어? (museun il isseo?) which is much more intently translated as “What’s incorrect?”

The same expression is an equally informal query 왜 이러니? (wae ireoni?). Nevertheless, this can be extra applicable to ask particularly in conditions the place somebody is performing in a bizarre or upsetting approach.

Issues to recollect when utilizing 왜 (wae)

Word that 왜 (wae) stays the identical irrespective of in case you are talking in honorifics, in a proper or casual approach. With sentences utilizing “why” in Korean, you merely want to verify the opposite phrase endings match the extent of politeness you are attempting to precise.

The exception to that is if you end up merely asking “Why?” as in 왜? (wae) with no different Korean phrases in your sentence. On this case, it is best to add 요 (yo) and switch the query into 왜요? (wae yo) to talk in a proper approach.

In Korean, you need to use casual language when speaking to your shut buddies or these considerably youthful than you. Nevertheless, with seniors and people above you within the hierarchy, it’s a lot really helpful to make use of a proper degree of talking and even honorifics.

And that’s it! Are you able to have enjoyable utilizing the query phrase “why” in Korean? Attempt asking your Korean buddies this query as you be taught Korean additional. What sort of sentences do you assume you may make with it? Present us beneath within the feedback!

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